Boxer’s Body: How to get it? (Do THIS First…!)

When you think of boxers, the first and foremost thing that will come to your mind is bulging lean biceps. The more bulging the biceps of a boxer is, the more lashing will be the blow of the boxer on the opponent.

Although biceps are an important component of a boxer’s body, there are some other components as well that contribute to the fitness factor of boxers.

Boxers have extremely strong physiques. Their back and shoulders are also extremely muscular. There are a number of reasons why people crave a boxer’s body.

A boxer’s body has everything in the correct proportion: strength, good looks, and endurance.

Boxers make their whole bodies undergo rigorous training so that they can improve their endurance and strengthen their glutes, core, legs, and upper body muscles.

Make sure that your training session includes all the activities like performing squats, jumping rope, pull-ups, running, overhead presses, and so on.

Exercises like knees-to-elbows, and planks, are also excellent for strengthening the core.

This article will help you transition from not being in shape to becoming chiseled in little or no time! Stick through till the end of this article to know more about how to get a boxer’s body.

What is the ideal boxer’s body?

What is the ideal boxer's body
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To develop a clear understanding of the different hallmarks of a boxer’s physique, you will have to pay attention to detail. Not every aspect of a boxer’s body, which is considered his trait, is tangible. In order to develop a thorough understanding of the hallmarks, it is important to ensure a deeper assessment.

Some of the traits in an ideal boxer’s body are as discussed below.

Speed of the arms

Although arms are the first thing that you notice in a boxer, that is not it. It is not the arms that are responsible for the generation of power. The main task of your arms is to establish a connection of power between the boxer and his opponent. Hence, it can be said that the only task of the arms is to reach out to the opponent.

Since the arms of a boxer are only used for connecting the punches, and they have nothing to do with generating power, it is more important to develop fast arms than develop powerful arms. Having fast arms helps to get things done in a snap with supersonic speed.

When you have the speed, you can easily sneak punches past the defense of the opponent. The snap aids in the quick recovery of the arm and serves as a defense mechanism. It is the triceps that deliver the speed for straight punches. The biceps, on the other hand, are responsible for the speed and snap of your hooks and uppercuts.

Make sure you do not buff your muscles up, as it will only restrict the movement and cause you to become slow. The leaner your arms are, the more efficient they will be.

Big shoulders

For good boxing endurance, you need to have good shoulders. Shoulders help in generating power. Nevertheless, the most important task they perform is providing endurance. When you see a boxer wearing out, you need to understand that it might be because his shoulders have gotten tired.

If you are willing to be able to be more efficient in throwing the punches and holding your hands up for a longer duration, you need to work on your shoulders.

Strong legs

When one talks about leg strength, it usually refers to the calf muscles and the quads. Anyone who is willing to increase power in the body should begin with strengthening the legs. All the power comes from the lower portion of your body. This is because the legs are connected to the ground. This way, you will be able to push your body off the ground and generate power throughout the body.

The legs also comprise the largest muscle group in the body. It is due to these reasons that boxers work on strengthening their legs. You must have seen that boxing punches are thrown with the rotating and pivoting movement of the legs.

Immense core strength

No matter which sport you are involved in, the strength of the core is extremely important. The muscles in your abdomen are a powerful muscle set which is accountable for the strength of your whole body and holds it together.

The limbs individually generate some amount of power, but it is the abs that combine the forces together. To speak of it, we can say that the abs help to combine the force that is generated by the limbs into a powerful punch.

Therefore, it is quite evident why boxers work on improving their strength and body mass. Building the body mass makes it easy for you to breathe and helps you take frontal body shots with great ease.

Insane stamina

Boxing is a very dangerous game. A boxer does not only have to rapidly throw punches, but they also have to dodge their opponents’ fists. As a result, they are always in a constant state of motion, avoiding the punches and then striking back at a lightning-fast speed.

Unless you are equipped with immense stamina, you will not be able to perform well while you are in the boxing ring. The pace of the game can take a toll on your body. Hence, it is ideally suggested to work on increasing your stamina.

High cardiovascular endurance

Boxing is a sport which involves the use of many muscles at a time. This use of multiple muscles at a time along with rapid movements helps in increasing the cardio endurance of an individual. Therefore, it is evident that boxers have great cardiovascular health.

When you manage to get cardiovascular endurance up, it does not only help you to lose weight, but it also strengthens the heart, brings blood pressure under control, and eliminates the risk of ailments like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. 

Ideal boxer’s physique stats

Ideal boxer's physique stats
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Getting into a boxer’s shape may be difficult, but it is not impossible. If you are unsure about the kind of physique that you need to achieve, here are a few measurements that might help you kickstart your training.





