7 Best SPD Pedals for Peloton (Review) In 2023

If you already have bought the Peloton bike for your home gym, chances are you might have already done a full research about it. And if you have done the research for the bike, you already know that you will need the right kind of shoes and pedals to enjoy riding your bike and make the most health benefits out of biking.

The original Peloton cycling pedals that come along with the bike when you purchase it are the look delta pedals, which are compatible with look delta cleats. So, to ride the Peloton bike with the efficiency you need to use the shoes compatible with look delta cleats.

Not everyone is comfortable riding with look delta shoes. If you are one of those and wish to ride your bike with SPD pedals, you can switch the Peloton pedals with Peloton compatible SPD pedals.

Changing the original pedals of your bike is a major decision, and you need to be sure about what you are choosing to replace them.

To help you sort this matter out, we have done some research and came up with these 7 best SPD Peloton bike pedals. Go through this exercise equipment and accessory guide to know about the pros, cons and features of these pedals before deciding to buy one.

Best SPD Pedals for Peloton Bike

Best SPD Pedals for Peloton

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You need to consider many things like compatibility, the material used, etc while selecting an SPD pedal for Peloton bike. All the SPD pedals listed here are replaceable with Peloton bicycle pedals. You can choose any pair depending on your personal choice.

SHIMANO PD-M530 Mountain Pedals



As these are originally made for mountain bikes the SHIMANO PD-M530 pedals are very robust and can take as much punishment as one can put on Peloton bicycle pedals.

With 9/16” compatible to Peloton bike spindle, these are a good replacement for your Peloton pedals. You can use the recess cleat SPD shoes to ride your Peloton bike if you install SPD pedals, this means you can walk around the house in cycling shoes.

These pedals ensure efficient power transfer and better control while riding. It is very easy to clip in and out of these pedals.


  • Innovative design
  • Compatible with SPD cleats
  • Wide platform
  • Mud shedding design
  • Clip in on both sides



Pair of SP 51 cleats included in the package

Can’t use it with casual shoes

Very easy to clip in and out

Little heavyweight



Easy to install


Provides better control while riding


When you are choosing the pedals keeping in mind that you want to ride the bike with your SPD shoes on, these can be one of the first choices. For a stationary exercise bike pedal, heavy weight doesn’t matter much.

SHIMANO M520 Clipless Pedals w/Cleat


These clipless pedals are made of aluminium alloy body and have cartridge type bearing to ensure smooth rotations. The two sided open design allows you to clip on any side with ease.

The clip in and out tension can be adjusted as per your comfort. The sealed cartridge bearings make the pedals maintenance free.

Even if they look small, the Shimano M520 pedals provide great stability and comfort while riding. You can replace Peloton pedals with these for riding efficiently with SPD shoes.


  • Open design pedals
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Compact aluminium alloy body
  • Adjustable entry tension
  • Chrome moly 9/16” spindle



Very easy to clip in and out

A little clicking noise

Clipping tension can be adjusted as per requirement


Low maintenance


Cleats included in the package


Compatible with Peloton bike and SPD shoes


If you are looking for very easy to clip in SPD pedals for Peloton bike in the initial days of your indoor cycling, these are the pedals for you.

Wellgo WPD-E003 Shimano SPD Compatible Spin Bike Pedals



The heavy duty Wellgo WPD-E003 pedals are specially designed for stationary bikes. These pedals have toe cages, so along with the being compatible with SPD shoes, these can be used to ride with casual shoes too.

These are one of the best SPD pedals for Peloton bikes, as these can make your bike usable by the whole family. While one can do the long rides wearing SPD shoes, the family or guests can use any shoes for an efficient fitness ride on your Peloton bike.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Compatible with SPD cleats
  • 2 in 1 pedal
  • Compatible with Peloton bike



Very strong and durable structure

Not compatible with look delta cleats

SPD compatible cleats are included in the package


Can ride with clip or clipless


Can ride wearing casual shoes efficiently


Adjustable clip in tension


When you are replacing your Peloton cycling pedals most likely you don’t want to ride with look delta shoes, if this is the case then Wellgo WPD-E003 are the best match for you.

Venzo Fitness Exercise Spin Bike Compatible with Shimano SPD Pedals



These can be good replacement SPD pedal for Peloton bike. The Venzo fitness pedals are multifunctional, can be used with toe cage on one side and can be used with SPD cleats on the other.

These dual function pedals are made of aluminium die cast body and has sealed bearings to ensure smooth riding experience. The toe cage straps of the pedal are adjustable to accommodate different shoe sizes.


  • Large platform
  • Toe cages with adjustable straps
  • SPD compatible
  • Extra heavy duty, aluminium die cast material
  • Adjustable cleat tension



Offers great stability while riding

Straps are not so durable

Dual function, can ride with SPD shoes or casual shoes

A little squeaking noise



Package includes toe clips and SPD cleats


Smooth riding experience


When you are new to riding it is better to start with toe cages and slowly get comfortable with clipless riding. If you are in this stage these are the perfect choice for you.

