Candice Swanepoel Workout Routine

You have surely fallen in love with her beauty and toned body. But do you know what it takes for this beautiful, determined strong Candice Swanepoel to maintain her body?

I guess the answer is no. In this article, we’ve covered everything about Candice Swanepoel’s workout like never before.

So, it’s time to know the secret behind her body and not just spend time on her 16.6 million followers Instagram page.

Candice is a 33 years old South African model and a philanthropist. She was born on 20 October 1988 and started her career as a model in the year 2003.

Candice Swanepoel became the Victoria’s Secret Angel in the year 2010. In 2016, Forbes listed her as the 8th top-earning model.

She is 5 feet 9 inches tall and a mother of two children. Some of her works include Kardashians’ 2010 swimwear line and opening her very first Victoria’s Secret retail store in Canada.

In this article, we’ll tell you about all the hard work that goes behind the scenes for the beautiful body that we see on screen.

Candice Swanepoel Workout Routine
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Candice Swanepoel’s Workout Principles

The South African Model’s days are usually very busy. Therefore, she schedules her workout in the evenings. Candice doesn’t do traditional gym sessions. Instead, she combines all the exercises she has learnt over the years.

In her workout program, she includes different forms of cardio, resistance training, boxing, and finally yoga/pilates. She includes body circuit training to tone her body naturally.

Her full-body circuit training includes gliding discs, resistance bands, and light ankle weights. She typically does exercises with a higher number of repetitions, the highest number of reps being 15.

Candice Swanepoel’s Workout Routine

Candice Swanepoel workout
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She has a strict workout routine that helps her to be in shape and have those perfect body measurements. Swanepoel has an Ectomorph type of body which means she’s having low weight with a higher metabolism rate.

Candice Swanepoel training routine consists of Yoga, Pilates and Resistance. As per Candice Swanepoel, she sets her workout plan according to her lifestyle.

She said that Pilates helps her to stretch her body and be flexible. Resistance helps her to tone her body naturally, while yoga helps her to relax.

She works out with the correct combination like running, resistance training, boxing, weightlifting, pilates, circuit training, Bosu balls, spinning and yoga.

Here are the details of Candice Swanepoel workout plan:


She likes to run on open grounds in the fresh air rather than on the treadmills in the gym. Some of her favourite forms of cardio are running, walking, swimming, and hiking.

She loves to run before her Victoria’s Secret Shows. If there is a beach nearby, the model says she always prefers to run on the beach.


Boxing helps Candice to stay in shape, along with gaining muscles and increasing her strength. She considers it as a cherry on top of any workout program, as boxing ticks off on all the necessary areas without the need of bulking up.

Boxing helps to build core strength and shape up the upper body, and our favourite woman loves that. In fact, it’s not only her. Other models like Gigi Hadid, Bella and Adriana Lima also love boxing to remain in shape.


Her resistance workout split goes like a full-body circuit, resistant band, gliding discs, and light ankle weights.

There can be two pictures, low weights and more reps or high weights and lesser repetitions. Candice loves to go for the first one. She tells that this tones her body, thus preventing her from looking bulky.

She usually goes for 15 reps and takes her workout split seriously for the best results.


Pilates and Yoga are musts in Candice Swanepoel’s workout. Pilates helps her to stretch her body and be flexible.

She does Yoga twice a week and spend the same time for pilates on other days.

Relaxation is equally important, and yoga allows her to relax after a long workout. She has her style of yoga.

At one of her interviews, she shared how she had been doing her workouts at night after giving time to her baby.

She loves to turn on some music and indulge in a combination of some pilates, along with squat and resistance training.

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How does Candice Swanepoel split her training routine?

Her exercise lasts for 75 minutes. When she is getting ready for any shoot, she prefers to go twice a day for her exercise routine. She hits the gym two days straight and then takes one day off.

Shoots and shows are the times when she takes her training program to another level. On most of the days before her shoot, she spends time with her trainer to ensure the best body before any shoot.

Yes or No to Training During Pregnancy?!

If you’re thinking Candice stopped her exercise routine during pregnancy, then you’re sure to go bonkers.

She never stopped running in her first pregnancy but was cautious enough of not overdoing the same. For her second pregnancy, she continued with other cardio like swimming, hiking and spinning while saying no to running.

The Body We See, The Sweats We Don’t!

It’s beyond doubt that the dedication Candice has is unparalleled. It is not easy to have a perfect body like Candice Swanepoel.

It needs lots of patience, strict training, and a proper diet. The most important thing is that you need to set a goal and be consistent in working towards it.

If you stay consistent, eat healthily and work out daily, you will achieve the level of perfection you want.

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So even though it’s difficult, it’s not something one can’t achieve. Whether you are an aspiring model or a fitness enthusiast, or just a normal person, you will definitely agree that people like her help us push ourselves to do the extra set at the gym.

We can therefore call Swanepoel our power girl, who despite being the mother of two, continues to rule the infamous glamour world effortlessly and confidently.