10 Best Regular Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling (Review) In 2023

Any non-regular cyclist or those who use cycling as cross training to go with other athletic activities prefer not to buy a special cycling shoes. The major reason is, it is not comfortable to use the cycling shoes for any other activity, not even walking around.

So, the question comes, can we use non cycling shoes for cycling? Yes, of course you can use any shoes for cycling but for cycling efficiently without the risk of slipping off from the pedal you need to careful while choosing some regular shoes for cycling.

Some no bike shoes are better than others when compared their performance on and off bicycle.

In this page we are presenting you top ten non cycling shoes for bike that can safely be used while riding a bicycle and can also perform well for other non-cycling activities.

Best Regular Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling

Best Regular Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling

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While the brands and types of cycling specific shoes might be limited to some hundreds, the number of different normal shoes or non bicycle shoes are in millions. Choosing something from this vast choice pool is difficult. The task of choosing becomes tougher when we have to make sure that the shoes we are choosing is good for cycling too.

Here are some of the best non bike shoes that can be used for cycling. Make sure you go through whole list before making a buying decision.

Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer



Reebok has a long history of providing best possible shoes for all sports and fitness activities. The newest addition in their Nano cross fit shoes series, Reebok men’s nano 9 cross trainer, continues to follow that tradition.

The chequered rubber outsole on these non cycling shoes for bike provide enough grip to keep you safe on the pedal and can keep your feet firm on the ground while performing intense cross fit training. The firm grip and minimal drop in the outsole height provides you with ultimate stability and secure footing on any surface.

The Flexweave textile upper of the shoes gives you tightly wrapped feeling and also keeps the air flowing on your feet. The toe box of the shoe is wider and much comfortable compared to many non-cycling shoes.



The flexweave uppers keep the feet well locked in

Outsole may peel off if used outdoors at high intensity and temperatures

Use of 100% flexible fabric for upper mesh provides total forefoot flexibility

Durability can be an issue

Rubber sole provides good grip on even smooth surfaces

Not suitable for outdoor running

Low drop and wider toe box provides comfort and stability


Breathable uppers for better ventilation


Versatile. Can be used for cycling, gym training, outdoor training etc.


Available in many colours


If you are looking for normal shoes to use for all gym activities including spinning then the Reebok men’s nano 9 are the best choice for you. It has everything you need to be looking for in a cross training shoes that can be used on bicycle too.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe



These tough looking hiking shoes are built to sustain the rough terrains while keeping your feet comfortable. Constructed with a supportive foot bed and Vibram traction, the Marrell Moab 2 Vent hiking shoes are the trusted choice of many for expediting through trails.

Most of the shoes is constructed using recycled material. The leather and mesh uppers are breathable as well as durable even under rough use.

The Vibram rubber sole provides enough stability and grip to use the shoes for hiking as well as cycling. The semi stiff outsole also helps in efficient power transfer from legs to the crank. The sole encompasses targeted air cushion at hills to help you deal with the downhill bumps.



Leather and mesh uppers to provide enough breathability and strength

Not as flexible as regular sneakers

Recycled material used

Not enough ankle support

Synthetic outsole with good grip


Highly durable


Rubber cap to protect the toe


Long foam tongue to stop debris from entering the shoe


Targeted heel cushioning to reduce stress on the feet


If hiking and cycling are the only activities you wish to do then look no further than Merrell Moab 2 Vent shoes.

Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes



Specially designed for women, the Reebok women’s nano 9 cross trainer offers everything that the men’s version offers and more. This non bike shoes are already a hit among the cross training community. The design of the shoes is optimised to suit cross training and cycling needs.

With flexible uppers these shoes are your best mate for dynamic training moves or Zumba session. The shoe provide enough arch support and cushioning needed for springs or short interval runs.

These stylish looking training shoes wraps around your feet like a second skin. With good amount of traction and sufficient cushioning, you can use these ordinary shoes for cycling, gym training or even sprinting.



Available in many beautiful colours

Not recommended for long distance runs

Soft rubber midsole with added cushioning at the toe

Little heavyweight due to all that cushioning

Strong and flexible upper with flexweave technology


Keeps the feet ventilated


Wide toe box


Good grip on ay surface


These are the shoes that offer more stability for gym training than many other counterparts, and has durability to withstand intense training. A little weight won’t be much issue if your prime objective isn’t long duration running.

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes



If you ask your running buddies, at least half of them would tell you that the Nike men’s air zoom Pegasus 36 are the best running shoes in the market at present.

These are stylish and one of the most comfortable available in more than 40 colour combinations. And these can be used comfortably for cycling too. With tightly wrapped toe box around your feet, it is very easy to get in and out of the pedal toe cages while cycling.

The Nike flymesh uppers of the shoes keep your feet ventilated through the intense workouts and runs. With the top quality rubber soles providing sufficient grip, the foam cushioning and perfect fit around your feet, the Nike Pegasus are hands down one of the best running shoes that can be used for cycling.