Schwinn Triple-Link Pedals 



If you are looking for the SPD peloton bike pedal that can accommodate all kinds of shoes then your search ends here. The Schwinn triple link pedals are compatible with look delta cleats on one side, SPD cleats on the other side and also has toe cages.

You can ride your bike with any shoes if you replace the Peloton cycling pedals with Schwinn triple link pedals. The toe cages that can be installed and detached as per requirement on look delta side, make it possible to ride even with casual shoes.

These beautiful looking, multifunctional, stylish red pedals are the best purchase you can make for your Peloton bike.


  • SPD and look delta compatible
  • Detachable toe cages
  • Precision bearings
  • Alloy body
  • 9/16” spindle, Compatible with Peloton bike



Can convert between clipless and clipped very easily

Cleats to be bought separately

Can ride with any type of shoes




Easy lock in and out




If you wish to have all the flexibility to ride using all types of shoes or you want to have all the options open, than buy Schwinn triple link pedals.

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BV Bike Shimano SPD Compatible 9/16” Pedals



Built to provide maximum stability while riding, the BV bike SPD compatible pedals would be an excellent choice as the SPD pedal for Peloton bike.

Having a wide platform, toe cage on one side and SPD compatibility on the other side, these pedals make it feasible riding with SPD shoes or casual shoes comfortably and with efficiency.

The removable toe cage has adjustable straps to accommodate all shoe sizes. The SPD side comes with a tension adjustment screw to make clip in and out comfortable for you.


  • High quality nylon straps
  • Compatible with SPD cleats
  • ED painted aluminium body
  • 9/16” spindle
  • Adjustable clip in tension
  • Removable toe clips



Can use with SPD shoes or casual shoes

Not compatible with look delta cleats

Durable body and toe cage

Clip in tension a little high for beginners, even at the lowest setting

Wide platform for stability


SPD cleats included


If you are good at riding with clipless pedals and want SPD shoes compatible pedals then these are the top pick for you. The high clip in tension doesn’t matter much if you are going to use these as SPD pedal for Peloton bike.

Venzo MTB Mountain Bike Sealed Clipless Pedals Compatible with Shimano SPD Type



These no platform pedals are fully compatible with SPD cleats and can be mounted easily on your Peloton bike.

The high quality Venzo MTB pedals have the cleat cage made of single piece steel, precisely machined with max 0.01mm deviation. This SPD peloton bike pedal comes with sealed bearing.

You can clip in your SPD shoes on both sides of pedals. To make the clip in and out comfortable, you can adjust the tension screw.


  • LSL bushing and sealed bearing
  • Precisely machined cleat cage
  • Compatible with SPD cleats
  • Adjustable tension
  • Die cast aluminium body and high quality steel cleat cage



Durable open structure pedals

Can not ride wearing casual shoe

Very smooth clip in and release

The tensioning screw may back out fully over use

Light weight compared to other SPD pedals


Offers smooth ride


Come with SP 51 cleats


Even if the screw backs out on one side you can use the other side of the pedal as it has SPD compatible cleat cage on both sides.

Peloton SPD Pedal Buyers Guide

You have the list of best SPD pedals for Peloton bike, you can choose any of these, you won’t regret the decision. Still, if you want to look for more options make sure to test the pedals on following parameters before making a decision.

Material of the Pedal

The whole pedal and its components must be made up of high quality and long lasting material. The body of the pedal should be made of heavy duty aluminium alloy. If it has toe cages, it should be having strong nylon straps.

Comfortable Platform

If you are choosing SPD pedals for long indoor cycling session, you must make sure that the pedals have a comfortable and large platform. The wider platform provides better stability while riding.


The pedals should be able to allow smooth rotary motion throughout the spinning workout. Most of the products might not have this information in the description, but you can visit the nearest bike shop to try the pedal yourself.


How much you are willing to spend on pedals can be a determining factor in choosing the SPD pedals for Peloton bikes. If the prices range is very wide then the choices are far too many to sort.


The warranty is not only about getting the replacement if the product fails to perform, it is more about the manufacturer’s faith in the quality of the product. If there is a replacement warranty, it protects you from losing money and also depicts that the chance of the pedals being faulty are very low.

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What kind of pedals does Peloton have?

The Peloton bike comes with look delta pedals which are compatible with look delta shoes only.

Can you change the pedals on a Peloton?

Yes. You can change Peloton bike pedals. You can replace them with any pedals having same spindle size.

Can you put SPD pedals on a Peloton?

Yes. Many SPD pedals are compatible with Peloton bike. You can refer to the list above to find some great SPD pedal for peloton bike.


If you have gone through the review, you have all the information needed to buy the right SPD pedals for Peloton bike. The pedals listed in this review are some of the best options available in the market.

For providing you with functional choices, we had included many multifunctional, SPD, Peloton compatible, SPD cleat compatible pedals in our research to come up with the best possible options for you to choose from.

Buying any of these SPD pedals for Peloton bike will enable you to ride it without the need for look-delta shoes. So, go ahead and buy a pair, fix on your Peloton bike and start riding.