4 Building the Monolith Program Spreadsheets

If you are an advanced lifter who is looking out for programs that can aid in breaking off your plateaus, you are at the right place. This workout guide will provide you with detailed information on Building the Monolith Program. It was originally created by Jim Wendler who is known for creating the 5/3/1 program.

This program further acted as the foundation stone for programs like GZCL and nSuns. You must keep in mind that this program is not for beginners

Before proceeding to Building the Monolith Spreadsheet, let’s have a descriptive rundown of Building the Monolith Program:-

  • Building the Monolith Program extends for a period of six weeks.
  • You are required to train three times a week on non-consecutive days under this program.
  • Each training session under this workout program includes a lower body, a pushing, and a pulling movement. This further helps in enhancing your overall strength levels.
  • It is suggested that you train with 85% of your 1 Rep Max under this program. This further becomes more effective when you are required to perform 90% for multiple sets of 5 reps.
  • While being on this program, you also need to focus on your diet, sleep, conditioning, and stretching as much as you focus on your training.

Building the Monolith Program

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5/3/1 BTM Spreadsheet

The 5/3/1 BTM Spreadsheet that has been presented here gives you a detailed idea about how you should proceed with this program over the weeks. All you need to care about is to take out your 1 Rep Max weight and your Total Max weight on your bench press, overhead press, deadlift, and squat. Once you enter their values in the columns that are given for them, the template of this spreadsheet will easily let you know what percentages of the weights you need to progress with.

For the compound movements that you train under this program, you perform 5 reps for each of them for the prescribed number of sets. This template also includes some other exercises like curls, chins, shrugs, face pulls, etc.


BTM + BTM DUP Spreadsheet

This Google sheet template helps in determining what percentages of the weights you should proceed with, in your sessions. You just need to enter your 1 Rep Max and Training Max in the specified column and you are ready to go. You would be entering these values two times while following this program. At first, you would enter these values prior to beginning the program, and afterward you would be entering these values for Week 4-Week 6. Under this program, you would be primarily targeting to improve your compound lifts.

While following this template, you would be training your squats and overhead presses two times a week on the same days. On the contrary, deadlifts and bench press will be trained only once a week. You would also be performing some other exercises like dips, dumbbell rows, shrugs, chins, etc. for a higher number of reps.

The credit for creating the BTM + BTM DUP Spreadsheet goes to u/Sir-Scorpio


Building the Monolith Program Spreadsheet (kg + lb)

As the name of this particular spreadsheet implies, this Google sheet provides you the information in both “kg” as well as “lbs”. All you need to do is to enter your maxes in the specified columns with whichever unit you are used to. This in-built calculator will simply determine the weights for your workout sessions with which you will be training with. It also presents you with the recommended number of sets and reps for each particular exercise which thereby aids in promoting growth and breaking off potential plateaus.

This spreadsheet is created by u/Golden_Chopsticks


The Monolith Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet requires you to enter your 1 Rep Max and Training Max weight of your squat, deadlift, bench press, and overhead press. You perform your squats and overhead press twice a week.  You get to perform your bench press and deadlift only once. Some other movements including shrugs, curls, dips, etc. are to be performed for a fairly higher number of reps under this program.

Final Words

We expect that the spreadsheets mentioned in this article would serve you in the best of your interests.


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