Can Guests Use The Tanning Beds At Planet Fitness?

Tanning bed services at planet fitness club is an enticing offer for black card members. There are high chances of popping up of another query in your mind right now, what can a guest expect from this platform?

The first road to being a guest in planet fitness is the support of a valid member of the planet fitness club. Both standard plan members and black card members are eligible to use their membership to bring guests to the planet fitness club.

Customers who would like to bring guests to this fitness club should be expecting a clear-cut idea regarding the boundaries and norms followed by guests in planet fitness like what they can do or should not do etc… and that includes use of extra facilities like tanning.

Read along, know if your guest can use the tanning beds, and clear your doubts.

Can Guests Use The Tanning Beds At Planet Fitness

Can Guests Use The Tanning Beds At Planet Fitness?   

In a single word, NO. Guests can use the workout equipment under the supervision of trainers but are not allowed to use any other planet fitness services including tanning beds. 

So, one cannot take advantage of the tanning bed facility at planet fitness unless and until they acquired valid black card membership.

Can You Pay To Use The Tanning Bed At Planet Fitness?

Absolutely no. Planet fitness tanning is a regulated service provided as an added service only to customers above 18 years of age and who have valid PF black card memberships. Which means if you are an authentic client, you can avail of this for free.

Outsiders including guests of PF black card members cannot access the service. Therefore the best possible approach to enjoy this service is to be a PF black card member and have the benefit of boundless services of tanning experiences.

In another word, those who have a misconception regarding this must be aware that there is no provision to separately pay and use tanning beds services at planet fitness club so far.

What Can A Planet Fitness Guest Do?

Planet fitness guests can visit the centre if their mate holds a valid membership also they should make sure that the accompanying person is at least 18 years old. The guest has to register at the front desk before entering the planet fitness centre using a valid photo ID.

Visitors between 13-17 years can also make use of the planet fitness centre but must accompany their parent/ guardian at the time of joining.

Black card members and standard plan members can accompany a guest for every visit to the centre. Even though all members can opt for guest entry using their membership norms, the number of allotting is limited to one or two per month for standard plan members.

So, there comes the significance of a black card member where you can let your guest be your workout buddy for your every visit to the fitness club with the black card unlimited entry deal. And it need not be the guest person should same all the time.

Bear in mind that guests cannot expect full services as that of members. Guests can use the standard fitness club equipment and machines although usage of advanced machinery is not appreciated.

In some clubs of planet fitness, guests can avail shower facilities too. Besides, planet fitness is equipped with a free Wi-Fi facility and guests are not restrained from using it. But speaking of additional facilities like tanning and hydromassage, being a guest visitor might not be enough.

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Final Thoughts

We can undoubtedly say that planet fitness club is an umbrella term for wellness, beauty and physical strength. You can take care of your physical health by employing the services that are arranged by this fitness club along with the guests.

It is a great opportunity for the non-customers to directly explore the experience via guest entry rather than skimming through the online reviews to analyse the output of the fitness club. However, the guest pass won’t be enough for you to enjoy services like tanning ( or hydromassage or sauna)

Moreover, Tanning bed services are an add-on plan for the customers as they need not visit other tanning salons to tackle tan lines. Since tanning beds are a high-demand service, guests cannot use the tanning beds at planet fitness. But you don’t need to worry, just upgrade or acquire black card membership and grab those exciting offers.