Chris Pratt Diet Plan and Supplements

Christopher Michael Pratt aka Chris Pratt is an American actor, who started his entertainment journey on television and now is a famous name in Hollywood.

He got noticed on the television platform in a comedy series ‘Parks & Recreation’. People admired his work but his moment of fame emerged after his movies ‘The Lego Movie’, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’

Apart from his acting skills, he is also known for his fat-to-fit journey. He lost 30 lbs for the movie ‘Moneyball’. He again accomplished that transformation in other movies like ‘10 years’ where he gained 280 lbs and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ where he shredded a nice amount of mass. So we can discern how promising he is on fitness terms as well.

Chris Pratt Diet Plan

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Chris Pratt’s Meal Plan

A few years back, Chris states he was into eating whatever is available whenever. This eating habit turned him into a corpulent guy. His unhealthy lifestyle affected him mentally as well. You are into a depressed kind of mindset if you can’t tune your body and mind in sync.

Although this yo-yo dieter knew how to move the weighing scale up and down, still this time he was looking for something that makes him feel healthy from within.

We compiled info about his nutrient details in this bodybuilding meal plan.

Following is Chris Pratt’s Meal Plan:

Chris Pratt Diet Chart

Chris Pratt’s Diet Plan


Whole Eggs, Chicken Breast, Fish, Steak


Broccoli, Spinach, & Other Green Vegetables, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Street-Cut Oatmeal, Berries


Fast Grass-Fed Butter, Coconut Oil, Avocado, Nuts

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Chris Pratt mentions about his increased water intake during his preparation for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Half of his day used to go into hitting the washroom for peeing. Still, he believes it’s a big add-on if you drink enough water to keep yourself well hydrated.

Making muscles is obviously a tough task but maintaining that form is tougher. He supports steering away from junk food. He has replaced fried food with nutrient-rich foods like meat, fish, and veggies. Chris Pratt’s diet is an ideal one to integrate into your diet plan.

Pratt kept himself clear of refined carbs when he was training and he followed a complex carb enriched diet chart. Food like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and brown rice were in high proportion those days in his meals.

He also speaks his heart out for all things you have to avoid. From Dairy products, junk food, refined carbs to sugar and processed foods, the list is long for a healthy lifestyle.

Chris Pratt is a sweet tooth guy. His cravings for desserts are world known. Here and there he sneaks past his strict diet and succumbs into his favorite dessert scone. He says about his compatible grapple “I have always been a little soft. I like to eat”.

Chris Pratt’s diet is well balanced on the nutritional basis.

Chris Pratt’s Supplements

Pratt’s diet is competent enough of covering all his nutrient requirements. He doesn’t rely a lot on supplements, yet he includes a few in his list. Chris Pratt Supplements are as follows:

  • Pre Workout – It boosts available energy and amplifies performance during your workouts. This also transmits nutrients to the body at a faster rate and helps to define muscles.
  • Whey Protein– This supplement provides protein, helps in reducing body fat %, and reduces recovery time. It increases protein synthesis, which means muscle repairing at a faster rate.

He makes sure to incorporate the rest of the vitamins and minerals in his diet, which makes his meal regime a perfect one.

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Chris Pratt’s diet plan is something an average guy can also carry. We know exactly what to eat and what to ignore, the only thing left is that zeal of doing it. If you want to look as fit as this dude you need to tame your mood. According to Pratt “I was an athlete growing up…so I can take a fall”. No cravings for sweets, no late-night meals, and a big no for junk food. After all junk food turns your body into a junkyard, and we definitely don’t want that.