Bowflex Treadmill 10 Review (2023)

Not everyone has the time, or desire to hit the gym regularly. So, working out from home is a great way to burn some serious amount of Calories amidst busy lifestyles.

And speaking of working out from home, treadmills have always been a choice among fitness lovers. Through this article, we will introduce to you one such remarkable treadmill that has the potential to be your fitness partner for years and decades to come; The Bowflex T10. 

The Bowflex treadmill 10 is a top-notch piece of equipment that has been fulfilling the fitness goals of thousands of individuals across the United States and several other countries.

This article is a detailed, honest review of the Bowflex T10 treadmill, focusing on its pros and cons alike. So, read along, and decide by yourself whether or not this popular treadmill from Bowflex is what you have been looking for. 

Bowflex Treadmill 10 Review

Bowflex Treadmill 10 Review 

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The very first thing you might notice in the Bowflex T10 is its size. It is basically a monstrous piece of equipment with a footprint of 85” L x 39.6” W x 65.3” H while using. 

But Bowflex understands the possible issues of a larger footprint and therefore, has given the facility to fold the machine after the workout. That is, you can fold the deck upright, move the machine using the wheel, and store it in a smaller space. 

Similar to the more-than-normal footprint, the Bowflex treadmill 10 is also comparatively heavier. It has a total weight of 323 pounds, which may make assembling not that easy. 

But the reason why the Bowflex T10 treadmill is so heavy is the heavy-duty making. It is a sturdy, rigid piece of equipment that gives you greater comfort and a sense of safety. Additionally, the T10 can also withstand a weight of up to 400 pounds, which is quite impressive.

Another cool feature with the Bowflex T10 is the larger running surface that’s 60 inches long and 22 inches wide. Most other residential treadmills have a running surface of length 52”-58”, making it difficult for taller individuals to use them.

But in the case of this Bowflex treadmill, persons of all height and weight ranges can have a comfortable workout experience.

Speaking of the other aspects of user comfort, Bowflex has put great care into enhancing it. Most importantly, you can adjust your running speed and inclination with just a tap on the switch given in the handlebar. So, you won’t have to get out of the machine for these purposes. 

Also, you can run up to a speed of 12 mph, and adjust your inclination between -5% and 15%. That is, you can enjoy both uphill (up to 15% inclination) and downhill (up to 5% declination) running experiences. 

And to add to your running comfort, the Bowflex treadmill 10 also comes with thick deck cushioning. 

Coming to the console, the Bowflex treadmill 10 has a 10″ display that not only act as a performance monitor, but can also offer you amazing workout experiences.

Through an additional JRNY subscription, you can make use of virtual personalized coaching, run through 50+ virtual locations from across the globe, stream favorite online shows, and do many more things. 

So, how does the Bowflex treadmill 10 connect with external applications? Well, the machine has great connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB port. 

You can also monitor your heart rate and chase your target heart rate goals. You can track your heart rate either by placing your arms on the handlebar, or through the Bluetooth armband. 

Overall, the Bowflex T10 treadmill is a promising cardio machine that you can trust. 

Features & Specs

Before proceeding to the detailed review from various aspects, here is a quick table of Bowflex treadmill 10 features and specs. Go through them! 

Features & Specs



Frame Color


Dimensions (unfolded)

85” L x 39.6” W x 65.3” H

Folded Footprint

44.5”L x 39.6”W x 70”H

Weight Capacity


Product Weight


Minimum Ceiling Height required

User Height +21 inches

Running Path Area

22” x 60”

Maximum Running Speed


Maximum Inclination


Maximum Declination


Foldable Deck


Deck Folding Mechanism

Soft Drop Folding System

Moving wheels


Heart Rate Monitor


Bluetooth HR Armband


Performance Monitor


Display Type

HD display screen

Screen Size


Built In Apps

JRNY, Zwift


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, (also compactable with iOS, android)

USB Port


Media Rack


Water Bottle Holder



Frame and Motor: 15 Year

Mechanical parts: 5 Years

Labor: 2 Years

Electronics: 1 Year

You can control the speed and inclination without stepping out of the machine. To do so, simply press on the assigned buttons, the machine will do the rest. 



Build Quality

Bowflex Treadmill 10

More than on anything else, Bowflex focuses on the build quality of its products, and it’s no different in case of the T10 treadmill. 

Speaking of the build quality, what makes the Bowflex treadmill 10 top-notch is the heavy duty build. The machine is basically a monstrous piece of equipment, weighing a massive 323 pounds.

As a result, it can withstand a weight of up to 400 pounds. 


Bowflex T10 Treadmill review

The makers of the T10 treadmill applied the recent technology while designing and making the machine. Given below is how different parts of the Bowflex T10 treadmill fares in terms of technology:

Soft drop Design

Bowflex treadmill 10 is a large machine with a footprint that can possibly occupy a large area. But with the Soft Drop Technology, you can reduce the footprint to a greater extent. 

So, here is how the design work- after your usage, you can fold the base upright. And when you are about to use the machine, simply press the assigned button; the deck will descend automatically to the ground. 

