Candito 10 or 14 Week Advanced Deadlift Program Spreadsheet

The deadlift is the most preferred yardstick in determining one’s overall strength. Strength is always tested by the amount of weight that you can lift off the floor. Jonnie Candito has designed a 10/14 week advanced deadlift program that can take a lifter’s deadlift strength to elite levels.

Usually, due to the occurrence of Repeated Bout Effect (RBE), the muscles of advanced lifters become sufficiently accustomed to the training stimulus and hence their growth becomes minimal. This further plateaus their strength levels. Candito 10/14 week advanced deadlift program aids in breaking off those plateaus on one hand and on the other hand it also makes you more familiar with different variations of the deadlift.

However, it must be kept in mind that this program is only for professional lifters, especially those who are preparing for a powerlifting competition. This program simply builds and prepares a lifter for a certain date. Before you get started with the program, it is crucial that your deadlift form is perfect. You must also be familiar with certain styles of deadlifts like the paused deadlift or the stiff leg deadlift.

Program Overview

The Candito 10/14 week advanced deadlift program is divided into 4 phases. Out of these 4 different phases, three of them are mandatory and one is optional. Each phase under this program tends to run for three weeks. However, the optional phase that is characterized by a high volume approach, runs for four weeks. If you exclude the optional phase, this program will run for 10 weeks. Inclusion of it will take a period of 14 weeks for the overall completion of the program.

Candito Advanced Deadlift Program

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In each phase, you have two training sessions. One of them is more focused on the competition deadlift whereas the other one focuses on deadlift variation.

You train your deadlifts twice a week in each phase. Your training routine under this program looks something like this:-

Phase 1

Close variation

Phase 2

Distant variation

Phase 3

Optional bridge / High volume

Phase 4

Competition peak

Phase 1 requires you to primarily focus on close variations of the deadlift. On the contrary, Phase 2 requires you to focus on distant variations of the deadlift.

Phase 3 is an optional phase and it ups the overall training volume. It has been designed for highly-conditioned lifters who struggle to make substantial progress with moderate level fatigue.

Phase 4, is referred to as the Competition peak phase, which finishes the program. It enables the lifter to gradually get prepared for a competition. It can also help in retesting 1 RM strength on deadlift thereby enabling the lifter to set up a new PR.

Candito 10 or 14 Week Advanced Deadlift Program Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet presented here comes up with a template that requires you to enter your maxes for the close variation deadlift, 5 RM goal distant variation deadlift, 10 RM DL goal (optional), and your desired deadlift goal max. You can also choose your accessory exercises based on your individual preferences.

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This Google sheet also helps in determining the percentages of your 1 RM with which you can progress while being on this program. It also considers your desired deadlift goal max and formulates your training protocol accordingly. However, you need to be realistic and practical while setting your desired deadlift goal max.

There are also some other points that you need to focus on while being on this program. Those important things are presented in the following section.


  • You don’t need to switch up your accessory exercises mentioned in the spreadsheet for each phase.
  • It is recommended to set your long-term goals for certain lifts. It assists you in being realistic and practical in the short-term. However, you must not do this for every other lift. Only set goals for those lifts that are predictable.
  • It is recommended to avoid isolation movements in the third optional bridge/high volume phase.

Final Words

So if you have hit a plateau on your deadlift or you want to develop your overall strength on it, this program is surely going to serve you in the best of your interests.


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