Can You Rent A Peloton Bike?

Imagine that one fine morning after waking up, you suddenly realized that you had gained some pounds. You have an event coming up where you are required to look the most appealing and stunning. What is the solution? It is impossible to buy equipment immediately, and admission to the gym is also a lengthy process and sometimes needs a long time commitment.

From 2020, the trend of bringing exercise equipment for a couple of weeks has come up. This solves the problems of the immediate needs of having an exercise equipment. It also helps the people who tend to lead a remote lifestyle.

Peloton has always been a consumer-friendly brand, and it aims to win the cardio space by ensuring luxury fitness equipment. People are always eager to know about the latest fitness trends and technologies.

Now the people’s eagerness lies in whether we can rent peloton bikes or not. Let us find out then!

Can You Rent A Peloton Bike

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Can You Rent A Peloton Bike?

No, you cannot rent a Peloton bike from Peloton. Peloton company did not introduce any rental programs. However, several other companies provide bikes and various other workout equipment for rent. Additionally, do ensure that the fitness equipment you are renting has some provisions for holding a tablet or smartphone.

The bikes that most of the other companies provide for rent are professional spinning bikes, which include a tablet or smartphone holder. You can always use the Peloton digital app from any of those bikes or workout equipment. This means that you can use the Peloton digital app to connect your mobile phone and Livestream riding courses.

The CEO of Peloton, John Foley, has announced that the company will start the rental system very soon, maybe the next year. Yet the dates are not fixed.

List of exercise bike rental companies

Here is the list of some of the bike rental companies that you can look for if you require a bike for rent:


Company website


Los Angeles

New York City

San Diego

Additionally, you might use and see if any exercise bike rental is offered in your region. You can always google it and filter your area for additional in-depth information.

How much is it to rent a peloton?

You cannot rent a Peloton as the company still does not allow any rental programs.

One of the main reasons people want to rent a Peloton bike is to happily cut off the buying cost and maintenance expenses.

Peloton does, however, offer a no-interest monthly payment schedule that can be spread out over three years.

Peloton offers payment plans of various ranges. Currently, there are only three payment options which are:

  • $63.97/month for 36 months
  • $103.96/month for 24 months
  • $207.92/month for 12 months.

Readers should note that all these plans are available at a 0% interest rate.

This can be referred to as a process of the rent-to-own program, which is similar to a lease agreement. At the end of the payment terms, you will be the owner of the bike, which is not possible in renting the bike. Moreover, with ownership, you can sell the bike later.

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Can you rent a Peloton while on vacation?

Yes, you can rent a Peloton while on vacation. Here you need to go with Airbnb. Many residences now provide peloton bikes as part of their package.

Various apartments readily offer gyming facilities along with their residence. If you are lucky enough, you might get one. The Peloton is such a demanding brand that many businesses are trying to attach themselves to it. Several hotels have already invested in peloton bikes as part of their workout area, which is a good crowd puller.

Celebrity Cruise Line is one of the first to introduce Peloton bikes in their gyms. A peloton bike will also be supplied here to the top 10 suites, which are mostly on board the Celebrity Edge and Apex.

How To Rent Peloton Bike

How To Rent Peloton Bike

As of today, Peloton does not rent bikes. However, You can definitely order a regular standard studio spin bike and use your Peloton app for streaming the online Peloton classes from the Peloton app.

Here are the few steps that you can follow to enhance your experience:-

  • You can talk to an exercise bike rental store and ask for a spin bike for a definite period of time.
  • After you get the bike, you can order a tablet or a phone holder, which will help you hold the mobile device in front of the handlebar.
  • You can also use a side table, a stool, or cast your tablet to the television.
  • After that, you should download the Peloton app and choose your favorite rides.
  • The cadence sensor can be connected to your pedaling or footwear. This will help in tracking metrics from peloton electronics instantly.

It should be noted that, with Peloton digital, you cannot access their renowned leaderboard feature. But if you want to continue only with cardio without leaving home, this shall suffice.

The best thing about taking a bike for rent is you can readily do cardio each day without even owning it. This will save you time and money if you plan to travel again.

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Will Peloton Rent Bikes?

Yes, as far as we know, Peloton will opt for rental programs in the future. In an interview with CNBC, Peloton’s CEO, John Foley has said that he would definitely be surprised if Pelton does not have a rental plan within the next five to ten years. You can watch the video here.

This rental program plays a vital role in enhancing the company’s market. The Peloton rental program will bring more audience and consumers to the company. This will also provide a chance for the regular workers to stay fit without owning a Peloton machine.

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The Bottom Line

To conclude, we can say that Peloton does not offer bikes for rent. Over time, the company has gained maximum success and is always known as a user-friendly brand. The renting of Excercise bikes has been in demand for the last few years.

Thus you can expect the company to take care of the consumer’s needs and do the needful. The company has already announced the introduction of the Peloton bike rental program. So you can hope for the good news soon.