4 Bridge Program (by Barbell Medicine) Spreadsheets

Nothing can be more satiating to a lifter as compared to a program that promises to up his/her strength and numbers on the big three competition lifts. Also, if you are a beginner who is getting graduated and just starting up to train under the intermediate level, you require a training program that serves as a bridge between your novice linear progression and authentic intermediate programming. The Bridge Program by Barbell Medicine is one such program. It is named so because it provides you a direct and safe route to intermediate level lifting. Moreover, it also eliminates confusion that might arise regarding which program would be the most suitable while progressing to the Intermediate level.

The Bridge workout is unique in its approach and its efficiency is backed by the lifters who have progressed enormously following the program. Let’s have a descriptive rundown about the Bridge lifting protocol.

The Bridge Program Overview

The credit for creating the Bridge Program goes to Jordan Feigenbaum and Austin Baraki. It falls under the category of strength programs that are suitable for those lifters or athletes who have just finished a strength training protocol, for instance, the Strong Lifts 5 x 5 or the Starting Strength. The Bridge programming has been designed for beginners who are now progressing to the intermediate level.

Some of the prominent features of the Bridge Program are as follows:-

  • You will be working out 3-times a week and you would be primarily training your competition lifts squat, bench press, and deadlift.
  • This program extends for a period of 8 weeks.
  • To train the assisting muscles, this program makes use of the near variations of the competition lifts. These may include rack pulls, pause bench press, pause squat, close grip bench press, etc.
  • Each workout session under this program lasts for around 70-90 minutes.
  • This program is designed on the basis of your RPE which stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion.
  • The Bridge Program also makes use of GPP that stands for General Physical Preparedness.

(Information about both RPE and GPP is given in the spreadsheets)

The Bridge Program is known for its capability to increase strength and muscle mass. It improves your work capacity and lifting technique too along with providing you with substantial knowledge for programming your workouts in an effective manner.

Bridge Program Spreadsheet

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The Bridge Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets make your job easier by providing you with a descriptive overview of any program. They give you an idea about how you should progress with the program along with the weight progressions that you would be following. The spreadsheet presented here also provides you with the same. The Bridge Program makes the use of RPE instead of a certain percentage of your 1 RM on your competition lifts. You will get a detailed idea about your RPE in the spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, you don’t have to pay heed towards “lb” or “kg”. The Bridge Spreadsheet is designed in a way that works perfectly fine with both of them. So, you can choose any one unit.

Thanks to u/Relay2134 for creating this awesome spreadsheet

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Google Spreadsheet for The Bridge Workout

The Google Spreadsheet that is presented here is a bit unique and can serve you in the best of your interests. It has been created in a manner that is backed by both research and results. This Google spreadsheet allows you to add notes promoting annotation of any cell.  You can use this Google spreadsheet just the way it is but you can also use it to write about your workouts regarding what cues were helpful, which movement are more comfortable working out in the upcoming session, and several other things like that.

Thanks to u/wilo108 for creating this awesome spreadsheet

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The Bridge Program Tracker Template

Templates undoubtedly have a practical application. The use of templates makes it easier for you to determine in advance how much weight you would be lifting catering to each lift. It calculates the values that you feed in it based on your 1 RM or in this case your RPE. Using the Bridge Program Tracker Template, you will be guided about the number of sets/reps that you will be required to perform during your training session.

If the spreadsheet suggests to perform 3-4 sets of any particular exercise, choose to go with performing 4 sets as it will provide more challenge to your muscles promoting greater strength gains. This template makes the use of a calculator with a matrix that guides you about the weight you should be progressing with. All you need to do is entering your RPE in the template.

Credit of this spreadsheet goes to azeemqwerty.

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The Bridge Google Sheet

The Bridge Google Sheet presented here will surely be helpful to you in your training sessions. The instructions presented in this Google sheet guide you throughout your workouts and are self-explanatory and comprehensive.

Credit of this spreadsheet goes to nkupianist.


Final Words

These spreadsheets will provide you with a comprehensive idea about the Bridge Program. This program can surely improve your trainable physical characteristics to a great extent along with ensuring perfection in your lifts.