Floyd Mayweather

68 kg

1.73 m


Canelo Alvarez

76 kg

1.73 m


Claressa Shields

75 kg

1.73 m


Katie Taylor

61 kg

1.65 m


The list shows you the height, weight, and BMI of some of the popular basketball players that the world has witnessed. Hope this helps you set benchmarks!

How to get a boxer’s body?

How to get a boxer's body
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It might take some time to build up the muscle mass that boxers possess. Nevertheless, with some perseverance and patience, you will be able to see the benefits in little or no time.

Listed below are some of the guidelines that you should follow in order to get a body like a boxer. Read on to find out what you need to do to get the ideal boxer’s body.

You need to slim down

If you are desirous to get a boxer’s physique, you need to make sure that you are lean. If you train properly, you will also be able to burn a lot of unnecessary fat from your body.

While you train to lose weight, you need to keep in mind that you cannot train your body to get in shape while your eating habits are poor. The first step towards getting lean is to eliminate all the unhealthy food from your diet.

You need to limit the consumption of sugary treats and processed food items. You also need to limit the amount of alcohol you are consuming. Instead, switch to a diet that consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy.

Also, try to avoid the consumption of liquid calories and empty carbs which won’t benefit your body.

Make sure that your diet has adequate quantities of protein. Protein will help you feel fuller for longer, and also work on the repairing of the worn and torn-out muscles. Chicken, eggs, and steak are excellent sources of protein. Add them plenty in your diet.

Work on your arms

If you are aiming to improve the muscles in your arms, the best way you can do it is by involving the muscles of your arms in weight training.

This can be done by barbell movements or with the help of dumbbells. Initially begin by using light weights, but keep increasing the level of challenge, so that your muscles keep on facing more and more resistance each time.

If you wish to add variety to your training, you can make your exercise routine interesting by adding a variety of exercises. Some of the exercises which can help you improve the strength in your upper body and arms are:

  • Overhead presses
  • Bench presses
  • Rows
  • Curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Lateral raises

Once you have managed to achieve your desired body shape, you can start training for muscle endurance.

Improve your core strength

If you are willing to develop a strong core, it is essential to work on the strength of your abs. If you are willing to develop the muscles around your body’s midsection, you have to perform exercises like cable rotations, situps, etc.

Some other exercises that can deliver the same results are crunches, bicycle crunches, leg raises, Russian twists, etc. Not only this, but performing push ups will also help you immensely by strengthening your core.

Another exercise that is highly effective in improving the core strength of an individual is planks. There are different types of planks such as regular planks, reach planks, side planks, and so on. If you are an absolute beginner, try holding the position for around thirty seconds, and slowly increase the time as you start building up stamina.

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Strengthening the legs

If you are willing to develop a physique like a boxer, targetting your leg muscles is a must. Boxers derive a lot of power from their legs. If you are willing to develop strength in your legs, performing suqats and trying out some of its variations can prove to be beneficial.

Try doing squats such as prisoner squats, back squats, single-leg squats, goblet squats, and look for other variations that will increase the challenge level!

If you are not very fond of squats, you can also involve other exercises, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Step ups
  • Glute bridges
  • Lunges
  • Running

All these exercises will help to increase the strength in your legs, and help you perform better while boxing.

Improve your cardiovascular health

Boxing is a kind of cardio exercise. However, boxers also indulge in HIIT exercises. They perform activities like jumping rope and running as their HIIT exercises.

Experts say that anyone who is willing to have a boxer body should make it a point to incorporate this style of exercise in his workout schedule as it will help to improve your cardiovascular health.

It is ideally advisable to perform cardio for at least half an hour each day. This will help you to improve the cardiovascular system and improve endurance.

Performing pilates to recover quickly

No matter which activity you are involved in, it is essential to allow rest for a couple of days. However, being at rest does not mean completely abstaining from indulging in any activity. It simply means that you need to take up some low-impact exercises like pilates.

Pilates is a great way in which you can let your body recover and heal naturally. Pilates stretches the muscles and provides relief from the pain. Pilates, despite being so low-impact, helps to improve endurance and strength. The benefits are numerous!

How long does it take to get a boxer’s body?

If you train very intensely, you are going to start seeing the results in 2-3 months.

Be patient and work your way up from the ground level, you will get to see good progress in no time.

The amount of time you are going to need to achieve a body like a boxer depends on how intense your training is and how disciplined you are on the workout regime and diet.

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Wrapping up

However, it is very important to understand that not all tricks will work equally fine for everyone.

Achieving a kind of body depends on a number of factors other than following these given steps. Therefore, it is entirely at your discretion to decide which trick works for you, and kickstart your journey.