Is Breyers Carb Smart Keto Friendly?

Yes, Breyers Carb Smart is indeed Keto friendly as 3 to 4 grams of net carbohydrates consumed per serving contained in it will not upset your ketosis. The net carbohydrates, which range from 3- 4 grams, are limited to the scoop or the bar of ice cream, which constitutes one serving and falls under a low carb diet . Of the eight flavors, the fudge bar is very Keto-friendly, and off the six remaining, three can be consumed with precaution and the others with extra precaution.

Net carbs are calculated after adjusting the fibre and sugar alcohols.  If these fall within the range of 1-4, it is considered harmless to the ketogenic diet.

The flavors which have sugar alcohol in higher quantities can be consumed with precaution, say half a serving. The flavors that have added sugars but less sugar alcohol are where the keto dieter should be extremely careful. The intake has to be less than a quarter of a serving as these may damage the ketosis process.  

Is Breyers Carb Smart Keto Friendly

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Can I Eat Breyers Carb Smart On Keto Diet?

 Yes, you can. All the eight flavors are conducive for a person on a Ketogenic diet and can be consumed. However, many of them have to consume by cutting down the serving, and this is explained below with respect to each product. The Breyers Fudge bar is a clear winner and consuming it in normal servings is keto-approved.

All the other flavors have to undergo a cut from the normal servings. These include the Vanilla, Almond Bar, Chocolate bar, Carb Smart Vanilla bar, Caramel Swirl Bar, and the Mint Fudge bar.

Other Observations:

The Dessert fudge Bar falls well within the low carb diet at 3 grams, and there are no added sugars thus aiding keto processes..

The Almond flavor exceeds the net carbs level of four, which is keto-approved and is at five. Along with the Added sugars are 5 grams per serving. With one serving at 57 grams, it is wise to cut it down to 28 grams or lesser, which would not harm Ketosis. All the other factors lie within the parameters prescribed.

The Vanilla flavor has its net carb level at 4, but the concern is, however, with the quantity of Sugar Alcohol. The positive factor is that there are no added sugars. Certain sugar alcohols could lead to ailments, and therefore, it is suggested to cut down the serving from 78 grams to 25 grams to enjoy the other benefits of the Vanilla flavor.

The Chocolate flavor, on the other hand, exceeds net carb levels by one gram and stands at 5. Apart from those, sugar alcohols are 8 grams even though added sugar is Zero. One serving is 79 grams, and with two factors opposing the keto diet, it is best to cut it to 25 grams per serving.

The Carb Smart vanilla Bar also exceeds the net carbs and stands at 5. The added sugar is 3. The serving of one bar, 56 grams, would not hamper ketosis if the serving is cut down to 28 grams.

The Caramel Swirls Bar and the Mini fudge fall within all parameters except that the added sugar is only 2 grams. With one serving at 51 grams, it would be advisable to cut it to 30 grams.

The sugar and fat are all within the keto-approved range, and calories also fall well within 150-175 scope per day.

Nutrition Information


Breyers Carb smart-Vanilla Flavor.

One serving is 78 g.

Breyers carb Smart Frozen dairy Dessert Fudge Bars

One serving is 49 g

Breyers Carb smart-Chocolate Flavor

One serving is 79 g

Net carbs

4 g

3 g

5 g

Total carbs

16 g

10 g

17 g


110 Kcal

60 Kcal

110 Kcal


6 g

3 g

6 g


2 g

1 g

2  g


4 g

3 g

1 g


4 g


2 g

4 g


Breyers Carb smart ice-cream and bars do have their benefits if the quantity consumed is reduced as explained above, and it does reduce the cravings. It is also better to avoid flavors with high Sugar alcohol if your system cannot adjust to even low quantities.


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