Cameron Hanes Workout Routine

Cameron Hanes is an athlete, author, and entrepreneur. He has a penchant for bowhunting, archery, running, and weightlifting. He is widely regarded as the “Lance Armstrong of Bowhunting.” Even at 53 years of age, he follows a training program that can easily wear out most of the youngsters. Hanes exudes a great deal of strength, agility, and athleticism with his lean and muscular physique.

Cameron Hanes is also quite popular on his social media handles. His Instagram handle has a massive fan base of 1.1 million followers. His Facebook and Twitter handle also have a considerable number of followers. Seeing all this, it can be clearly said that people do get inspired by this modern-day Superman.

If you are also one of them, this post is going to serve you the best. In this post, we will be throwing some light on Cameron Hanes’ workout plan that he follows to maintain a fit and athletic physique throughout the year.

Cameron Hanes Workout Routine

Cameron Hanes Workout Routine
Cameron Hanes in an Instagram Photo (Cameron Hanes / Instagram)
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If Cameron Hanes’ workout routine is to be explained in just three words, then it would be “Run. Lift. Shoot.” This is exactly what he names his workout regime. He is quite passionate and devoted to his training program. He always makes sure to give his 100% to each of his training sessions.

The table presented below will give you a descriptive overview of Cameron Hanes’  full body weightlifting regime. It comprises some compound exercises, some isolation exercises, and some bodyweight exercises. Let’s have a look at it.

Cameron Hanes Full Body Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Bench Press

3 x 10

Kettlebell Swings

3 x (30 seconds)

One-Minute Rest


3 x (10-15)

Power Cleans

3 x 10

One-Minute Rest

Dumbbell Incline Press

2 x 10

Barbell Curl

3 x 10

Diamond Push-Ups

2 x (30 seconds)

Overhand Pull-Ups


One-Minute Rest

One-Leg Lunges using Dumbbells (25 lbs/leg)

2 x 20 (each side)

Burpees with Push-ups

2 x 10


2 x (30 seconds)

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Consistency is the Key

Rome wasn’t built in a day. This adage finds utmost relevance in the world of fitness. Consistency happens to be the prime element of Cameron Hanes’ training routine. He has invested a substantial number of years to his training that has resulted in making him some sort of a superhuman.

Make it a Family Affair

The daily routine of Cameron Hanes is quite hectic. It consists of running, weightlifting, and bowhunting practices. Apart from these he also has to give some time to his side businesses. Despite having such a busy lifestyle, Cameron Hanes makes sure to spend some of his time with his family. He even tries to involve his family in his ventures as much as possible.

The Sky’s the Limit

Cameron Hanes claims that our mindset is responsible for the decisions that we make while performing or reacting. One must always tend to have a strong and optimistic mindset to fulfill his wants. One also has to be persistent towards attaining one’s goals. For a person with a tough mindset, only the sky’s the limit. Cam Hanes’ workout plan tells a lot about his mental toughness that pushes him to give in every ounce of his blood sweat, and tears, literally.


Cameron Hanes running routine
Cameron Hanes in an Instagram Photo (Cameron Hanes / Instagram)

Cameron Hanes is quite passionate about running. Cameron Hanes’ running workout routine consists of running at least 10 miles two or three times a day. His morning exercise routine begins with a 5-20 mile run. He runs on a 1531-foot mountain top that is near his home. Hanes has run numerous marathons and ultramarathons in his life. This further makes it obvious that running happens to be a crucial part of Cam Hanes’ workout routine.

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Cameron Hanes is known for his top-notch shooting skills. Hence, bow practice is another crucial part of his training program. To prepare himself to perform supremely well in the hunting season, he makes sure to practice with his crossbow every single day. Bowhunting is a sport that demands a great deal of physical fitness and conditioning. For a man like Cameron Hanes, that’s no big deal. All thanks to his strenuous exercise routine.

Cameron Hanes follows the hunting style of backcountry hunting. He puts in all the essentials that he will require for one week in his backpack and then goes off hiking for at least 10 miles in the mountains. When he hunts down an animal (which can easily weigh over 300 lbs), he loads it up in his backpack and carries it home.

Cameron Hanes’ most popular off-season hunting exercise involves carrying a 130 lbs rock up and down a mountain. It puts both his physical and mental strength to test.


Lifting happens to be an important part of Cameron Hanes’ workout routine. It not only keeps his body stronger but also helps in preventing injuries. Cameron Hanes’ lifting routine is targeted towards keeping him lean and strong.


Like we mentioned earlier, consistency happens to be an important element of Cameron Hanes’ workout routine. Hanes claims that there are no shortcuts to success. One has to keep on hammering and that too without making any excuses.

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Final Words

And this was all about the workout plan of Cameron Hanes. If you are also an adventure junkie, you may find his workout routine quite suitable for you. His workout routine covers different aspects of fitness. However, before you start following his workout program, you must have a clear idea about your fitness levels and goals.