Is Biking 10 Miles A Day Enough For Weight Loss?

A cycle is one of the best equipment that can spur weight loss. Cycling is an easy and fun way to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle.

As you pedal your bicycle, you burn calories. However, you do not always have to indulge in intense biking to burn calories. Instead, you can go for a long, slow-paced ride. This will propel fat loss and build your endurance so that you can opt for 10 miles or longer rides in one go in the near future.

When you grow fond of biking, working out will no longer feel like a chore that you have to make time for. Coupled with a healthy diet plan, cross-training, and adequate rest, biking 10 miles a day can help you flaunt a lean and chiseled body!

Biking 10 Miles A Day

Will I Lose Weight Biking 10 Miles A Day?

As an exercise that can pump up your heart rate while putting less strain on your joints, ankles, and knees, biking is a popular choice among people who are willing to indulge in cardio exercises.

If you are aiming to lose weight, biking can prove to be highly beneficial. When you pedal, you burn calories. Are you unsure about how much distance you should travel and with what intensity to fetch the most desirable results?

To set a standard, biking 10 miles a day will suffice to help you attain your goal of sporting a lean, fat-free body. If you can push yourself further, nothing like it!

The key to losing weight by cycling is that the faster you cycle, the more are the calories burned. Similarly, if the idea of a 10 mile bike ride on the very first day seems difficult, start by cycling small distances and gradually build the stamina to go further.

If you remain consistent and do not back out midway, you will soon witness positive changes in your body.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Biking 10 Miles?

If you try to determine how many calories you can burn by biking 10 miles, there is no fixed figure to settle for. Instead, it depends on various factors like an individual’s body weight, his style and intensity of biking, and the duration he takes to cover a mile.

While determining the number of calories you can burn while biking 10 miles, biking speed and the rider’s body weight are the two most important factors that come into play. 

For instance, if a person weighing 170 lbs cycles at a speed of 10 miles per hour, he will be able to burn 510 calories in an hour. On the contrary, if another person weighing 198 lbs rides at the same speed, he will burn 594 calories in an hour.

If you alter the speed at which you are riding, the estimated calories you can burn by biking 10 miles also changes. If two people weighing 170 lbs and 198 lbs bike at a sedate pace and cover 5.5 miles in an hour, they will take around 1.8 hours to cover 10 miles on a bike and shed approximately 490 calories and 570 calories, respectively.

If you remain consistent with your workout regime, you will soon get a lean, flaunt-worthy physique. On an average, a 10-mile bike ride at a decent speed can help you eliminate 500-600 calories.

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Is Biking 10 Miles A Day Good?

Be it a stationary exercise bike or an outdoor bike; biking 10 miles will fetch you numerous health benefits. If you are looking forward to getting rid of the stubborn fat in your body, you can resort to daily cycling as a safe and convenient mode of exercise that will have rewarding effects on your body.

Although cycling is a less strenuous cardio exercise, biking 10 miles is not an easy feat. It puts your lower body and leg muscles to work and strengthens them.

Biking enhances your cardiovascular well-being. It improves your heart rate and facilitates easy oxygenation of blood. This, in turn, improves your immunity. Biking also enhances alertness and mindfulness and helps you have better sleep.

However, the benefits of biking are not only confined to physical and mental wellness. In a technology-dominated world, people resort to GPS and Google Maps to locate places. As a result, they are less likely to memorize routes. Contrary to this, biking improves your navigation skills.

What Will Biking 10 Miles A Day Do?

The buildup of unwanted fat around your waist and thighs is common. Thankfully, biking 10 miles a day can help you get rid of the extra fat in your body. Although cycling 10 miles a day might feel intimidating at first, it will start getting easier once you get the hang of it.

However, cycling does not only help to burn fat. It also promotes building new muscles, especially around the calves, glutes, quads, and hamstrings, and helps you have a toned physique.

Once you start biking, you are likely to meet more and more people. You can also join a cycling club. This will help to improve your social skills.

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Health Benefits Of Cycling 10 Miles Per Day

Alongside aiding weight loss, cycling 10 miles per day has many other positive impacts on an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Stated below are some of the health benefits of cycling 10 miles every day:

Improves your mental health

People who indulge in physical activity are more likely to have better mental health than those who lead an inactive lifestyle.

Biking, as a physical activity, is much favored because it is comparatively less strenuous and allows an individual to spend some time outdoors. Cycling spurs the secretion of serotonin, the happy hormone, in your body. This acts as a great stress reliever.

If you are socially awkward, biking 10 miles a day provides you with an opportunity to come out of your shell and interact with people.

Higher the metabolism rate, lower the fat

If you are struggling to put on lean muscles, lifting weight at the gym may not be enough. Even if you have great sculpted muscles, they may be hidden under a layer of stubborn subcutaneous fat.

Cycling 10 miles a day can boost your metabolism and help you burn fat more easily so that you can flaunt your muscles. It also trains your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads and strengthens them.

Lower risk of cancer and heart diseases

If you cycle 10 miles every day, your cardiovascular health will improve considerably. You are also not likely to become obese or have high cholesterol.

Cycling also helps to reduce the risk of acquiring severe diseases, such as cancer, to some extent.

Enjoy a pollution-free ride

People who ride bicycles are less exposed to harmful fumes and pollutants than those who opt for other vehicles for traveling.

Therefore, cycling helps to improve your lung health.

Improves sleep quality

The release of endorphins during cycling makes you feel calm and relaxed. This ameliorates the quality of sleep.

Improves awareness

When you ride through different terrains and environmental conditions, you develop the skills to handle different situations. This helps to improve the spatial awareness of a rider.

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If you have spent a fortune on gym memberships that claim to promote weight loss within a stipulated time frame but haven’t benefited much from them, you probably need to put your cycling shoes and helmet on.

Outdoor cycling is a rejuvenating experience and is a reward in itself. Once you experience the benefits of biking 10 miles a day, it will become easier for you to go cycling regularly. Happy cycling!