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Bowflex T10

The Bowflex T10 comes with a 10 inches large display that can not only display your workout progress, but can offer a lot more facilities. 

Through a JRNY subscription, you can:

  • Keep constant track of your progress
  • Run virtually through 50+ scenic locations from around the world. 
  • Make use of personalized virtual coaches that will guide you based on your progress
  • Stream entertainment platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc. 

The console also supports the zwift app, and you can also couple it with other external applications. 


Bowflex has made sure that users will not find it frustrating to connect their T10 Treadmill with external devices. 

The Bowflex treadmill 10 is connectable through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Besides, the machine is compatible with android and iOS devices. Also, there is a USB port for various purposes. 

Automated Speed and Inclination Adjustability

While using the Bowflex treadmill 10, you can adjust your speed and inclination without stepping out of the machine. They have provided buttons on the handlebars, all you need to do is to press on the button; the machine will do the rest without disturbing your strides. 




The motor of the Bowflex T10 treadmill is strong enough to let you run at a speed of up to 12mph. So, although we can not say exactly how much HP the motor is, it’s pretty sure that the machine has a powerful motor. 

Besides being able to sprint at a speed of up to 12mph, you can always feel the smooth functioning of the machine, which can also be attributed to the power of the motor. 

Running Surface

Bowflex treadmill 10 has a running surface of 60 inches in length and 22 inches in width, which is more than that of most other residential treadmills.

Such a larger running surface makes the machine suitable for bigger persons also. Moreover, additional running surface space implies better user comfort.

In addition to a larger area, the running surface also has cushioning. This can make your strides even more comfortable. 

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Assembly and Maintenance

Assembling the Bowflex T10 treadmill is not supposed to be hard. However, it is all up to you whether or not to hire an expert to assemble the machine. 

Keep in mind that the machine weighs a massive 323 pounds. So, no doubt that assembling the Bowflex treadmill 10 all by yourself is almost impossible. Bowflex offers expert assembly in the United States and in most other countries, but it may cost you a few hundreds of bucks. 

So, if you wish to do it without opting for the expert assembly, it will be better to have a helping hand.

The Bowflex treadmill 10 comes well organized. The base assembly will be done, and all you have to do is to assemble other smaller parts. You can complete the assembly without expert help, but refer to the user manual that comes with the machine to do it right.

Now, speaking of maintenance, taking proper care of the Bowflex T10 is crucial for safety and long life. Given below is how you should perform maintenance of the machine at various intervals:

  • Daily maintenance: examine for loose, broken, or worn parts. In case you notice any, repair the damage as soon as possible. And after each use, wipe the machine to get rid of sweat.
  • Weekly maintenance: make sure that the front and rear rollers function smoothly. Also, do a master cleaning of the machine’s surface to get rid of dust and other impurities.
  • Monthly maintenance: tighten all screws and nuts.
  • Quarterly maintenance: lubricate the running belt, use only pure silicone lubricant. 

Exact methods of maintenance are given in the user manual, refer to it for exact guidelines. 


Bowflex T10 treadmill

Bowflex treadmill 10 is simple in looks, with a sleek black surface. The frame, belt, and most key parts are black, with red and gray colors for some parts. 

Overall, they have decided to keep the machine simple. And we think that was a good decision, the machine is good aesthetically also.

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Although not the most expensive treadmill around, the Bowflex T10 is neither cheap. Currently, the machine is priced at $1599, and the initial marked pricing is $1999. 

By paying $1599, you will also get a one year JRNY subscription worth $149. After one year, you will have to pay for the membership. 

In addition to the machine price, there will be a shipping price which is mostly $99 for standard deliveries.


Different parts of the Bowflex treadmill 10 have different warranties, that is: 

  • 15 years for the frame and motor
  • 5 years for mechanic parts
  • 2 year warranty for labor
  • 1 year warranty for electronic parts

But make sure that damages are not caused by negligence or poor maintenance of the machine. 

Pros & Cons

Given below are the major pros and cons of the Bowflex treadmill 10. 


  • Heavy-duty built
  • 400 pounds weight capacity
  • 22” x 60” running surface
  • Powerful motor
  • Sophisticated console
  • Greater connectivity
  • Soft Drop Stowable design to fold


  • Console is comparatively smaller (10”)
  • Larger footprint
  • JRNY membership needed for extra features

Is Bowflex T10 Treadmill Worth The Buy? 

Bowflex treadmill 10 is a mid-ranged treadmill with some cool features. Moreover, a treadmill, or any fitness equipment, is a long term investment.

Bowflex is known for its quality products that last longer than that of most other brands around. So, we believe the T10 treadmill is definitely worth buying.




There are several reasons to buy the Bowflex treadmill 10. The heavy duty frame ensures safety, comfort, and long lifespan of the machine. Bowflex applied the latest technology to design and manufacture this machine for greater comfort and durability. 

Besides the sturdy built and advanced features, it has an impressively large running surface that is 22 inches in width and most importantly, 60 inches in length. So, it comes as a great relief for taller individuals. 

But that won’t affect the workout experience of shorter individuals. Persons of different heights and fitness goals can achieve their goals using the Bowflex T10 treadmill.