Christina Milian Diet Plan

Chistina Milian’s fans know well how to ‘dip it low and pick it up slow’, but if you think it’s the only advice you would take from her, then think twice.

The actress cum singer has set a benchmark in the fitness industry since she shared her pictures in a snakeskin bikini showing off her 6-packs abs and legs. It has been two years since she shared the post on Instagram, and the actress is getting better and better at it.

We see her beautiful chocolate glowing skin, and it won’t be any less true if I say she looks even better than before.

So, how’s she doing it? Her fans and followers are constantly looking for tips on her diet plan and workout regime.

So, today we will be unleashing Christina Milian’s diet plan. The 5’2” singer and actress has a very different approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Christina Milian Diet Plan

Christina Milian Diet

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Chistina Milian follows a very simple diet. Her diet philosophy says, “ when your stomach feels full, do not eat past that.” This simple approach towards eating habits and her workout regime is a proven formula to win the fitness game.

Milian says she counts her calorie intake and tries to stay within a specific calorie limit per day. She makes sure to incorporate nutrient-packed foods to keep her energy levels high during the day.

Milian has disclosed her diet chart with an 1190 Kcal meal plan. Here is what it looks like:

Christina Milian Diet Plan

Christina Milian Diet Plan


Bustelo espresso, egg white omelet, a burrito with turkey/bacon, spinach,  peas, salsa, and tomatoes.


Chicken salad with tomatoes, berries, and some champagne for dressing


A handful of almond


Two pieces of jalapeno salmon or yellowtail fish and albacore sushi

The actress is strict about dairy intake and sticks to a low-dairy diet plan to avoid cellulite, and keeps herself hydrated all the time. Milian reported that she takes around a gallon of water a day to keep her skin clear and fuel her energy levels.

Apart from these, her rule of thumb to maintain a healthy body is to have lots of green salad.

“Salad is a requirement.” “ Even if I’m eating a regular meal, on the side, I will have a salad.

Having a salad with every meal may seem overkill to some. But Milian has her reasons behind her salad madness. Eating salad with every meal lets her eat a few other arguably more delicious and low-antioxidant foods that she loves. It’s like a compromise that we all can support.

What to Eat

Chistina Milian follows a very basic nutrition plan, but she makes the right choice of foods packed with essential nutrients, proteins, antioxidants, fiber, and only healthy carbs.

Constantly hydrating herself and eating salad with every meal is her formula to have a healthy body and great-looking skin. Instead of piling only greens for lunch, she takes a little salad with every meal.

Here are some items that are included in Christina Milian’s diet:

  • Lean meats
  • Chicken salad
  • Salmon, tuna, or yellowtail fish
  • Egg whites
  • Cheese
  • Tomato, spinach mixed salad
  • Almonds
  • Whole grains
  • Water

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What to Avoid

She is very particular about her workouts and can dodge the weight gain even by eating what she likes.

Milian is indeed a foodie. “Eat what you want. “ Food is life, and when it comes to food, don’t be afraid,” Milian says.

For example, she loves cheese, and she cannot do without a cheeseburger. So, she chooses to have the burger without the bun.

However, she steers away from these foods items:

  • Deep-fried foods
  • Sweetened beverages
  • Processed foods
  • Artificial ingredients
  • Chemicals

Christina Milian Supplements

Even though she does insane workouts, drinks plenty of water, and eats lots of greens, she doesn’t skip on her daily supplements. It fills any nutrition gaps and further elevates her energy levels.

Below are listed some Chitiana Milian supplements:

  • Whey protein: Whey protein is recommended to have after an intense workout. Christiana Milian also takes whey protein shakes or smoothies. It helps in building muscle and muscle recovery.
  • Multi-vitamins: To fill in any gaps in daily nutrition intake, she takes regular multivitamins, which pack all the essential vitamins and minerals in one capsule.
  • Omega 3s: To retain a healthy balance of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids, Milian takes Omega-3 capsules. It maintains a healthy heart and also reduces inflammation and muscle tension.
  • Collagen peptides: She takes collagen peptides on a regular basis. It helps her maintain youthful skin, improves bone and joint health.

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You might not have imagined that Christia Milian’s diet plan would come out so easy to follow.

The 6-pack abs, the glowing beautiful brown skin that we all die to have are the results of a nutrition-dense meal plan, lots and lots of water, and plenty of green salad.

She believes that being fit and healthy starts from feeling good and eating right. Her wellness mantra is making the right choices and smart compromises instead of completely depriving yourself of eating your favorite foods.