Chris Evans Diet Plan & Supplements

Chris Evans, most famously known for his on-screen character “Captain America” was born in Boston. He was an athlete growing up and was into wrestling during school days.

Although he made his debut in 2000, his role as Captain America in 2010 broke records due to his body makeover.

His physical transformation for the role did not happen overnight. He underwent rigorous training under the guidance of Simon Waterson. Along with that, Chris Evans’ diet and supplements helped him achieve that ripped physique.

Chris Evans Diet
Marvel Studios
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Chris Evans Meal Plan

Chris Evans appears really muscular in his Captain America outfit even though his body type is on the leaner side. So you can imagine the seriousness involved in managing the calorie intake throughout the prepping process.

In order to bulk up, one needs to have a smaller meal at regular intervals. That is exactly what Chris Evans followed. He had also mentioned in some interviews, what a task it is to eat all day! Even though he did not enjoy eating the entire day, he had his favourite food which was pesto eggs.

He tried to include protein shakes which were low in carbohydrates so as to not store fat for energy requirement. This was incorporated between meals to build on lean muscle. In addition to this, various nuts, fruits, healthy fats, vegetables, and supplements were added to his diet plan too.

Chris Evans diet was strict and restricted to about 3500 calories in a day. His carbohydrate intake was mainly through wheat bread, oatmeal, and brown rice.

So, let’s take a look at Chris Evans diet plan and what we would need to include in our daily meals if one wants to achieve this bulked-up body!

Chris Evans Diet Plan

Chris Evans Diet Plan


Bowl of porridge with dark berries and walnuts

Morning snack

Whey-based protein shake and 5g branched-chain amino acid (BCAA)

Pre-workout snack 

Apple and almonds

Post-workout snack 

Whey-based protein shake and 5g branched-chain amino acid (BCAA)


Chicken salad with brown basmati rice

Afternoon snack 

Protein shake


Lean protein (i.e. fish, chicken, or beef) with veggies

Before bedtime 

Protein shake (primarily casein)

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Chris Evans nutrition plan rewarded him as he was able to increase about 5 kgs while decreasing his overall fat percentage. The overall carbs percentage was about 30%, while proteins made up about 70% of his diet.

By following this diet, he was able to showcase his physique as early as his first superhero film.  His body transformation gets better by his “Winter Soldier” film. He managed to rock those washboard abs and buffed up chest, triceps, and biceps while maintaining a lower BMI.

This whole process would take about 3 months to show results, which includes hardcore training as well.

Chris Evans Meal Plan
Marvel Studios

Chris Evans Supplements

It may not always be possible to get your entire nutrition from natural foods. Chris Evans completed his diet chart for the day with certain supplements. Listed below is Chris Evans supplements:

  • GLUTAMINE: This supplement provides better immunity. It also helps to stop burning of muscles after workout.
  • BCAAS: In order to get the muscles to remain bulked up, these branched chain amino acids are required. It also helps prevent protein breakdown.
  • PROTEIN: Additional protein intake, 30g per serving, is covered by his whey protein shakes during the day. Before sleeping, he prefers having casein included in his diet, so that protein is slowly released during nighttime.
  • FATTY ACIDS: Chris Evans includes about 500mg of omega fatty acids (Omega-3s, Omega-6s, and Omega-9s) in every meal. This helps in good functioning of his joints, so that his gym routines are stress-free.

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With determination and hard work, great things are possible! So if you do want the Captain America’s ideal body, you need to follow and adapt this daily meal plan. It may seem difficult at first, but persistence is the key!

A well sought-out diet like the Chris Evans meal plan, would surely get you the image you have been looking for building.

Follow a low carb and high protein with minimal fats plan, and you are on the road to the next Avenger’s lookalike!