Planet Fitness Busy Hours: Best Time To Go To Planet Fitness…!

Who doesn’t want some peace and quiet while working out at the gym? Usually, everyone does, right? Is there anyone who perhaps likes to wait in line to use the treadmill or the elliptical trainers or for that matter any other equipment in the gym? The simple answer to that is a ‘no’.

Different people have different goals when it comes to working out at the gym but perhaps everyone can unanimously agree that waiting your turn at the gym has got to be one of the worst scenarios ever. Let alone, when you are in the rush to go somewhere.

Most gym goers tend to keep working out at the gym as the first thing on their to-do list. Most people like to get done with their daily workout before proceeding with their day and the reasons for doing so are apparent. Not only do you feel refreshed and energetic, but you also do not have to worry about when to fit in a workout in your busy schedule.

So yes, everyone would like to get done with their daily workout at the gym as soon as possible. But is it actually possible to work out at the gym during the least crowded hours? How does one even find out about which hour is considered the busiest and which is the least busy hour at their gym?

Well, even though it is practically impossible to find the crowd statistics of gyms worldwide, we will still help you find the perfect time to go to one of the most popular and readily available gym chains around the globe, Planet Fitness.

In this article, we will be filling you up on all the necessary details such as when is Planet Fitness least crowded, which is the best time to go to Planet Fitness, what are Planet Fitness’s busy hours and so forth.

Best Time To Go To Planet Fitness

Best Time To Go To Planet Fitness
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The best time for you to go to Planet Fitness has to be between 5 am to 6 am and 7 am to 8 am. These hours are still quite early in the morning so you will most likely find very few people on the premises. It’s the perfect time to get your workout done.

Also, even though this suggestion might be quite offbeat, why not try out a midday workout at Planet Fitness? Afternoons are also the time when gyms are least crowded. Most of the time we don’t hear someone saying how they usually go to the gym during the afternoon. No one even considers that time of the day for a workout.

Many office goers like to visit Planet Fitness after their work so it isn’t crowded during the early hours of the day. And obviously, there are people who wake up late. Take advantage of these cases, and go to your nearest Planet Fitness at the earliest hour of the day. The earlier you go, the less it will be crowded.

A few Planet Fitness branches like the one in Oklahoma open at an even earlier hour in the morning so if you are up for working out even earlier than 5 am, then suit yourself. No one’s stopping you.

Going to the gym early in the morning can seem tiring at first but it will get you prepared for the day without any chaos or interruption from people and would also eventually help you become a morning person.

Planet Fitness Busy Hours

Planet Fitness Busy Hours
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Like most gyms, the busiest time at Planet Fitness would be 8 am to 10 am in the morning and during the evening it would be between 4 pm to 8 pm.

It goes without saying why these hours are the most occupied and crowded at Planet Fitness. Office goers who like to work out before their work visit the gym between 8 to 10 am while those who prefer working out after their work go between 4 to 8 pm.

Evening hours are undoubtedly the most busy time at Planet Fitness. In order to avoid crowds, and wait your turn at a certain equipment, avoid going to the gym during its peak hours.

When Is Planet Fitness Least Busy?

Planet Fitness is least crowded between 5 am to 6 am & 7am to 8 am. However, whether or not a certain Planet Fitness gym is least crowded during these hours varies from one gym to another since each has its own opening time. Honestly, it differs with location. Some Planet Fitness branches are even open 24/7.

How To Check How Busy Planet Fitness Is?

How To Check How Busy Planet Fitness Is
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In most cases, you are left to your presumptions if a gym is going to be crowded or not but that’s not the case for Planet Fitness. They bring an easy solution for you to check out the crowd capacity of the particular Planet Fitness branch you are visiting on any day.

This solution is called the Crowd Meter feature which will be available to you once you download the Planet Fitness app on your phone. (Obviously, the app will provide you with a lot more features than just the crowd meter).

With the Crowd Meter feature, you can easily check the crowd capacity at your nearest Planet Fitness and schedule your workout accordingly.

The Crowd Meter feature can also be accessed via the browser. Let us tell you how.

  • Simply, go to the official website of Planet Fitness
  • On the home page, you will find an option called “Find a Club”.
  • Choose that option and then you will be directed to a search bar where you can insert the region name or pin code of the Planet Fitness branch you wish to go to.
  • After you’ve put in the details, it will show you all the branches in the region.
  • When you click on the “Club Details” of a particular branch, the crowd meter will automatically show up for that branch.

They also have a thing right below the crowd meter called the “Crowd History” which is a meter based on recent average activity. It allows you to check the peak hour and the least busy hour of the branch you are wishing to visit.

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Is The Planet Fitness Crowd Meter Accurate?

There have been quite a lot of remarks, both positive and negative, regarding the Crowd Meter feature of Planet Fitness. While it is obviously a very unique and rational feature that Planet Fitness has come up with, it certainly has its faults. The crowd meter is unfortunately inaccurate in particular cases.

For example, the crowd meter only shows the capacity and not the distribution. This means that even if you get an idea of whether or not the gym is crowded, it won’t show which equipment is available for use and which is occupied.

This means that someone who might be going to just get a good amount of run on the treadmill will get no idea if treadmills are the most occupied on a particular day. The crowd meter cannot differentiate if the 15 people at the gym are all using the treadmill or any other equipment and thus might show less crowd based on the number of people.

People have also said that the Planet Fitness crowd meter is inaccurate based on their personal experiences. It may very well be possible that the crowd meter has shown different data while the real-life picture might have been quite different.

After all, at the end of the day, it’s still an app. You’ve got to cut it some slack.

Is Planet Fitness Crowd Meter Real-Time?

Yes, the Planet Fitness crowd meter shows the crowd capacity in real time. This enables you to plan and schedule your workout accordingly.

If you wish to work out in peace amidst fewer people, then the Planet Fitness crowd meter will help you get an idea of when the gym is most occupied or busy.

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Wrapping Up

Thus, we have gone through all the useful information you might need on your next Planet Fitness visit. Test out the crowd meter feature for yourself and see if it is accurate or not.