Bill Goldberg Workout Routine

William Scott Goldberg, aka Goldberg, has always been a prominent figure in the world of wrestling. He also acquired a position in the WWE Hall of Fame in the year 2018. He is known for his monstrous physique that exudes great power and athleticism. Many of his wrestling matches with WWE superstars are still watched on a loop by many of his fans around the globe.

Even at 54 years of age, Bill Goldberg sports a physique that can dominate his opponents in the ring. He is big, strong, and athletic. All these attributes are the result of his intense training program, which he strictly follows. This post is going to be about Bill Goldberg’s workout routine that unleashes the beast in him every time he steps into the ring.

Bill Goldberg Workout
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Bill Goldberg Workout Overview

Bill Goldberg’s workout plan works on various aspects of his physique. His workout program targets to enhance his strength, endurance, muscle mass, and overall athleticism. The impressive feats of animal-like strength that Goldberg often displays in the ring are just an outcome of his intense training program.

Bill Goldberg had started his journey with wrestling in the year 1997. His training at that time consisted of powerlifting and mixed-martial arts. The former worked on his overall strength and mass, whereas the latter improved his fighting and wrestling skills that were the requirement of his sport.

Bill Goldberg Workout Schedule

The workout plan of Bill Goldberg is more inclined towards Olympic-style weightlifting than bodybuilding. His weightlifting-oriented workout plan is targeted to enhance his strength levels along with working on his athleticism. It includes a variety of weightlifting movements like Olympic squats, high pulls, etc. These weightlifting movements work to put on dense muscle mass on his physique. They also make him stronger enough to bust his opponents down.

  • Monday: Day 1
  • Tuesday: Day 2
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Day 3
  • Friday: Day 4
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Off
Bill Goldberg Workout Schedule
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Some people might say that the brutally muscular physique of Bill Goldberg is just a result of performance-enhancing drugs and steroids. But this is certainly not the case. His intense training program, which he still religiously follows, is the reason behind his strong and athletic physique.

Bill Goldberg Workout Routine

The workout routine of Bill Goldberg is like that of a wrestler. It focuses on enhancing strength, agility, power, and overall athleticism. His workout routine is unique in the sense that it combines the training principles of bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, and strength training. Apart from these, Bill Goldberg also has to dedicate sufficient time to work on his wrestling skills. He also includes some cardio in his workout routine to work on his overall conditioning.

So, by now, if you have made up your mind to follow Bill Goldberg’s workout routine, we would recommend you to make some tweaks and modifications to it so that it suits your requirements. Most of the people who are willing to try out his workout routine are not professional wrestlers. Hence, they would not be required to perform the ‘wrestling training part’ of his workout routine. Instead, you can substitute it with some form of cardio. We would recommend you to find an option of cardio that is too challenging.

Bill Goldberg’s workout program lasts for four days. If you follow his workout program, you must perform your cardio workouts on the off days.

The following table will elucidate Bill Goldberg’s workout routine. He prefers to use this workout routine to build muscle mass, strength, and power. Let’s get through it.

Bill Goldberg Workout Routine

Bill Goldberg Workout Plan



Day 1

Heavy Cleans

Light Snatches

Olympic Squats

Weighted Back Extensions

Neck Braces

Day 2

Heavy Snatches

Light Cleans

Close-Grip Incline Barbell Press

Weighted Dips

Neck Braces

Day 3

Behind The Neck Push Presses

T-Bar Rows

Weighted Close-Grip Pull-Ups

Standing Sit-Ups

Day 4

High Pulls

Military Press

Dumbbell Clean and Press

Decline Dumbbell Press

Standing Sit-Ups

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You must have noticed that most of the exercises in Bill Goldberg’s workout routine are power movements. You must make sure that while executing them, you are maintaining a strict and proper form. While performing power movements like the clean and press, snatch, power cleans, etc., your body works as a single unit. This way, it generates a greater amount of power that gets the weight lifted. Performing them with a strict form and technique avails you the benefits of performing those movements.

Here are some other important points that Bill Goldberg follows:-

  • Bill Goldberg has never trained for more than one hour in a training session.
  • To keep himself hydrated, he drinks up to 15 bottles of water every day.
  • To promote active recovery and recuperation from his intense exercise routine, Bill Goldberg includes sleep and naps in his daily routine.

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Final Words

The overall physical appeal of Bill Goldberg is enough to motivate anyone to hit the gym right away. But you must keep in mind that Bill Goldberg has dedicated numerous years to his training. Blindly copying his training program would not serve you the way you expect it to. Hence, you must make certain modifications to it based on your fitness levels and training experience.