Can You Deadlift at Anytime Fitness? A Detailed Look

Deadlifting is a core part of most powerlifters’ workout routines. It is a highly effective compound movement that can help your overall strength as well as power, particularly for your lower back and core muscles.

Despite being a popular exercise, many conventional gyms do not allow members to perform deadlifts inside their training sections.

The primary reason behind this is that watching someone perform a heavy deadlift can be intimidating for beginners.

Moreover, serious bodybuilders who use tons of weights and plates often tend to drop the bar on the floor, causing a lot of noise and chaos. This might violate the policies of the gym and scare off the newbies.

So, gym chains like Planet Fitness that want to provide a comfortable environment for everyone to work out do not allow members to perform deadlifts in their training areas.

That being said, it’s not that difficult to find a good gym where bodybuilders and powerlifters can perform deadlifts without facing backlash or scrutiny from the staff.

One particular gym that a lot of people want to try out is Anytime Fitness. With over 4,700 locations worldwide, Anytime Fitness gyms are sort of hard to miss.

If you are working out at an Anytime Fitness club, you have access to a range of benefits – well-equipped training areas, good leisure activities, clean and spacious rooms, and so on.

But one important question still remains – can you deadlift at Anytime Fitness?

Let’s find out.

Can You Deadlift at Anytime Fitness

Can You Deadlift at Anytime Fitness?

Yes, unlike other conventional gym chains like Planet Fitness, members are free to perform deadlifts at all Anytime Fitness gyms. There are no restrictions in this regard, as long as the members performing the deadlift maintain correct form and posture for their own safety.

Some Anytime Fitness gyms are even equipped with deadlift platforms. You can get on these platforms and deadlift safely without worrying about any interruption from other members.

Anytime Fitness deadlift platform
Anytime Fitness deadlift platform

At the clubs where there are no deadlift platforms, you can simply perform your deadlifts on the floor.

There are only two requirements – you maintain proper form while you are deadlifting to avoid any injuries, and you avoid slamming the weights on the floor.

This is because when you drop the deadlift bar on the ground, it might accidentally hit other members, causing severe injuries or destruction of property.

So, you just have to avoid making these two mistakes, and you’re good to perform deadlifts whenever you want.


However, it’s important to note that, unlike Planet Fitness, there is no lunk alarm at Anytime Fitness. So, throwing weights on the floor will not set any alarm off. You are just discouraged from doing so and might receive a word or two from the trainers.

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Final Words

Deadlifting is an exercise that you cannot omit from your workout schedules. It is a powerful movement that engages a lot of muscles throughout your body.

Fortunately, if you are a member of Anytime Fitness, you won’t have to give up your deadlifts as there are no restrictions on this front.