Can You Bring a Different Guest to Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is famous around the United States for its affordable membership plans. And to keep starters and amateur gym goers motivated, Planet Fitness promises a judgment free workout environment. 

For these reasons, Planet Fitness is considered an ideal choice for those who start with working out. And before going there and grabbing a membership right away, it’s always better to take a guest pass.

Planet Fitness allows their black card members to use the guest pass.

So, if you are a Planet Fitness black card member, and one of your friends or family members also wishes to try out the gym, you can tag them to Planet Fitness. This is free of cost, and the guests will have to do only a short, quick registration process. 

Through this article, you will learn about Planet Fitness guest pass policy and particularly, whether or not you can bring a different guest each time you visit. 

So, read along!

Can You Bring a Different Guest to Planet Fitness
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Can You Bring a Different Guest to Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can bring different guests to Planet Fitness on separate days. The guest can be different, or you can also bring the same guest on different days.

But keep in mind that you need to be a Planet Fitness black card member in the first place in order to bring a guest. With the Black card, you can simply log into your account and then send an invite to your friend, partner,  family member, or anyone else you care about. 

The guest will have to do a short registration process at the club. They will have to bring their ID to do so. After that, they are free to start working out with you. 

So, is there any fee to bring a guest to Planet Fitness? No, it’s completely free of cost.

But here also, keep in mind that your guest will not have the same perks as you do. For instance, they cannot access the massage chair, tanning bed, or other facilities that you can as a black card member. 

However, they will be free to do weight training, cardio, and other general gym activities. 

Now, you may be wondering whether you can bring the same guest, your partner, for instance, every time you visit the gym. As we’ve stated already, you can also bring the same guest every day, and Planet Fitness will have no objection. 

But as you might think, it can be a little awkward if you and your partner hit the gym using a single membership. So, we’re leaving that up to you.  

Ultimately, the thing is, you can bring a different guest, or the same guest to Planet Fitness each time you visit.

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Wrapping Up

Planet Fitness guest pass is worth appreciation. Through a guest pass, aspiring members can get to learn about the facilities they can expect at Planet Fitness, and decide by themselves whether to grab a membership there or not.