Calum Von Moger Workout Routine

There was a biopic based on Joe Weider’s life and achievements named “Bigger”, that was released a few years back. If you have watched that biopic you would have surely been mesmerized by the person who portrayed Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was none other than Calum Von Moger. His massive musculature that resembles that of Arnold has made him win many bodybuilding championships along with nicknaming him as “Arnold 2.0”. This workout guide is going to provide you with a detailed overview of Calum Von Moger Workout Routine.

The massively muscular and symmetrical physique of Calum Von Moger that you see today is a result of his dedication towards his workouts and diet. He did not achieve his massive physique overnight. Earlier he was a skinny kid who used to get inspired by his elder brother who was big and strong. This further motivated him to befriend the rusty old dumbbells and barbells that were in his empty warehouse.

Calum Von Moger’s penchant towards lifting weights further provided him with a physique that was so strong and muscular that it even exceeded his own expectations. His supremely massive physique further earned him the alias “Arnold 2.0”.

Calum Von Moger Workout Routine

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Calum Von Moger has always been a big admirer of old-school bodybuilding. Classic looking physiques of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates, Lee Haney, and many other old-school bodybuilders have always inspired him. His training program has always been inclined towards “quality over quantity”.

Just like the old school bodybuilders, his approach towards lifting and gaining muscle size is dependent on mastering the basic exercises. He is not an advocate of fancy movements. Being a staunch proponent of old school bodybuilding, he always prefers the application of old school bodybuilding principles and techniques in his workout plan, especially those mentioned in the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopaedia of Modern Bodybuilding.

When Calum Von Moger had started training, he preferred lifting heavy weights, especially on compound movements. He also made sure that the weights should not be too heavy that they start compromising with his form. In his earlier years of training, Calum Von Moger went through a Power Building kind of approach. His earlier years of heavy lifting gave him a dense muscle mass which provided him with the raw material to build a classic physique.

Presently, Calum Von Moger performs the workouts that are performed in an old-school style. To maintain his muscle mass, he still trains with heavier weights for a moderate number of reps. The exercises that he performs for his bigger muscle groups are usually compound movements. The basic compound lifts aid Calum in putting on sizable muscle mass on his tall frame.

Calum Von Moger follows his workout routine for 5 days. The underlying principle of his strenuous daily routine is progressive resistance training that is based on linear periodization.

He trains 5 days a week. Each of his workouts consists of two hours of weight training. To fuel his physique adequately, he eats roughly after every two hours. This makes sure that his physique is maintaining a caloric surplus.

Calum Von Moger Workout Routine

Calum Von Moger basically prefers to train by instincts. He doesn’t copy the workout routines of other lifters, instead, he programs his workouts in a way that suits his individual requirements.

Calum Von Moger Workout Routine

Calum Von Moger Workout Routine


Sets x Reps

Day 1 – Chest

Flat Bench Barbell Bench Press

5 x (5-15)

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

4 x (6-12)

Flat Dumbbell Flys

4 x (10-15)

Dumbbell Pullovers

3 x (10-12)

Dips (emphasizing the sternum/lower chest)


Day 2 – Back



Barbell Bent-Over Rows

4 x (8-12)

Lat Pulldowns

4 x (8-12)

One Arm Dumbbell Rows

4 x (8-12)

Close Grip Lat Pulldowns

4 x (8-12)

Day 3 – Rest

Day 4 – Shoulders

Seated Barbell Press

5 x (6-12)

Seated Dumbbell Press

4 x (6-12)

Side Lateral Raises

3 x 10

Rear Cable Flys

3 x 10

Barbell Shrugs

4 x (6-12)

Day 5 – Legs


6 x (6-15)

Leg Press

4 x (8-12)

Leg Extensions

4 x (8-12)

Stiff Leg Deadlifts

4 x (8-12)

Lying Leg Curls

4 x 15

Standing Smith Machine

5 x 20

Standing Calf Raises (free weights)

4 x 50

Day 6 – Arms

Barbell Curls

5 x (6-12)

Preacher Curls

4 x (6-10)

Concentration Curls

4 x (6-10)

Lying Skull Crushers

5 x (6-12)

Cable Extensions

4 x (8-12)

Rope Pulldowns

3 x 10

Day 7 – Rest

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Here are some other important features of Calum Von Moger’s workout routine:-

  • He starts his workouts with 1-2 warm-up sets and then performs 3 working sets for all the exercises.
  • Calum prefers training with free weights for most of his exercises as opposed to machines. He believes that dumbbells and barbells promote better muscle activation and overall size gains as compared to machines.
  • Calum does not prefer the conventional cardio sessions. Instead, he prefers having a walk every day that works on his cardiovascular health.
  • He actively incorporates his cardio sessions when he has to shred down for a show. In such a scenario, he does his cardio five times a week.
  • He performs fasted cardio two times a week and normal cardio three times a week.
  • For his show-oriented cardio sessions, he uses the treadmill and incline walking intervals.

Final Words

Calum Von Moger falls in the category of advanced and elite lifters who have substantial experience of lifting heavier weights. If you are an absolute beginner, don’t even think about copying his workout routine blindly. It will easily wear you out in no time leaving you frustrated and unmotivated.

Before you attempt to follow Calum Von Moger’s Workout Routine, it is imperative that your lifting form and technique is absolutely perfect. This will ensure that you don’t run any chances of probable injury. You will also have to focus on your diet while following his workout program. Calum eats like a beast, maintaining a caloric surplus, to counter his fast metabolism. The bottom line is that you need to be patient and consistent to see the results you are expecting. Calum Von Moger’s favorite quote teaches you the same thing. It says:-

“Just like the oak sleeps in the acorn and the eagle waits in the egg, every great achievement started with a dream or thought.”


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