Classic 11 Week Deadlift Peaking Program with Spreadsheet

Many powerlifters struggle to hit their peak at deadlifting. But by following a proper, well-planned peaking program, you can easily increase your deadlifting 1RM by three to ten percent.

But many powerlifters, even professional ones, struggle with this.

If you are struggling with deadlifts on meet days or during competitions, the fault usually lies within the deadlift program that the powerlifter is following. The training should taper at the end of the cycle, adjusting intensity and volume efficiently.

Failure to do this might result in fatigue and lead to inefficiency on meet days, even if the lifter is capable of deadlifting huge amounts of weight normally.

To help you overcome such challenges, we’ve brought a classic deadlift peaking program for you.

Classic 11 Week Deadlift Peaking Program

Program Principles

The 11 week deadlift peaking program that we’ve brought to you is a classic, no-nonsense module that is bound to produce efficient results at the end of the cycle.

The comprehensive program follows a unique pattern of training, combining the better aspects of both linear periodization and block periodization. The combination of both allows the powerlifter to focus on three key elements of peaking – hypertrophy, recovery, and strength.

The training cycle is designed in such a way as to allow powerlifters to end the routine in peak physical condition after having improved their 1RM in deadlifts by an admirable margin.

To track progress and determine initial weights, the 11-week deadlift program uses 1RM percentages. As such, it is suitable only for intermediate and advanced lifters – individuals who are well-versed with such terminologies and are aware of their own strengths.

To give you a summary, here are the key points used in this 11-week deadlift peaking program:

  • Uses a combination of linear periodization and block periodization to taper efficiently by the end of the eleventh week.
  • Determines initial weights and tracks progress/improvements on the basis of the powerlifter’s 1RM in deadlifts.
  • Adjusts intensity and volume programming efficiently to allow powerlifters to end the training cycle in peak physical/mental condition.

Classic 11 Week Deadlift Peaking Program

The classic deadlift program is quite easy to understand and even simpler to follow. The training pattern is adjusted to meet the needs of intermediate and advanced lifters, allowing them to overcome plateaus and improve their 1RM performance by the end of the eleventh week.

The training routine only demands a maximum of two sets of deadlifting per week, allowing powerlifters to rest and recover efficiently. The initial weights to be used will come to around 60-65% of the powerlifter’s 1RM.

The intensity will then keep on increasing, and the training volume will decrease progressively.

The training program does not include any accessory exercises. As such, it is up to the powerlifters’ individual judgment on whether they want to combine this program with any accessory movements to work on specific weaknesses.

By the end of the eleventh week, the lifter’s 1RM should increase by 10%.

Classic 11 Week Deadlift Peaking Program Spreadsheet

When it comes to peaking, following the right deadlift program is the most important thing. If you miss any detail or do anything wrong, you might not get efficient results at the end of the cycle.

To avoid this, you can download the classic 11 week deadlift peaking program from here.



You can also download the Spreadsheet file and get a printout to keep a physical copy of the routine with you at all times.

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Winding Up

Many powerlifters struggle with maxing out their deadlifting capabilities. But the solution is pretty simple: follow a proper peaking program.

Doing so can help powerlifters improve their 1RM performances fairly quickly.