Bradley Martyn’s Diet Plan and Supplements

Do you know how it feels to be a millionaire at the age of 31? To be having multiple profiles like a famous you tuber, a renowned bodybuilder, an entrepreneur, and a successful influencer, require hard work and serious efforts. I am talking about Bradley Martyn.

This young gun was born on 22 May 1989 in San Francisco, California, USA. Weighing 233 pounds and standing 6’3”  tall, this stud is a popular figure in the industry.

His childhood was difficult as he didn’t have a fatherly figure around him because he lost his father at the early age of 6. He delivers the highest regard for his mother as he was raised single-handedly by her. Bradley considers his friend Brandon Gerbes as a source of inspiration for him.

Reaching the age of 15, he was into bodybuilding with full zeal. During his competitions, he fasted for 16 hours (intermittently). Bradley Martyn’s diet plan mainly consists of protein for building lean muscles. His meal plan includes salmon, Greek yogurt, quinoa, and bell peppers. He keeps carbs in a decent proportion in his diet as well. Bradley Martyn’s meal plan is as follows.

Bradley Martyn Diet Plan

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Bradley Martyn’s Meal Plan

Bradley Martyn’s Diet Plan

Meal 1 (Breakfast)

Salmon, Eggs, and Whole Wheat Toast

Meal 2 (Lunch)

Bison Burger and Flat Steak

Meal 3 (Dinner)

Fish, Quinoa, and Green Salad

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Bradley likes to englut different kinds of protein sources every other week. He loves to eat meat and veggies same time. On the same hand, he is a follower of a clean and smart bodybuilding diet. Because of his clean diet, he doesn’t shy away from cheat meals.

As we know he is a successful entrepreneur, he don’t have enough time to cook, so frequently he orders meals from meal delivery service named Trifecta. Bradley entails few carbs and more protein and fats in his diet chart.

Bradley Martyn’s Top 5 Foods for Muscle Gain

  • Salmon
  • Quinoa
  • Bell Pepper
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Almond Butter

This motivator focuses on eating salmon, beef, bison, chicken, veggies, eggs, and drinking enough water in his nutrition plan. He keeps junk and fried food, hydrogenated oils, GMO foods, refined sugar, and chemicals away from his diet. He states one should consider healthy fats in his diet plan. Although fat carries a bad reputation but if one can search and finalize good kinds, it helps in making you feel full.

Bradley is co-founder of Zoo Culture Gym and Alphacre8tivedesigns. So much he has achieved and that too at a young age makes him a true winner. He launched his YouTube channel ‘Bradley Martyn’ in August 2014 which is a big hit on the internet.

Bradley Martyn’s Supplements

Bradley keeps his list of supplements checked all the time. He incorporates organic supplements as well in his gym bag. Bradley Martyn’s supplements cover all of his extra-nutritional needs.

  • Whey Protein – Martyn prefers starting his day with a whey protein shake from his own supplement chain Origin. Protein makes you feel full and helps to build muscle.
  • Pre Workout – It contains citrine Malta, agmatine sulfate, and I- norvaline to enhance focus, energy blood flow and relax muscles.
  • Creatine – Creatine boosts strength and performance.
  • Mass Gainer – Martyn states for gaining serious mass one should involve this in his regime.
  • Amino – He calls these amino acids as the Holy Grail of bodybuilding. It supports getting leaner, building muscles fast, and reducing recovery time.
  • Intra Workout – This formula helps to push performance at the gym.
  • Organic Greens – This is one of the supplements that make his list stand apart from others. As most of us don’t like veggies, this is the most suitable alternative for that.
  • Krill Oil – It contains Omega-3 that’s essential for your brain vigor, joint functioning and, overall health.
  • Turmeric – Martyn intakes turmeric to battle burning sensations due to an intense workout.

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Bradley turned his passion into a successful career. Today, this popular social star is encouraging his fans to chase their dreams. His never-say-die-attitude placed him on the peak of fame and fortune, and the best part is, he is capable enough to retain those heights. From his saying “Inspiring others is the greatest satisfaction in life because when you are 6 feet deep, no one is going to remember what you had. They are only going to remember how you made them feel. This is how you become legendary”, we can figure out what an ideal he is for his fans.