Can You Transfer Planet Fitness Membership to Another person?

With more than 2000 clubs located across the United States, Planet Fitness is one of the most popular gyms in the country. They have a massive membership base of more than 1 million, which is one of the largest among all gym chains in the USA.

One obvious factor that gained Planet Fitness this popularity is their cheap membership plans starting from as low as $10 per month. And despite their cheap pricing, Planet Fitness offers decent workout facilities for amateur fitness enthusiasts. 

But sometimes, you may no longer need your Planet Fitness membership. It may be due to several reasons.

Maybe, you are looking for a gym with a better facility, moving to another city, or have some other reasons. In such cases, transferring Planet Fitness membership to another person can look like a great idea.

But is it possible to transfer Planet Fitness membership to another person? Unfortunately, Planet Fitness in the United States typically won’t allow its members to transfer their memberships to other persons.

However, although you can not usually transfer your membership, there are several other options that you can opt for. 

In this article, we will dive deeper into these options and other factors you need to learn about if you are looking to transfer your Planet Fitness membership.

Can You Transfer Planet Fitness Membership to Another person
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Can You Transfer Planet Fitness Membership to Another Person?

No, currently, there is no option to transfer Planet Fitness membership from one person to another. This is the truth when it comes to Planet Fitness in America. But in some other countries like Australia and Canada, members can do so. 

So, Planet Fitness won’t allow you to transfer your membership to your friend or family member, but we think it’s totally justifiable from their side. 

Basically, Planet Fitness is a budget gym that offers the cheapest possible membership. Therefore, letting members also transfer their memberships may not be viable for their business. 

And what if you no longer want to be a Planet Fitness member and your friend or family members wish to be, what to do then? We’d suggest that they could just take a new membership instead. 

Because, it takes only a $1 initiation fee to start a Planet Fitness membership, and a $39 annual fee. Which is literally cheap!

And if you want to transfer your Planet Fitness membership because you are moving to another city, you have the option to transfer your membership to a new club. Planet Fitness allows it.

Finally, keep in mind, although this is Planet Fitness’s general policy on membership transfer, each club is a franchise. Hence, some individual clubs may have their own policies. 

So, always try contacting your home club and learn whether they allow you to transfer your membership. 

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Wrapping Up

To conclude, you simply can’t transfer Planet Fitness membership to another person, as long as you are in the USA. But at the same time, there are better choices that we’ve discussed above. 

For instance, asking your friend to grab a new membership is a great option as the prices are way cheaper at Planet Fitness.

Another benefit of not transferring your membership is that if you wish to go back to Planet Fitness at a later point in time, you can avoid the regret.