Christina Milian Workout Routine

Christina Marie Flores, aka Christina Milian, is a well-known American actor, singer, and songwriter. Apart from entertaining her fans with her awesome performances, she also inspires many of them to stay fit by sporting her perfect figure.

Christina Milian follows a strict workout routine to make sure she stays fit both physically and mentally. This post is going to be about Christina Milian’s workout routine that provides her with a great physique.

Christina Milian Workout Routine

Christina Milian Workout

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Christina Milian is extremely passionate about her workouts. She hits the gym six days a week. Her daily workout routine is divided into 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of ab work. At times she even workouts twice a day.

Christina Milian sports a toned and athletic physique. To maintain such a physique, she incorporates both strength training and cardio exercises in her workout plan. The former aids her in getting a toned body, whereas the latter helps her in burning off excess calories.

Now let’s have a more detailed overview of Christina Milian’s training routine.


Christina Milian is a big fan of outdoor workouts. Hiking happens to be her favorite form of outdoor workout routine. She prefers to go to Runyon Canyon for it. While hiking, she maintains a steady pace which keeps her heart rate up and provides her with a great cardio workout as she goes up and down the hill.

Hiking helps in keeping the heart healthy. Along with that, it also minimizes the probable chances of certain heart diseases. Since hiking is a weight-bearing exercise, it also assists in building up muscle mass.

Cardio Workout

By looking at the lean physique of Christina Milian, one can be pretty sure that her training program must be having a plethora of cardio exercises. After all, cardio exercises help in getting off excess fat and give your body a lean and athletic look. Christina Milian’s cardio workout routine includes the following:-


Christina Milian likes to keep her weight in check, and for that matter, she prioritizes running in her workout plan. Running happens to be her most favorite form of cardio. Running is a great functional exercise that helps in burning off excess calories.

Running also helps in improving cardiovascular fitness. It assists in strengthening the muscles as well as builds strong bones.


Christian Milian’s cardio workout routine also consists of swimming. Oftentimes she prefers to swim with her daughter Violet. This way, she not only gets to spend some quality time with her daughter but also provides her body with a great cardio workout.

Swimming helps in toning up the muscles as well as it aids in building endurance and muscle strength. It is also a great exercise to keep your heart and lungs healthy. Even though swimming tends to get your heart rate up, it also takes off some impact stress from your body.


Christina Milian is extremely passionate about dancing. Apart from following an intense exercise routine that comprises numerous exercises, she also dedicates some of her time to dancing. Dancing is an activity that she truly enjoys.

Just by looking at Christina Milian’s dance moves, one can have an idea about her proficiency in dance. She likes to perform pole dancing which provides her with a great cardio workout. It helps in burning off excess calories and keeps her in great shape throughout the year.

Strength Training

Strength training happens to be another crucial part of Christina Milian’s workout plan. She performs numerous bodyweight movements, including lunges, squats, sit-ups, push-ups, etc., to tone up her muscles. She also lifts lighter weights for higher reps to work on her muscle definition.

The following table will give you an overview of a workout routine that has been inspired by Christina Milian’s workout plan. You can incorporate it in your training program to gain the best out of it.

Christina Milian Workout  Plan


Sets x Reps

Upper Body Workout


3 x (10-15)

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

3 x (10-12)

Tricep Kickbacks

3 x (10-12)

Dumbbell Overhead Presses

3 x (10-15)

Dumbbell Rows

3 x 15


3 x 20

Lower Body Workout


3 x (15-20)


3 x 10 (each leg)

Hip Thrusts

3 x 10

Calf Raises

3 x 20


3 x 20

Leg Raises

3 x 15

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  • Christina Milian claims that exercising has helped her a lot in bringing balance to her life. Her daily routine is pretty hectic, which at times also becomes stressful. Through exercising, Christina Milian stays away from stress.
  • Christina Milian even asks her fans and followers to indulge in some form of physical activity daily. This will help in keeping both their physical and mental health in check.

Final Words

We expect that by now, you must have been pretty much inspired by Christina Milian’s workout routine. You can also try it out for yourself to get in shape. It is recommended that you start slow and work your way up. This way, you would be able to gain the most out of following Christina Milian’s workout plan.

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