7 Best Portable Dip Bars (Review) In 2023

The most common enemy of regular workout is availability of the equipment. Your business trips, late hours at the office may also hamper your gym attendance.

All of the above issues can be addressed by a single portable home gym equipment. The portable dip bars.

Portable dip bar is the best choice of equipment for those who want to work out form wherever they are. These bars allow you to stay active even while traveling.

A portable dip bar is a lightweight, durable, portable multi functional exercise equipment that can be used for performing tricep dips, L-sits, bodyweight rows etc.

Among the many options available, choosing the best portable dip station set can be a tedious task. To spare you from that turmoil we have compiled a list of 7 best portable dip stands for you.

Top 7 Portable Dip Bars (Stand)

Best Portable Dip Bars

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All the dip stands listed below have some unique features and advantages. You can choose any one which suits you the best.

These are chosen based on ease of assembly, lightweight, durability, stability, functionality and many other values.

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station



This is an ultimate solution for your full body workout requirements for home sessions or on the go. This ultimate body press dip bar and fitness station will help you build arms, chest, shoulders, back and the overall strength rapidly.

This portable dip station has patented design. It is built to be useful for people of any height up to 6 feet five inches tall.

Being adjustable to two widths this stand can be used by persons with any body structure. This adjustability along with angled grips make it a versatile training equipment.

The adjustable width provides you with proper vertical position of your arms with hands directly under your shoulders. The angles grips reduce the strain on the wrists. With correct arm position like this you can put in more power into the workout without risking an injury.

The thick 1.5 inch steel tubes give the stand very sturdy look. The three feet tall frame made up these tubes can withstand up to 350 pounds weight.

You can perform chest dips, tricep dips, bodyweight rows and knee raises on this fitness stand. The pass through design of the open frame and angled grips allow the freedom of motion required to perform all these exercises.

With this stylish looking fitness station, you can work on your arms, chest, back and shoulders.

The color coded no tool assembly make this stand very easy to assemble. The bars can be dismantled and the base can fold in and lock and cab be stored in a flat 4 inch space.

You can also develop your workout with adding weighed dip belt to the mix. This can raise the resistance of the exercise and hence can help you achieve better results.


  • Patented adjustable two width positions
  • Usable for 3 feet to 6 feet 5 inch tall users
  • Quick adjust levelling feet with lock
  • Exclusive ergonomically angled grips
  • Supports weighed agility belt
  • Quick adjust levelling feet
  • Premium pads



Very easy to assemble

A bit shaky for heavyweight users

Two width adjustments


Easy storage and transport


Supports proper form


Enough height for tall people


Suitable for adding resistance belts


Good grip on the ground


Overall, this portable dip stand will be a perfect addition to your home gym setup. With ergonomic design and adjustable width, it can be used by any member of your family. Ease of assembly and storage makes it irresistible.

With the premium pads at the base, this stands keeps adhered to its position on the ground. There won’t be any significant shaky movement if you place on clean floor.

Lebert Fitness Equalizer Total Body Strengthener



Created by a Taekwondo black belt holder Marc Lebert, the Equalizer dip station is used by many athletes. This multifunctional total body strengthener can be used for tricep dips, push ups, rows, L-sits, stretches and much more.

Its versatility allows this portable dip bar to be used by people of age group and fitness levels. It can be used in bootcamps, sports and marshal arts classes and of course in your home gym.

Arms, chest, back and core muscles can be trained with this multipurpose strength training equipment. You can perform many exercises using these bars and utilising your bodyweight as resistance.

Equalizer has two separate stands made up of stainless steel with firm base for each stand. The stands being separate, you can adjust the width at any distance you wish.

This fitness stand comes in two heights, 28.5 inch and 31 inch. This along with the separate stand design makes it usable by person of any size.

The durable stainless steel tube structure is heavy enough to support up to 400 pounds of weight. It has solid foam grip to keep your hands comfortable even in long duration workouts.

You can carry these eight pounds each portable dip bars anywhere you wish.


  • Simple design
  • 2 separate equalizer bars
  • Lightweight
  • Stable design
  • Stainless steel tube structure
  • Durable solid foam grips



Practically infinite width adjustments

Not as stable as single piece dip stands

Ease of assembly


Supports proper form


Comes in XL size height for tall people


Ease of storage


Versatile, can be used for many exercises


Comfortable hand grip


With the versatility these two pieces of strength training equipment provide, you can get creative with widths, angles and move them around to create customised workouts.

