Colin Kaepernick’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Colin Kaepernick is a well-known American football quarterback. He has played six seasons for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL. His impeccable on-field skills also awarded him the title of Western Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Year.

Standing tall at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing around 230 pounds, Colin sports a physique that is both aesthetic and athletic. The entire credit for this goes to his training style and eating habits.

So without further ado, let’s have a detailed insight into Colin Kaepernick’s workout routine and diet plan. It will surely help you a lot in bettering how your body looks and performs.

Colin Kaepernick's Workout Routine & Diet Plan
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Colin Kaepernick’s Workout Principles

Colin Kaepernick’s workout plan is targeted towards enhancing his athletic capabilities. He trains under the supervision of Ryan Capretta who ensures to leave no stone unturned in training Colin.

Colin Kaepernick’s workout routine incorporates numerous training styles. Some of them are resistance training, yoga, pilates, cardio, MMA, and boxing.

By incorporating different training styles into his workout routine, Colin is able to work on different aspects of his physique. This makes him a super athlete and also keeps him in great shape throughout the year.

Colin Kaepernick’s Workout Routine

Colin Kaepernick is a genetic freak but even then he trains super intensely to bring out his very best. He trains for 6 days a week and each of his training sessions extends to about 4-5 hours.

Being an athlete, Colin Kaepernick has to incorporate numerous training styles into his exercise routine to work on different aspects of his physique. His trainer Ryan Capretta keeps him on his toes and trains him to perform optimally on the field.

The prime objective of Colin Kaepernick’s workout routine is to improve his performance as an NFL quarterback. But apart from it, there is a lot more on which his training program is focused.

Colin Kaepernick’s training routine consists of exercises that strengthen his muscles to avoid any kind of injury. They also assist in maximizing his overall athleticism.

Colin also has to ensure that his strength and muscle mass don’t obstruct his speed and agility. And for that purpose, he has to perform certain speed and agility drills as well.

Colin Kaepernick segments his workout program into two parts which are fieldwork and gym work. The fieldwork part is targeted toward improving his overall performance as an athlete. It comprises cardiovascular exercises, as well as endurance and agility drills.

The gym work part, on the other hand, is targeted towards improving his strength levels. It comprises resistance training performed with free weights, resistance bands, cables, and machines.

Now, let’s proceed toward knowing what Colin Kaepernick’s weekly workout routine looks like.

Monday- Fieldwork routine

  • Fieldwork lower body

Tuesday- Upper body yoga/pilates routine

  • Upper body yoga/pilates

Wednesday- Fieldwork routine

  • Fieldwork lower body

Thursday- Upper body

  • MMA/Boxing

Friday- Lower body

  • Hill running lower body

Saturday & Sunday- Rest

Some of Colin’s favorite exercises are dumbbell single-leg deadlifts, rotational pull-downs, and bungee-resisted drills.

When it comes to the deadlift, Colin prefers to perform it with heavyweights and strict form. Doing so enables him to improve his strength levels, core stability, and body balance.

Exercises like the rotational pulldown works on Colin’s lower back and core strength. Similarly, performing bungee-resisted drills works on improving his speed and overall athleticism.

Each of Colin’s training sessions begins and ends with a well-structured warm-up and a cool-down routine respectively. In each of them, he ensures to stretch his body. This in turn keeps him injury-free.

Apart from training intensely, Colin also ensures to provide adequate periods of rest to his body. In his weekly workout split, two of the days are reserved for facilitating rest and recuperation for his body. This in turn fetches his body with the recovery that it requires to perform optimally.

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Colin Kaepernick’s Diet Plan

Colin Kaepernick's Diet Plan
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Colin Kaepernick’s priority has always been towards keeping his body in tip-top condition. His physique exudes both aestheticism and athleticism.

Along with following a strict training program, Colin also sticks to a well-structured and nutritious diet plan. His diet chart has plenty of food items that are rich in certain nutrients needed by his body to perform optimally.

At present, Colin follows a vegan diet plan. Colin had switched to veganism in 2016. He relies on a clean and organic vegan diet plan that has plenty of plant-based food items.

  • To fuel his body with adequate calories, Colin consumes around 5-6 meals every day. Colin Kaepernick’s meal plan is designed in a manner that allows him to have a meal after every 3-4 hours.

Colin has always been so disciplined about sticking to his nutrition plan that he seldom has a cheat day. His trainer Ryan Capretta claims,

“He doesn’t have an off-day or a day where he doesn’t follow his nutrition. He buys into the whole system and really has a comprehensive approach.”

Colin Kaepernick’s Supplements

Proteins serve as the building blocks of muscle tissues. People who train intensely need to fetch their body with adequate amounts of proteins which help in muscle recovery and growth. Colin Kaepernick is no different in this regard.

To fuel his muscles with proteins, Colin resorts to certain supplements in his nutrition plan. Colin Kaepernick’s supplements stack includes the following:-

  • Vegan protein powder
  • BCAA

Both the above-mentioned supplements are rich in their amino acids profile. Consuming them enables one to boost muscle recovery and growth.

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Final Words

So now you know the secret behind Colin’s elite levels of fitness. If you too want to try out his workout routine and diet plan, make sure to make certain modifications to it based on your fitness levels.

Colin is a professional athlete who has numerous years of experience in training and nutrition. Copying his workout routine and diet plan as it is might not serve your very best interest.

Nevertheless, you can consider it a reference point based on which you can formulate your workout routine and diet plan. It will surely take your fitness level to newer heights.