9 Best Sit Up Assistant Bars (Review) In 2023

Arguably the most effective way to achieve six-pack abs or a strong core is to include sit-ups and its variants into your routine. And it’s convenient to add them to your home workouts as you don’t need any equipment to perform them.

The bodyweight exercises like sit-ups, twists are really effective, if you look at them from a distance, they seem easy to perform but when you start performing these, it gets very difficult to maintain the right form after the first few reps.

One of the most difficult part of performing a sit-up is keeping your feet in place for the entire set. That’s where you can use some assisting equipment for this exercise.

It is not feasible or affordable to have the big commercial benches for doing sit-ups at your home gym. You need something that is affordable and consumes very little space. The sit-up assistant bars are created to cater to this specific requirement.

There are many options for sit up assistant device in the market. Here in this buying guide, we discuss in detail some of the best sit up assistant bars for your home gym set up.

Best Sit Up Assistant Device

Best Sit Up Assistant Bars

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Let us get into the list of top 9 sit up assistant devices. We have chosen these sit up assistant bars based on their functionality, durability, and reliability.

Go through the complete description to know about the type of exercises you can perform using these bars, the pros and cons, and other details about these before choosing the one that exactly matches your needs.

AmazeFan Sit Up Bar with Resistance Bands


Designed to help you perform sit ups in perfect form the AmazeFan sit up bar is convenient to use durable exercise equipment that you must have at your home gym.

This can be used by users with any level of experience. From the beginner who needs assistance from the resistance band to finish his/her first sit up to the experienced user who wishes to up the training volume without compromising the form for faster results, this bar serves well to everyone.

The sit up assistant is a lightweight bar that can be mounted on smooth surfaces with help of a suction cup. The suction cup has a safety handle to help it lock on the floor easily.

This sit-up bar has a height-adjustable foot holder to accommodate foot sizes. The support bar has thick and comfortable cushions to protect your feet from unnecessary strain. The package includes a high-quality silicone resistance band.


Long and sufficiently cushioned support bar

Large suction cup, 4.8 inches in diameter

Press down safety lock

Tool-less installation

Foot holders with adjustable height 6.1 to 6.89 inches

Portable design


  • Convenient to install and use
  • Easy to dismantle for storage
  • Comes with a free resistance band and handles
  • Soft cushioning
  • Has a safety lock to hold the bar at a fixed position while exercising


  • Can’t be installed on a rough wooden floor

The AmazeFan sit up assistant is the most convenient and effective gym equipment. It needs only 5 inches of smooth surface to be installed safely for the time you are working out on it, you can unlock it and store it anywhere once you complete the session.

FlyfanSitup Foot Holder with 2 Suction Cups


With two large suction cups, the Flyfan sit up assistant is one of the most reliable and comfortable foot holder for your home gym.

The sturdy construction of the bar and strong cups with safety locks makes it able to hold up to 300 pounds of load. It has acupressure rollers over the heel support to provide better blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

This sit up assistant bar can be installed on any smooth surface, and with its height adjustability, it can be used by people with different feet size. The height can be adjusted between 6.1 to 7.3 inches to fit your needs.


Soft foam padding on the foot holder

Support rods covered with traction rollers

Two suction cups with safety lock

4-level height adjustable

Steel frame, silicone cups, and foam padding

Lightweight and portable


  • Features thickened double suction cup
  • Easy to install with lock levers
  • Can be used for many feet size
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft and comfortable foam cushions
  • Multifunction
  • Can even be installed on wooden floors
  • Comes with instructions to install
  • Available in different colors


  • Can be installed on carpets or yoga mats

One can understand you want to lay on the yoga mat for performing sit-ups, but it is not necessary to install the sit up bar on it, you can fix it on the floor and put your yoga mat next to it and enjoy the workout with the best sit up assistant device.

Flyfan Sit Up Assistant Equipment


This ergonomically designed and portable Flyfan sit up assistant secures its position on the floor with help of sticky pads and two suction cups. 

To make it hold secure on the floor, you have to fix a place for the sit up bar and place the sticky pads on the floor permanently. You can unlock the suction cups and pick up the sit up assistant after the workout, but leave the sticky pads on the floor for workout sessions to come.

The foot holder height can be adjusted as per your needs, the bar has four adjustable heights between 6.1 to 7.3 inches. This multipurpose sit up bar is easy to install, move, and store.


Ergonomic design

Two suction cups in the 8.66-inch width

Strong suction for better stability

Spring buckles for easy installation and uninstalling

Sturdy construction

300 pounds weight capacity


  • Can exert great heel force due to strong support rods
  • Provides higher stability to your sit ups
  • Suitable to be used by all family members
  • Suits any dry and clean surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install and pick up


  • Sticky pads lose suction if removed from the original place

This is one of those sit up bars on which you can completely rely on keeping your feet and itself in one position throughout the workout. It does deserve to have a fixed position in your home.

CAP Barbell Doorway Situp Bar


The CAP Barbell doorway sit up bar can be adjusted to fit securely to most sizes of door. You can easily slide it under any door and tighten the knob to make it fit firmly.

Made out of sturdy steel plates and pipes the sit up bar has a very simple design. The soft and durable foam padding on the foot holder makes your sit ups more comfortable.

The bar is very lightweight and easy to carry where ever you go. As it fits on almost any door you can carry it on your travels and enjoy an ab workout session in your hotel rooms. It doesn’t need any particular surface to install, as it can be secured on the door using a tightening screw instead of suction cups.


