Big Ramy Workout Routine

If one has to make a list of top-class bodybuilders of the current generation, then the name of Mamdouh Elssbiay aka Big Ramy would undoubtedly acquire the top position. He is the reigning and defending Mr.Olympia bodybuilding champion. The muscle maturity of his physique brings nightmares to many other pro-bodybuilders. His stage presence is unparalleled. All these factors have always made him a strong contender for the Mr.Olympia title.

If you want to know about Big Ramy‘s workout routine, then this post is going to be for you. Here we will spill the beans about Big Ramy’s training routine. So fasten your seat belts as we take you through the training program of this monstrous Egyptian bodybuilder.

Big Ramy’s Workout Principles

Big Ramy's Workout
Big Ramy in an Instagram Photo (Big Ramy / Instagram)
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When Big Ramy got started with lifting weights, he used to idolize Dorian Yates. Dorian Yates’ mountainous size and dense muscle mass greatly inspired Big Ramy. At that time little did he know that very soon people who want to acquire a massively muscular physique will start getting inspired by him.

Just like Dorian Yates, Big Ramy also incorporates high-intensity training into his workout routine. He makes sure to hit each of his muscle groups from different angles to completely stimulate them. Ramy has developed his physique to an extent that it can surely be termed ‘perfect’.

When Elssbiay was prepping up for Mr.Olympia 2021 he was following a gruesome workout routine. Under the guidance of his trainer Ahmad Alaqi, he trained every single day targeting his different muscle groups. The physique with which he stepped on the Mr.Olympia stage was awe-inspiring. Talking about its size, it rivaled Mount Rushmore. At the same time, it was also having a definition that made it look aesthetically pleasing. Big Ramy’s wide back and tiny waist provided his physique with the most coveted V-taper.

Ramy had played his cards right and winning the Mr.Olympia title was something that nobody else deserved better than him.

Big Ramy’s Workout Schedule

Big Ramy's Workout Split
Big Ramy in an Instagram Photo (Big Ramy / Instagram)

Big Ramy trains in the world-renowned Oxygen gym under the mentorship of his coach Ahmad Alaqi. He trains five days a week. Owing to the high-intensity nature of his training sessions, he hits each of his muscle groups only once a week. Big Ramy’s workout split for the week looks like this:-

  • Monday- Chest
  • Tuesday- Legs
  • Wednesday- Shoulders
  • Thursday- Back
  • Friday- Arms
  • Saturday- Rest
  • Sunday- Rest

Big Ramy Workout Routine

We cannot deny the fact that the genetic composition of Big Ramy has a huge role to play in building his monstrous physique. But at the same time, he has dedicated countless hours to his intense training sessions.

Big Ramy’s workout routine is structured in a manner that targets each of his muscle groups on separate days. To recover and recuperate well from his high-intensity training sessions, Big Ramy also ensures to make provisions for rest days in his workout plan.

Big Ramy is an elite bodybuilder and he keeps on switching up his workout routine from time to time. Let’s now have a closer look at Big Ramy’s workout routine  workout routine.

Big Ramy Workout Routine

Big Ramy Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday- Chest

Incline Barbell or Machine Press

4 x 12

Incline Dumbbell Flyes

4 x 12

Flat Bench Barbell/Dumbbell Press

4 x 12

Seated Machine Press

4 x 12

Cable Crossovers

3 x 15

Tuesday- Legs

Leg Extensions

4 x 12


4 x 20

Leg Press

4 x 10

Machine Squats

5 x 15

Wednesday- Shoulders

Seated Dumbbell Press

(3-4) x (8-12)

Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise

(3-4) x (10-12)

Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise

(3-4) x (10-12)

Barbell/Dumbbell Shrugs

(3-4) x (8-12)

Thursday- Back

Machine Rows

(4-5) x 5

One-Arm Dumbbell Rows

(4-5) x 15

Seated Cable Rows

(4-5) x 15

Lat Pulldowns to the Front

(4-5) x 15

Lat Pulldowns to the Rear

(4-5) x 15

Friday- Arms

Straight Bar Pushdowns

4 x 12

One-Arm Dumbbell Extensions

4 x 12

Rope Pushdowns

4 x 15

Hammer Curls

4 x 12

Preacher Curls

4 x 12

Rope Curls

4 x 12

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

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Here are some other important techniques that Ramy incorporates in his workout routine and also suggests others to do so to get the most out of their workouts:-

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down

Every training session of Big Ramy starts with a proper warm-up and ends with a cool down. Before heading on to his exercise routine, Ramy makes sure to hit some warm-up exercises. Once he has completed his exercise routine for the day, he stretches and relaxes his muscles thoroughly. He also advises other people to follow the same protocol as it avoids probable chances of injury.

Basics are the BEST

Big Ramy is a huge proponent of performing the basic lifts, quite literally. He claims that performing the basic exercises and getting stronger on them is a sure shot way to grow big muscles. Even after being an elite-level bodybuilder, Ramy still includes those movements in his workout routine.

Hit those quads in the 10-25 rep range

If you are struggling to put inches on your quads, Big Ramy’s advice can surely help you. He suggests that quad muscles respond the best when being hit in the 10-25 rep range. This may sound a bit brutal but high repetitions will surely get the quad gains that you are aspiring for.

Always perform full reps

Big Ramy always ensures to execute a full range of motion in each of the exercises. If you want to get fuller development of your muscles, you will have to perform full reps. You can use partial reps and half reps to increase the intensity of your workouts, but executing fuller reps will serve as the bread and butter for the growth and development of your muscles.

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Final Words

With his consistency and dedication, Big Ramy has made a name for himself in the world of bodybuilding. Anyone can surely get inspired by his work ethic and discipline.

Big Ramy’s workout plan is all about breaking the limits. It is not for the faint-hearted. So if you too want to earn a physique like that of Big Ramy, you must be ready to give in your 100% every single time you hit the gym. We can assure you that your results will supersede your expectations.