Can You Join Planet Fitness Without A Commitment? (Here’s the Truth…!)

Planet Fitness was inaugurated with the vision of making fitness accessible to people at low prices. The founder, Micheal Grondahl, focused on making quality gym services available at low costs. Hence, the gym comes with various promotional offers, discounts, and their famous no-commitment plan aimed to attract more and more clients.

The rates applicable in the Planet Fitness gym may vary from one home club to the other. Most gyms under this brand name charge the same amount.

Planet Fitness has got all the eyeballs for its no-commitment plan. Hence, in this article, we will clear the air about whether you can join Planet Fitness without a commitment.

Is Planet Ftiness Actually No Commitment?

No, Planet Fitness isn’t a no-commitment gym altogether. Instead, no-commitment is an occasional offer available from time to time to attract new clients.

Gyms usually function on membership plans, where the members are motivated to opt for 3, 6, 12, or 15 months of membership. At Planet Fitness, you can either opt for 12-month commitment or no-commitment plan.

The availability of no-commitmentt plan varies from one gym to another. In some gyms you can occasionally get Classic membership with no-commitment, while others might make you sign a 12-month contract for Classic membership. Therefore, to check for no-commitment, you will have to do the research with your home gym.

The start-up fee and monthly dues of a no-commitment plan are usually higher as compared to its counterparts. In addition, the services offered in this plan are the same as Classic membership.

The services offered in no-commitment plan aren’t as extensive as other membership plans. For instance, in 12-month commitment black card plan you get a chance to bring a guest to the gym and have unlimited access to use any Planet Fitness gym worldwide. Besides, the 12-month black card commitment membership also allows the use of tanning, massage chairs, hydro massage, total body enhancement and other premium perks.

Can You Join Planet Fitness Without a Commitment?

Can You Join Planet Fitness Without a Commitment
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It depends. If the gym offers no-commitment plan at the time of your joining, you can opt for it.

The gym membership at Planet Fitness can be divided into two categories, namely;

  • Classic membership
  • Black Card membership

No-commitment plan is available occasionally. Therefore, you will have to check if your home gym currently offers a no-commitment plan or not.

The gym fees at Planet Fitness’s no-commitment plan include start-up or enrollment fees, annual fees, and monthly dues. There’s no cancellation fee applicable under this contract, as it allows you to cancel your membership anytime without having to pay anything extra.

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Closing Words

Planet Fitness has made world-class gym amenities available at low cost. They offer an extensive selection of exercise equipment for all fitness levels. You can get access to treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes, weights, etc., to fulfill your workout requirements.

Furthermore, depending on your membership plan, you can also get access to services like hydro massage, massage chairs, total body enhancement, 50% off on selected drinks, and bringing a guest anytime.

The best part is that they offer free personal training for people new to the fitness world and need guidance on using gym equipment perfectly. Opt for their no-commitment contract today to provide the best to your body.