Chris Heria’s Workout Routine

You don’t necessarily need to hit the gym to acquire a muscular and athletic physique. World-class calisthenics athletes exemplify that statement. Chris Heria is one of them. He has been a Pro Bar Athlete, Street Workout Champion, and is a certified personal trainer.

Well, to follow Chris Heria’s workout routine, you don’t need to be a calisthenics expert. You just need to have the motivation to push yourself harder. In this post, we will be throwing light on Chris Heria’s workout routine that you too can follow to earn your desired physique. Now let’s get started.

Chris Heria Workout Overview

Chris Heria Workout

Chris Heria can be considered to be a hardcore calisthenics practitioner. Calisthenics is an exercising discipline that uses one’s own body weight as resistance. On his YouTube channel, Heria can be seen performing numerous bodyweight movements (like sternum pull-ups, dips, etc.) with great ease and finesse. So undoubtedly, performing those bodyweight movements tends to be a prominent part of Chris Heria’s workout routine.

However, Chris Heria’s training program is not only confined to calisthenics. He also incorporates old-school compound and isolation movements that are performed with free weights. He uses moderate weights on them and performs them with a strict form.

Chris Heria has been practicing calisthenics for a long time. As a result, he has been very much used to lifting his own body weight with ease. Hence, to subject his muscles to greater stress, he uses weighted vests while performing bodyweight exercises like push-ups, dips, pull-ups, inverted rows, etc.

Chris Heria’s training routine can be performed just by using one’s own body weight and some free weights like dumbbells and barbells. It does not require you to have a well-equipped gymnasium with numerous machines.

Chris Heria Workout Schedule

Chris Heria trains for 5 days a week. He prefers to hit each of his muscle groups with different exercises to subject them to adequate stress. Numerous movements in his exercise routine won’t even require a gym for their execution. All you will be needing is your body weight and you would be ready to go.

Chris Heria’s training split like this:-

  • Day 1- Chest
  • Day2- Back
  • Day 3- Shoulders
  • Day 4- Legs
  • Day 5- Arms
  • Day 6- Rest
  • Day 7- Rest

Chris Heria Workout Routine

Chris Heria’s workout program is a perfect amalgamation of bodyweight training and old-school lifting. It incorporates exercises from both exercising disciplines.

Calisthenics movements tend to train the core muscles to a great extent. Every single day Heria performs many such movements and hence he doesn’t feel the need to reserve a separate day for training his core muscles.

The following table will give you a lucid overview of Chris Heria’s workout routine. Let’s have a look at it.

Chris Heria Workout Routine

Chris Heria Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Day 1- Chest

Weighted Vest Push-Ups

1 x 25

Weighted Vest Ring Dips

1 x 12

Weighted Vest Push-Ups with a Bar

1 x 25

Weighted Vest Ring Push-Ups

1 x 12

Weighted Vest Decline Push-Ups

1 x 25

Day 2- Back

Spiderman Push-Ups

1 x 5 (as a warm-up)

Mountain Climbers

1 x 45 seconds (as a warm-up)


1 x 45 seconds (as a warm-up)

Barbell Deadlift

4 x 5

Bent-Over Rows

4 x 7



Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows

4 x 7

Barbell Curls


Inverted Rows


Day 3- Shoulders

Single-Arm Pull-Ups

3 x 4

Tuck Planche Press to Handstand

3 x 6

Barbell Military Press

3 x 10

Tuck Planche Push-Ups

3 x 5

Handstand to 90-degree Push-Ups

3 x 10

Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly

3 x 12

Handstand Push-Ups

3 x 8

Day 4- Leg

Jump Squat and Hold

4 x 15

Alternating Lunge and Hold

4 x 20

Sumo Squat

4 x 20

Jumping Jacks

4 x 45 seconds

Calf Raise and Hold

4 x 20

Pistol Squat

4 x 8


4 x 45 seconds

Box Jump

4 x 15

Day 5- Arms

Pronated Curls (with back facing the wall)

3 x 10

Supinated Curls

3 x 10

Neutral Curls

3 x 10

Overhead Triceps Extensions

3 x 10

Lying Dumbbell Extensions

3 x 10

Supinated Triceps Kickback

3 x 10

Day 6- Rest

Day 7- Rest

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  • Chris Heria always makes sure to go through a stretching routine before and after his training sessions. It allows him to keep his muscles relaxed along with minimizing the probability of injuries.
  • His warm-up routine also incorporates 10 minutes of cardio. He often uses a rowing machine for that purpose. But at times he even switches to exercises that get his muscles prepped up for his main workouts.
  • Chris Heria prefers to stay hydrated during his entire workout session. He does so by consuming plenty of water or energy drinks before he starts working out.

Final Words

Chris Heria’s workout plan can be considered to be a holistic calisthenics / weight training hybrid routine. It is not only confined to availing you with strength and muscle gains, but it can also take your overall athleticism to the next level.

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However, you must keep in mind not to overperform it. Just be consistent with it and you would surely reap its benefits over time.