This adaptability, ease of assembly and storage makes them proper fit for your home gym. The versatility saves you the cost of many equipment that you don’t need to buy after buying this.

You can perform so many workouts on these that your whole workout session can be spent on these bars and the solid foam hand grips will keep your palms comfortable during workout.

ProsourceFit Dip Stand Station



These have a structure similar to equalizer but these bars come with a stabilising connector for extra support. This ultra durable iron bar dip station can hold up to 400 pounds of weight easily.

The dip stand comes with rubber soles to provide a non slipping base and peace of mind knowing that your stands will stay put even during the intense workouts.

One more unique feature that makes this portable dip stand better than the others is its height adjustability. The height can be adjusted between 31 to 35 inches. This makes it usable by the users of any shape, size and fitness level.

It is quick to assemble and dismantle. This makes it easy to store too. It takes very little space to store that you can carry it in the trunk of your car.


  • Sturdy, powder coated iron tubes structure
  • Supports up to 400lbs
  • Adjustable bar heights from 31 to 35 inches
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Rubber feet
  • Stabilising connector for extra support
  • Padded hand grips



Quick assembly and break down

Stabilising connector is unreliable

Stable and non-slip base with rubber sole


Comfortable hand grips


Accommodates all shapes and sizes


Offers variety with staggered and parallel bar options


Ideal for upper body and core workouts


A portable dip bar that offers options of height adjustment, width adjustment, can be used with or without stability bar thus providing the option of angle adjustment. Also, there is possibility of using it as staggered or parallel bar options.

With all these, the number of various workouts you can perform on these dip bars is limited only by your imagination.

With non-slip rubber soles to keep the structure steady it can be easily used without stability bar too.

GoBeast Dip Stand



Spice up your workout session by adding GoBeast portable dip stand to your home gym. This simple yet multifunctional dip station will help you conquer your fitness goals.

The GoBeast dip stand is a versatile strength training equipment. You can perform workouts for arms, chest, back and core muscles with this.

With a sturdy two piece design and stability bar, this is a multi-functional, portable yet stable work out dip stand.

It comes with height and width adjustment function. The width can be adjusted by loosening the hand tightened screws of stability bar and adjusting it.

For height adjustment you need to remove pins, adjust the height and place the pins at new height. All this can be done without any tools.


  • Can support up to 330 pounds
  • Easy release lock pins for height adjustments
  • Stabiliser bar
  • Hand tighten screws to adjust stabilizer bar
  • Ease of assembly, toolless assembly
  • Soft padded hand grips



Stabiliser bar makes the structure stable

Frame is little unstable

Easy width adjustments

Not useful for heavier people

Easy to assemble and dismantle

Grip pads are small and non-adjustable

Height adjustable




Soft grips


If you are beginning to do bicep dip press and relevant workouts this bar is good one to start with. It easy very easy to install and use.

The height adjustability, width adjustability and the stabiliser bar make this portable dip bar stand usable by all family members.




This heavy duty dip stand is a versatile body strengthening equipment. This is designed to make your exercise more comfortable and easier.

The RELIFE rebuild your life dip station has rubber feet to make the structure hold to the floor. The adjustable height feature and soft handles adds the ergonomic factor to the station.

The two piece structure is connected with a safety connector. This safety connector or connecting rod along with the rubber feet makes the dip stand stable.

The safety connector position can be adjusted. The connecting rod has multiple holes. The length of the connector is thus adjustable, this makes the dip station width adjustable. The no tool tightening safety screw is easy to install and adjust.

The strong screw pins for the height adjustments makes the stand strong and safe.

The assembly comes with instruction book and the tool to make the assembly easier. The structure is made of durable and lightweight steel to make the dip stand robust and safe to use. The over all product is small and consumes very small storage space.


  • Width adjustment pull knob
  • Made of heavy duty steel
  • Connector rod for safety
  • Adjustable foot cover to adjust for floor unevenness
  • Height adjustable 31 to 35 inches



Can hold up to 300 pounds

Base can be a bit wobbly

Connector rod makes the structure stable

Can be unstable as height increases

Height and width adjustability make it versatile

Levelling is not that easy

Very easy to adjust the width




Easy to assemble


With careful adjustment of foot cover the structure can be levelled with the floor perfectly to achieve optimum stability.

