Can You Pay Planet Fitness with Debit Card or Prepaid Card? Find Out the Payment Options

If you want to sign up to become a Planet Fitness member, you should know everything about their accepted payment methods.

At just $10 a month, PF clubs are undoubtedly one of the cheapest in the industry while offering premium services and facilities. On the face of such benefits, it’s pretty natural that they have a high following.

There’s not much to consider before signing up for a Planet Fitness membership. They are highly affordable, come with multiple perks, and open the door to a judgment-free zone where you can work out comfortably.

However, one thing that you need to know beforehand is that PF clubs follow a pretty strict policy when it comes to their accepted payment methods.

Let’s find out more about that.

Can You Pay Planet Fitness with Debit Card or Prepaid Card
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Can You Pay Planet Fitness with Debit Cards?

No, you cannot pay for your Planet Fitness membership using a debit card. In fact, most Planet Fitness gyms do not accept any other mode of payment except through a checking account.

In some rare cases, you might find a local PF club where they are willing to accept payments made through debit cards. That is because Planet Fitness works on a franchise model, and individual owners have their own regulations and policies.

But generally, Planet Fitness requires members to pay for their memberships and other services through the means of a checking account.

Does Planet Fitness Take Prepaid Cards?

Like debit cards, Planet Fitness does not accept prepaid cards either. This is because they follow a pretty strict policy regarding accepting payments only from a member’s checking account.

There are multiple reasons behind this rule, which we shall discuss in the later section.

Members, however, should note that some PF gyms might be willing to accept transactions made via prepaid cards for prepayments. This won’t usually be the case as nearly all Planet Fitness clubs prefer checking accounts only.

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Accept Debit Cards or Prepaid Cards?

Planet Fitness does not accept debit cards or prepaid cards for completing gym-related transactions because the gym’s policy is to only process payments made through a member’s checking account.

This is because Planet Fitness offers multiple membership options that require recurring billings. To avoid the hassle of keeping the payment information of each member up to date regularly, PF clubs prefer to process transactions directly from the member’s bank account.

This can be achieved by accepting payments made from the member’s checking account.

Thus, Planet Fitness does not accept debit cards or prepaid cards because they might lead to some technical inconveniences. Using a checking account makes more sense to the global gym chain.

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Wrapping Up

Many people don’t really understand PF’s decision not to accept payments made through any channel other than a checking account. However, if we consider all the factors, using a checking account is the most convenient mode of electronic payment.

That is why most Planet Fitness gyms prefer that members share their checking account information with them for facilitating recurring payments easily.