Can I Use Someone Else’s Planet Fitness Card?

Planet Fitness is famous among America’s fitness lovers for the cheap membership plans that they offer. Their affordable gym membership plans, along with a judgment-free workout environment made them very popular, especially among beginners and amateurs. 

For these reasons, the club currently has a strong membership base of more than ten million.  

One can get a Planet Fitness membership through some easy steps. After registration, Planet Fitness will give their members unique membership cards. Members can enter their clubs by scanning the card, and then start working out. 

Reading this, it is quite natural that you might ask, “can I use someone else’s Planet Fitness membership card?” Or “what if someone else uses my card?”, and the list of questions may go on.

And through this article, we will give you the answer to all such questions about using another person’s Planet Fitness card. So, read along, and learn why you should not use Someone else’s Planet Fitness card. 

Can I Use Someone Else's Planet Fitness Card
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Can I Use Someone Else’s Planet Fitness Card?

No, you are not supposed to use Someone else’s Planet Fitness card. It’s against the rule and you can only use your own card. Using Someone else’s Planet Fitness card may get the owner of the card in trouble. 

Although, that doesn’t mean you can’t use another person’s card. If you are determined to somehow enter the club eluding the staff, you may be able to do it sometimes. It is possible at some clubs where there aren’t many front desk executives to check you in. 

But even in that case, doing so will be completely unethical. Because just think about it, Planet Fitness is offering the cheapest possible membership for as low as $10 a month. So, instead of trying to slip through the net, consider getting a new membership for yourself. 

Also, in most cases, they will be checking your ID and the details in it should match with your appearance. They will usually collect each member’s photo and link it with the card.

So, what in case there is no pic? Then also, your details will be stored on the computer. When you scan the card, the details of the card owner will display on their computer.  

If Planet Fitness finds that someone else is using a member’s membership card, the member will be facing repercussions. That may even include membership termination. 

Considering all these, avoid using Someone else’s Planet Fitness card and instead, grab a membership. It’s literally cheap. 

Can my Wife Use my Planet Fitness Black Card?

No, your wife can’t use your Planet Fitness black card. They either need to get a new membership, or avail the guest pass facility. 

The second option, getting a guest pass, allows your wife to Workout with you as a guest. She can visit the gym each time you visit. This is completely free of cost. 

But we would say that the first option, grabbing a membership is a better option considering the fact that Planet Fitness plans are very affordable. 

And as we have already discussed, if one person uses another member’s Planet Fitness black card, the member will face consequences. That includes membership termination. 

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Can my Son Use my Planet Fitness Membership?

No, your son can also not use your Planet Fitness membership. This is applicable even if he is a minor. 

If you wish to take your minor child to Planet Fitness, speak with the club staff about their policies and plans. Also, in most clubs, you need to be present when your minor kid works out.

In that case (if you need to be present when your son works out), as we stated earlier, tagging him along as a guest can be another option.

Can I Use my Mom’s Planet Fitness Membership?

No, you can not use your mom’s Planet Fitness membership. Your mother’s card is meant for her only, and you need to grab another one for yourself. 

And if you try to use her Planet Fitness card and the club finds it out, her membership may even get canceled. 

Can Another Person Use my Planet Fitness Membership?

No, your Planet Fitness membership is meant only for you, and another person can not use it in your stead. Your child, partner, friend, or family member, no one can use your card to visit the club. 

However, if you wish to take the one you care about to the gym, you always have the option to bring them as a guest along with you. 

But even better, consider getting them a new membership. 

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The Bottom Line

You can get a Planet Fitness membership for a nominal initiation fee of $1, which is effectively free. And the monthly fee starts from just $10 per month.

Therefore, getting a new membership for yourself is way better than trying to use Someone else’s Planet Fitness card. Using another member’s card may put them in trouble, or at least, will not be very ethical.