Brad Pitt’s Workout Routine

While you all were watching the Oscars 2020, on your television sets, and probably sipping on your hot chocolate, Brad Pitt was over cloud nine after receiving the Oscar for the Best supporting role for his movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Undoubtedly, he had stunned everyone with his performance.

Brad Pitt has been in Hollywood for over thirty years now, and an oscar was something that he deserved for his phenomenal acting throughout his career.

One of the remarkable performances of Brad Pitt was as Tyler Durden in the movie Fight Club. Whether it was the plot, screenplay, or the famous fighting, one can undeniably never forget Pitt’s chiseled body with those defined abs.

The actor has got the looks that would make anyone fall in love with him. He is undoubtedly the heartthrob of many women throughout the world.

Brad Pitt’s strong jawline and bold blue eyes make him one of the sexiest actors in history. So if you also want to have a female fan following and make women fall for you, then this article is for you, or in general, just want to get that shredded body then also this is for you.

This article presents to you the exact workout routine that he followed to get his shredded body in the movie.

Brad Pitt Workout Overview

Brad Pitt Workout
Fight Club / 20th Century Fox
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The two times Golden Globe winner followed an intense workout plan during his training to play the character of Tyler Durden. So what exactly was on his workout program, or the famous Fight Club Workout Routine?

Do not worry you have got all this information right here on your screen! Technology, man. Brad Pitt’s workout plan is made up of an equal balance of cardio, weight training, and other activities that helped him get that toned and shredded body. He exercised pretty much every day.

Here is a brief overview of his training program:

  • Cardio
  • Weight Training
  • Bodybuilding

Cardio helped him to keep his body fat percentage under control and helped him look shredded and not bulky and massive.

Weight training helped in building muscles that led to better strength. Bodybuilding helped him to control and develop his muscles and made sure that his physical appearance is enhanced.

The whole goal of Brad Pitt’s training was to achieve a shredded body and not to bulk up, so the main focus was on an intense amount of cardio that enabled him to burn a lot of body fat.

Brad Pitt Workout Schedule

Brad Pitt's Workout
Troy / Warner Bros. Pictures

Brad Pitt’s workout routine has been one of the most famous articles to be published on the internet. Still Brad Pitt’s Fight Club workout routine is one of the most sought after. Given below is a guide to Pitt’s workout split that he followed every week:

  • Monday– chest day
  • Tuesdays– back
  • Wednesdays– shoulders
  • Thursday– arms
  • Friday – cardio
  • Saturday– cardio
  • Sunday– rest

The actor focused on different muscle groups for different days of the week. The actor made sure that he would put in extreme amounts of hard work and dedication in his training every day. He did a lot of cardio along with intense weight training to get his desired results.

Brad Pitt Workout Routine

The actor makes sure that he follows a disciplined workout program and exercises every day. The workout is predominantly made up of cardio that sets the heart rate high and bodybuilding that enhances the physical appearance.

The workout is designed in such a way that it enhances the metabolism and fat-burning rate of the body, rendering him a toned physique.

Brad Pitt has left a deep impression on all the film critics with his Fight Club movie body transformation.

Wondering what did he do in the workout routines that he followed during those days? Given below is a table that has all the exercises that he did in a given week:

Brad Pitt Workout Plan

Brad Pitt Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday- chest


3 x 25

Bench press

3 x 25,15 & 8

Nautilus press

3 x 15

Incline press

3 x 15

Pec deck

3 x 15

Tuesday – Back



Seated rows

3 x 15

Lat pull-downs

3 x 15

T bar rows

3 x 15

Wednesday – Shoulders

Arnold press

3 x 15


3 x 15

Front raises

3 x 15

Thursday – Biceps, And Triceps

Preacher curls

3 x 15

EZ curls cable

3 x 15

Hammer curls

3 x 15


3 x 15

Friday – 1 Hour Intense Cardio

Saturday- 1 Hour Intense Cardio

Sunday – Rest

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This is the exact exercise routine that he followed in the days of Fight Club. Brad Pitt worked hard for his role but he also made sure that he does not overdo anything.

So if you are also looking forward to getting a shredded body and increasing your body strength follow this.

Final Words

All read and not implemented won’t have any kind of benefits for you. If you have reached here then make sure that you give this workout program at least one try.

We cannot guarantee the looks of Pitt to you because they are just out of this world, but one thing we can surely say is that you can have a body just like him. The only requirement is that you stay committed to your goals and do not get away from your path.

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So even if you do not have access to any of the celebrity trainers, then you need not worry because we have covered every minute detail of Brad Pitt’s workout in this.