Bretman Rock’s Ab Workout

Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga popularly known as Bretman Rock is a famous beauty influencer and social media personality. He has over 8.8 million subscribers on YouTube. The views on each of his videos easily cross the 1 million mark. Well, that tells us a lot about his crazy fan following.

But there is something else as well that makes Bretman Rock’s fans go gaga over him. And that is his lean and athletic physique. His well-sculpted washboard abdominals further adds to his glamour quotient.

If you too want to develop abdominals like Bretman, you are at the right place. Let’s have a detailed overview of Bretman Rock’s ab workout routine.

Bretman Rock’s Ab Workout

Bretman's absolutely not workout
Bretman Rock in an Instagram photo (Bretman Rock / Instagram)

Well-developed abdominals are undoubtedly one of the most noticeable muscle groups in the body. And when it comes to training them, you need to ensure to train them with a variety of movements.

Bretman’s ab workout is structured in a manner that enables one to give the abdominals a decent workout. It includes exercises that target the upper abdominals, lower abdominals as well as obliques and intercostals.

Bretman has named his ab workout routine abs-olutely not workout. Apart from working on developing and shaping up your abdominals, it also includes exercises that can enhance your core strength. And you might be knowing that enhanced core strength will surely aid in improving your overall athletic capabilities.

Bretman Rock’s workout routine for his abs is low-impact in nature. It requires no equipment at all. Hence, you can try out his ab workout routine even in the comfort of your home. All you need is some space and a strong desire to train your abdominals.

By now you must have been eager to know about Bretman’s absolutely not workout. Isn’t it? Even though it will take you around only 8 minutes to perform, those 8 minutes would be quite challenging for your abs.

So let’s have a look at all the exercises that Bretman performs to keep his abs in tip-top condition:-

Bretman Rock Ab Workout

  • Crunch- 20 reps
  • V-sit crunch- 40 reps
  • Elbow plank- 60 seconds
  • 30 seconds rest
  • Plank with side-to-side hip dips- 20 reps
  • Mountain climbers- 40 reps
  • Scissor kicks- 60 reps
  • 30 seconds rest
  • Reverse crunch- 20 reps
  • Toe-touch crunch- 40 reps
  • Hollow hold- 60 seconds (your feet must be 6 inches above the ground)

All these exercises are to be performed for just one set. However, you need to ensure that you are contracting and relaxing your abdominals completely in each of the reps. If you are just concerned with hitting the numbers you won’t be getting the most out of Bretman’s ab workout.

The above-mentioned ab workout might look simple but don’t mistake it for being easy. If you perform it the way it is mentioned, it will not only torch your abdominal fat but will also give you a tight and ripped midsection.

Once you get familiar with Bretman Rock’s abs-olutely not workout, you can perform it with a resistance band to make the exercises more challenging.

To keep his body fat percentage low, Bretman also incorporates plenty of cardiovascular exercises into his workout routine. Exercises like jumping ropes, burpees, and double unders have a prominent position in Bretman’s cardio workout routine.

Bretman Rock’s workout routine is not just confined to training the abdominals. He even trains his other muscle groups adequately. And that is the reason he looks so fit all the time.

Bretman primarily relies on bodyweight exercises to keep himself in shape. Apart from relying on planks, crunches, and v-holds to train his abs, he also likes to perform some push-ups to train his chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Bretman’s pushup workout is also quite intense. Nevertheless, it can give your upper body a great workout. Especially, if you are someone who travels a lot and doesn’t have sufficient time to hit the gym.

Bretman Rock’s pushup workout includes regular pushups, diamond pushups, spider push-ups, and 3-seconds hold pushups. He performs all of them in 4 sets of 10 reps each.

All those forms of push-ups positively contribute to developing his chest, shoulders, and triceps. They also give his core muscles an optimal workout.

Talking about rest periods in between his working sets, Bretman likes to keep them to a bare minimum. This in turn makes his workout more challenging and effective.

One important thing about which Bretman has always been pretty careful is his warm-up routine.

Before getting started with his workouts, he makes sure to warm up his joints well. This prepares his body to take up the stress of his workouts and it also keeps his muscles and joints away from any kind of probable injuries.

In his warm-up, Bretman performs shoulder stretches, back stretches, hip stretches, etc.

The best thing about Bretman Rock’s abs workout is that it is easy to modify and quick to perform. Neither does it require a well-equipped gymnasium nor does it require the assistance of a trainer. So even if you are just starting out with your fitness journey, you can rely on Bretman Rock’s abs workout.

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Final Words

So that was all about Bretman’s ab workout. We expect that you would love to try it. Certainly, it will give your body a quick and decent workout.

However, if you are an absolute beginner, we would recommend you to not overtrain your body with the intent to complete the number of reps. Start slow and work your way up. This approach will surely make your fitness journey a rewarding one. So go and give it a shot.