Keeps the feet ventilated with breathable flymesh uppers

Not suitable for hiking or movements that involve side shifting

Rubber soles that provide better traction for road running

Toe box is a bit too narrow

Responsive zoom air cushioning for smooth and injury free runs


Slimmer design makes it easy to clip in and out toe cages


Flywire cables to ensure snug fit


Comfortable for long distance runs, sprints and cycling


If you are looking for the best shoes available for running that can be used as ordinary shoes for cycling too and not trying to fulfil too many purposes with a single pair, then the Nike Pegasus 36 are best choice for you.

New Balance Women’s 680 V6 Running Shoe



These versatile and comfortable running shoes are built to support you for long distance long duration runs and also be used for cycling without any issue.

The no sew uppers are made from engineered mesh. The molded sockliner and the extra breathable upper hugs your feet comfortably. The lightweight underfoot cushioning and grippy rubber outsole to support you for long as well as intense runs.



ABZORB midsole to absorb impacts while running

Some users reported these as not so durable shoes

Compression resistance responsive cushioning


Acteva midsole for flexible support


Lightweight foam underfoot keeps the overall shoes lighter


Engineered mesh uppers for improved breathability


Comes with NB response performance insert


Durability of the upper mesh can be an issue mostly if you buy a size smaller than you actually need. Check the size before buying.

Five Ten Men’s Freerider



While the other shoes mentioned in this article are the non cycling shoes for cycling, the Five Ten Freerider shoes are MTB cycling shoes that can be used for other purposes.

These are the MTB cycling flats that offer good grip on the pedals and off the pedals. These offer good stability while riding and comfortable to wear while walking.



High quality strongly built shoes

Sizes run a little small

Semi stiff rubber sole for efficient power transfer

Narrow toe box

Available in many aesthetic colour combination


Provides support and comfort while riding


Provide good grip and stability on flat pedals


These are the shoes for more riding or spinning and less walking. If it matches your purpose then this is good looking pair to have.

ALTRA AFM1855F Men’s Lone Peak 4 Trail Running Shoe



Famous for making long distance trail running shoes Altra have made Lone peak 4 shoes with to tackle gnarly mountain peaks. The shoes have an aggressive outsole for much dependable grip and tough but breathable upper mesh to keep you comfortable and safe while you are dealing with mountains and trails.

The MaxTrack rubber outsole of the shoes provides maximum traction whether you are running the trails or riding a bike.



Aggressive grip design

Toe box too wide to easily fit in toe cage

The MaxTrack rubber delivers max traction


Foot shape toe box for more comfort and stability


Zero drop for low impact trail run


Energy return compound for responsive cushioning


Stone guard to protect from rugged terrain


If bike and hike is your thing then the Altra Lone peak 4 are the shoes for you.

Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Sport



These versatile shoes can be used for hiking, trail running, casual walks, cycling or for working in a factory.

The thoughtfully designed Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Sport shoes deliver on performance and durability.



Breathable uppers

Starts squeaking after use

Omni fit lacing system

Not good at ankle support

Odour preventing mesh lining


Vibram outsole with 5mm lugs


Unifly cushioned midsole


If you are looking for multipurpose shoes that can do a little of everything then this is the pair for you.

Rockport Men’s Leader 2 Bike Slip on



These square toe gleaming leather shoes are the ones that you can wear to your office and also while riding your bike.

Available in black and brown polished leather the Rockport slip-on shoes have EVA outsole to provide lightweight shock absorption.



Shiny leather uppers give it professional look

Can’t use it with toe cages

Synthetic sole

Too delicate for rough use

EVA footbed offers comfort

Not too comfortable if you planning to ride long distance

Anti-bacterial lining


Concealed side panels


Easy to put on and slip out of


This is a pair of shoes that you can wear while riding your bike to office and keep on the same while working in office.

ALTRA Men’s ALM1953G Superior 4 Trail Running Shoe



The superior 4 are the lightweight, fast trail running shoes by ALTRA. The wrap around style provides added support.

These low cushioning shoes has Quantic foam midsole and the outsole is made of high traction MaxTrack rubber for better grip in adverse conditions.



Highly gripping rubber outsole

Very low cushioning

Lightweight, made for trail racing

Little arch support

Offers natural foot positioning


Zero drop platform


Footshape toe box


If you are wishing to run faster on short distance trails and reach there riding your bike in the same shoes, go and buy Altra Superior 4.

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What kind of shoes should I wear for cycling?

You should wear any normal shoes with stiffer soles for maximum power transfer for cycling. Along with this the shoes should provide maximum stability and traction on the pedals.

Do I need special shoes for cycling?

You can use any regular shoes for cycling but if you are a regular long distance or competitive cyclist you should go for the special cycling shoes.

Can you wear running shoes for cycling?

Running shoes are not too efficient to use for cycling. However, it can work for short distance rides or commute.

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