Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness? (Yes, BUT…!)

Forcing your friend to hit the gym with you, might not always be successful. But what if you could bring them as a guest to the gym while you work out? Wouldn’t that be a great idea?

Anytime Fitness is one such gym where you can tag a friend along with you and work out together. But do all of their clubs offer such guest passes? If so, do they charge you for bringing friends? You might have a number of questions.

And through this article, we will try to clear all such doubts you might have about Anytime Fitness guest policy and rules. So, read along!

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness
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Yes, definitely! You can bring friends to Anytime Fitness as guests. The guest can visit along with you, and can have a first-hand experience of the gym.

However, keep in mind that there are some rules regarding bringing guests to Anytime Fitness.

For instance, guests can visit a club only during staffed hours. This policy is very strict, considering the safety and security of both the gym and others working out there. The staffed hours at Anytime Fitness might have slight variations from club to club. In general, you can expect it in the mornings and evenings.

So, it is also crucial to contact your club and learn what exactly are the staffed hours. Also, if you have been there a few times, you might already know during which hours there will be staff present. 

If you bring a guest during non staffed hours or without them knowing, they may take action against you. That may include a fine or cancellation of the key fob. So, when you are bringing a guest to Anytime Fitness, bring them first to the front desk executives.

Before starting the guest entry, your friend or family member will have to complete a short registration. To do so, ask them to bring a valid photo ID card, such as a driving license.

Another key thing to keep in mind is that you can bring only adults to Anytime Fitness as a guest. The gym doesn’t offer child care and you can’t bring your children there. However, certain clubs may allow teenagers as guests. To learn about minimum age requirements as well, contact your club and inquire!

Can You Bring A Friend For Free To Anytime Fitness?

Well, in most Anytime Fitness locations, members can bring guests for free to Anytime Fitness. You may even be able to bring the same guest multiple times to the same club!

But all that being said, keep in mind that each Anytime Fitness club is an independently owned franchise, and exact policies depend on the management decisions. So, always inquire with the club if the guest passes are actually free or not.

Does Anytime Fitness Know If You Bring A Guest?

Don’t take that risk! Perhaps sometimes, they may not be able to notice you bringing a guest without their permission. But in most cases, they will come to know about this and will take action against you.

Once again, the action that they take if you bring a guest without their permission may include a fine, suspension, or cancellation of your key fob.

Anytime Fitness has set a strict rule that members can bring guests only during staffed hours. While you bring them, ask them to meet the staff and complete registration. If you try to let them sneak in, the club might catch you and take action.

Can I Visit Anytime Fitness As A Guest Without An Invitation?

Yes, you can. Anytime Fitness offers guest passes not only to friends or family members of existing members, but also to others. If you are an outsider with no friend at Anytime Fitness, you can still visit as a guest.

Speaking of how long these guest passes are, it may depend on club policies. Generally, they offer 7 day guest passes as well as one day passes. You can pick the one that suits you.

Speaking of the pricing, this type of guest pass which is not through an existing member, might have some fee. To learn more about exact details or pricing, contact the Anytime Fitness club of your interest!

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Anytime Fitness is always welcome to guests. You can always use these passes either to have a workout day with your buddy or family member, or to get a real experience of the club before deciding if to join there as a member.

And keep in mind, always speak with the club executive before you bring a guest to Anytime Fitness, or when you are planning to visit there as a guest. Also, never bring your friend during non-staffed hours!