You can do your arm, chest, back and core workouts with good form using this dip station. With lots of adjustments available and ease of use this is definitely one of the good picks for you.

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BalanceFrom Multi-Function Dip Stand



This heavy duty structure built out of steel is strong piece of equipment. It has the capacity to hold about 500 pounds of weight. In terms of sturdiness this is closest portable stand to the fixed base dip stands.

Within one look you can say that this is a sturdy dip station. This heavy duty structure is supported by non-slip foot pads to make your workout safer.

This is the tallest portable dip bar stand, so tall that you can use it for pull ups too, with folded legs of course. The height is adjustable from 41 inches to 51 inches.

The BalanceFrom Multifunctional dip stand comes with lower handles for push ups.

As the mid bar is fixed with bolts, the structure can not be folded for transport and storage.


  • Heavy duty steel structure, supports 500 pounds
  • Non-slip foot pads
  • Foam padded grip handles
  • Height adjustable
  • Lower handles added



Very strong structure

Too heavy to transport

Steady even for heavier people doing intense workout

Takes up too much storage space

Non-slip foot pads for added safety

Assembly requires tools and skill

Foam padded grips to minimise hand fatigue


Tall structure with height adjustment


Push up handles


If you are a bit heavier, just starting your fitness journey, and looking for the safest yet portable dip bar stands then this is the one for you.

It may take comparatively more space, but for the versatile beast like this you can spare 30 inch by 29 inch space in your home gym.

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Yoleo Adjustable Dip Bar



This is an effective portable dip bar stand for your home gym. Ease of use, storage and transport are some of the plus points of this dip bar stand.

Made of heavy duty high quality material this simple structure can hold up to 500 ponds of weight. With double safety connectors, this dip stand is so stable that you can rely on it for almost any intensity of the workout.

With 6 levels of width adjustment and 3 levels of height adjustment this dip station fit almost all sizes. Ability to use with or without safety connectors makes this stand a versatile exercise equipment.


  • Double safety connector
  • 3 level height adjustment between 30.7 to 35.4 inches
  • 6 levels width adjustment between 35 to 41 inches
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Non-slip cap



Steady structure with two safety connectors

Plastic caps are fragile

Heavy duty material, can carry 500 pounds load

Need tools to assemble

Non-slip caps for added safety


Easy to assemble


Space saving




This dip stand can be defined in a line as, a simple durable structure for heavyweight user. If it sounds like you then go for it.

5 Reasons; Why You Should Buy A Portable Dip Bar?

There are many benefits of having the workout equipment at home rather than having to go to gym. You save time, you save on travel, you can workout at your convenience and so on. Here we are listing the specific reason why you should have a portable dip bar stand at home.

  • Buying a dip bar means you don’t have to hit the gym for working on your arms, chest, back and core muscles
  • All your body weight resistance exercises can be performed without having to travel anywhere
  • With dip bar station, you can add more resistance to your bodyweight exercises by adding a weighed resistance belt to the mix
  • Buying a portable dip bar makes it available to you whenever you wish, you don’t have to wait for your turn as you need to do in the gym
  • Dip bar provides you the option to perform exercises like tricep dips, bodyweight rows, L-sits, etc at home.

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How To Select A Portable Dip Bar? Your Quick Buying Guide

There are hundreds of products in the market with similar description, this makes it difficult for you to choose the right one. Here is the list of things you should look for in a dip bar stand before buying.

  • It should be stable enough to carry you safely even in intense workouts
  • It should have a load rating considerably higher than your weight
  • There should be option to attach resistance belts
  • It should be height and width adjustable
  • It should be durable and should come with warranty
  • The stand should take minimum storage space
  • It should be easy to transport

Which One Is The Best Portable Dip Bar Stand For You?

All the portable dip stations listed in this article are the ones with great stability, durability, adjustability, have safe load rating and take up a little storage space. You can choose any one of these.

Each of these portable dip bar stands has one or two unique features like added push up handles or simplicity of the structure etc. You can make your choice as per your unique preference.

We have done the foot work for going through the hundreds of the options and composing the list of the best portable dip bar stands. Now your turn to buy one and start exercising.