Very lightweight and portable

Can be easily installed on almost any door

Secured on the door with an adjustable tightening screw

Sturdy steel construction

Foam covered handles

Fits under a closed door


  • Very easy to install
  • You will be able to carry the bar while traveling
  • Soft cushioning
  • Can be fitted with a door of any thickness
  • Foam padding prevents the door from getting damaged


  • Have to exercise by the door
  • No support rods

If you are okay with working out by the closed door and looking for sit up assistant without the fancy suction cups then CAP Barbell sit up bar should be your top choice.

Aduro Sport Doorway Sit-Up Exercise Bar


A simple, under the door, sturdy sit up bar with height adjustability can be the apt one-line description of the Aduro sport doorway bar. It has four levels of height adjustments that can be easily done without any tool.

This compact and portable doorway sit up bar is perfect for those who keep traveling or switch between working out at home or the workplace.

This sit-up bar with padded foam covers foot holder can be easily slid under the door and can be secured there without any tool with help of a hand tightened screw.


Padded ankle bars for holding the feet in position

Reinforced steel structure

Adjustable door clamp with rubber pad

4-level height adjustment

Just 13x2x5 inches in size

Hand tightening screws for height adjustment and door fitting


  • Height can be adjusted between 3.75 to 6 inches
  • Appropriate for all fitness levels
  • Allows more control over the movement
  • Provides comfort and traction
  • Durable material
  • Easy to install and use


  • Due to the thick plate, it needs a little space below the door to install
  • Need to remove from the door after every workout

Being easy to install and remove it won’t be much of an issue removing it from the door frequently. Or just find a door which you won’t open often and install it on that one.

AERLANG Sit Up Bar for Floor


The Aerlang sit up bar device can be installed on any type of floor except the carpets and mats. This aesthetic and strong sit up bar can be effortlessly installed in a few simple steps.

This multi-functional bar can be used for a variety of bodyweight exercises. With this sturdy and stable equipment installed on the floor of your home gym, you will not only be able to perform sit ups more effectively but can also get creative and perform different poses or movements using this.

This sit up bar can be secured on the floor with help of its two large suction cups that have ergonomic levers to exhaust the suction cups and lock it firmly to the floor.


Ergonomic design

High-density soft foam covered handles

Advanced double-row support bar

Strong suction cups

Heavy-duty construct

Height adjustable


  • Strong and stable sit up bar
  • Provides enough traction and support for heavyweight users
  • Multifunctional
  • Beautiful design and construct
  • Easy to install
  • Light and portable


  • Needs a smooth surface to install

You just need to find 8×4 inches of smooth crack less surface at your home to install this beauty and done, you will be ready to upgrade the quality of your sit up workout.

SU1 Portable Sit Up Assistant Device


With 5.5 to 7.7 inches height adjustment the SU1 sit up assistant can be used by people with big feet too.

This bar provides a good level of stability to your workouts. Constructed with sturdy steel and lined with soft padding this bar is ergonomic and long-lasting.


High-density foam padding

High-elasticity EVA heel support

Two thickened suction cups

Sturdy and non-slip lock lever

Height adjustable – Four levels


  • Comfortable movement
  • Soft padding
  • Durable suction cups
  • Ergonomic heel support


  • Need to stick the sticky pads at a fixed position

Like any device that used suction cups for stability, for this bar too you need to keep the sticky pad on the floor once installed to get optimum stability it can provide.

Gracosy Sit-ups Assistant Device 


The height-adjustable sit up assistant by Gracosy holds the floor tightly with a single 5.8-inch suction cup.

This aesthetic device is available in multiple colors. It can be easily installed and comfortably carried along on your travel.


Strong 5.8-inch suction cup

Four adjustable foot holder positions

Soft black foam

Sturdy steel tube


  • Easy to install
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Thick silicone suction cup
  • Safe and stable hold


  • Can’t install on wooden flooring
  • No heel support rods

This sit up bar is suitable for those who need a lightweight easy to carry bar to use on light workouts while traveling.

SimplyImagine Door Sit Up Bar for Assisted Sit-Ups


This is the most flexible and simple sit up assistant device you can get. It doesn’t need any installation.

It has the PVC cap which goes on the other side of the door either under the door or from the side as you need. The foot holder connected to this cup with a flexible nylon strap is on your side of the door which you can grip on any point of your feet and perform the sit ups with better efficiency than performing on the bare floor.


Heavy-duty steel tube as foot holder

Thick foam pad

Reinforced nylon strap

PVC door cap with foam padding


  • Gets ready to use in seconds
  • Very lightweight
  • Flexible to be used at different height


  • Not enough stability or traction
  • Not durable

Suitable as an add-on sit up bar designated to be used while traveling.

Sit Up Bar Buyer’s Guide

For picking up the sit up assistant that is most suited to your needs you should check the piece under consideration on the basis of the factors mentioned below.

Durability: The material used and the design of the sit up assistant should be sturdy enough to last for a long period of time.

Installation surface: The situp bar can either be installed on the floor, wall, or the door. You should buy the one for which your home gym has a suitable surface to install.

Reliability: It should hold its position even under intense workouts so that you can rely on it to assist you in holding your feet in position while you perform sit up.

Weight capacity: the sit up assistant should be able to hold more weight than your current weight. Ideally one should look for the ones that have more than 250 pounds weight capacity.


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