7 Best Peloton Shoes For Wide Feet (Review) In 2023

It is an established fact that if you wish to have efficient power transfer, comfortable spinning, stable and safe pedaling experience on your Peloton bike then you need to invest in good cycling shoes that are compatible with Peloton pedals.

It is a tedious task to find the right kind of spinning shoes that are well-suited to Peloton pedals. It is also difficult to find any kind of shoes that can be a good fit for wide feet.

Thus, the task of finding Peloton compatible wide feet shoes can be very time-consuming.

If you are someone with wide feet, you need Peloton compatible shoes that have a wide width toe box and more volume overall. The shoe shouldn’t wrap around the feet so tightly so that you can keep them on for longer periods.

Most of the cycling shoes have a three-hole system and thus are compatible with Peloton bike, but not all of them are wider width. So, we first sorted the Peloton compatible shoes for wider feet then compared them with each other to come up with this list of shoes that are best for wide feet.

Best Peloton Shoes For Wide Feet

Best Peloton Shoes For Wide Feet

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Let us present you the cycling shoes that are very good fit for wide feet. We have reviewed almost all the cycling shoes that are compatible with Peloton and fit comfortably on wider width toes.

The following shoes are chosen considering all the important factors affecting the performance and user experience with shoes. You can choose any of these without worrying about fit or compatibility.

Sidi Shoes Genius 7 Mega


The Genius 7 road bike shoe is one of the main products in the long line of cycling gear items by Sidi. The wide toe box with MicroTech micro-fiber mesh upper not only fits better on wider feet but also keep them airy by allowing good airflow while riding your road bike or pedaling on your Peloton.

The material used in making the shoe body is super stable. The sole is made out of millennium 5 carbon composite that offers a firm feel on the pedal and ensures maximum power transfer.

The shoe closure mechanism has two high-security Velcro straps and one adjustable caliper buckle. The heel cup of the shoe is designed to encapsulate the heel firmly yet comfortably.

The high-quality material used in making them and the precision used in the construction of the shoes has ensured that the shoes perform optimally for long duration and the design and shape of the shoes made them the best for wide feet.



Breathable and durable upper mesh

No vents on the sole

Wide width toe box and 4mm wider in ball area to accommodate wider feet


Firm carbon composite sole


Calliper buckle to easily adjust the fit even while spinning


High instep and wider heel cup


Double-stitched on high-stress areas


Available up to EEE width


The lack of vents on the sole can be felt only on the long spin sessions on very hot days that too doesn’t feel too uncomfortable as there are mesh uppers that are enough to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Lake Cx238 Shoes


The uppers of the Lake Cx238 cycling shoes are made of full-grain leather and mesh combination. This combo ensures optimum airflow to the feet while riding. The stiff carbon fiber sole is made for maximum power transfer.

The BOA IP1-S dials on the closure system let you micro-adjust the fit for maximum comfort. The upper leather material is tough and durable and ventilated. The shoe is a good fit for wide feet and the three-hole system makes it compatible with Peloton cleats.

The strong and water-resistant body makes these shoes compatible to ride in any environment. The heat-absorbing heel cup and tongue of the shoes will keep your feet happy even in really hot weather and ultra-long duration rides or spin sessions.



Strong and durable upper body

Finding the right size can be confusing

Higher volume to accommodate wide width feet


Stiff carbon fiber sole


BOA IP1-S buckles for micro-adjustments


Water-resistant, can be used on outdoor rides too


Heat absorbing heel and tongue


Doesn’t get scratches easily


Finding the right size might be difficult if you try to do it on your own, but the Lake company has provided simple instructions to know the correct size to choose. Use it, buy a Lake Cx238 of suitable size, and enjoy the freedom of being able to wiggle your toe inside the shoes.

Sidi Men’s Alba 2 Mega



One of the best Peloton compatible shoes for wide feet Sidi Alba 2 Mega features a carbon composite sole injected with carbon fiber to make it stiffer and less prone to damage and deformation even after long use.

The micro-adjustment buckle of the shoe can be serviced if needed, and it can also be replaced if damaged. Even the heel cup of the shoes can be replaced if it gets torn. This replaceability extends the shoe life at optimum performance.

The soft instep3 closure system of the shoes has an anatomically shaped, wide strap to accommodate wider feet. That combined with a thermo-formed EVA pad to distribute pressure evenly and micro-adjustability, the shoes keep your feet comfortable throughout the spin session duration.



Serviceable and replaceable buckle

You might need to change the insoles

Reinforced heel cup for better heel support


Easily replaceable heel pads


4mm wider at ball area


More volume and wider heel cup


Effortless adjustments


A good custom insole increases the comfort level of any shoes. Changing them to your liking is always a great idea. Once that’s done Sidi Alba 2 is there to perform up to your expectations.

Tommaso Pista Women’s Road Bike Cycling Spin Shoe Dual Cleat Compatibility


These women-specific Peloton compatible shoes are designed to offer maximum ride efficiency and comfort to the women pedallers having wider feet.

The stiff fiberglass sole of the shoe ensures optimum power transfer while the three-strap adjustable Velcro closure system provides the comfortable precision fit and firm hold to the feet.

These are versatile shoes that can be used for having an efficient and comfortable spin session on your Peloton bike, to ride your road bike, or even MTBs with SPD pedals.



Compatible with Peloton pedals and SPD and SPD-SL too

Doesn’t have a micro-adjustment buckle

Ergonomic design and closure system

Doesn’t include the cleats

Reflective strip at the back for added visibility


Comfortable and secure fit


Durable and ventilated uppers


Optimum power transfer


You can fix your Peloton shoe cleats on the Tommaso Pista and if you are going to use them for spinning sessions only then not having a micro-adjustment buckle is a moot issue.

Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible


The Tommaso Strada 100 shoes are as versatile as any cycling shoes can be. Made with stiff fiberglass reinforced polyamide soles, these can efficiently transfer the power from your legs to the cranks of Peloton, other spin bikes, road bikes, or MTBs with SPD pedals.

While buying the shoes you have the option to choose from Look delta Peloton bundle, SPD bundle, or only the shoes. The look delta bundle and SPD bundle has respective cleats included in the package.

The reinforced toe box of the shoes has a breathable mesh and can accommodate wider feet. The triple low profile Velcro straps secure the foot comfortably.



Reflective strip at the back for better visibility

May need longer cleat screws than standard

Reinforced and breathable wide toe box

May generate a little click noise

2 and three-hole cleat compatibility


Ergonomic fit hook and look Velcro closure


Lightweight and stiff fiberglass-reinforced sole


Synthetic leather uppers with mesh inserts


You have the option to buy the cleats along with the shoes if you opt for the look delta bundle, the cleats in the bundle will fit in the shoes without difficulty and are compatible with Peloton pedals.

Venzo Bicycle Men’s or Women’s Road Cycling Riding Shoes – 3 Straps


The low cut construction of the Venzo unisex bicycle shoes makes them fast to fit and light in weight. These versatile shoes are a kind of performance and comfort blended in a package. It can be used for riding spin bikes, road or touring bikes.

The uppers of the shoes are highly breathable and made of quick-drying synthetic material. The inner side is lined with textile and a removable sock liner. The closure system has an adjustable three-strap design.



Versatile shoes compatible with almost all bikes

Durability might be an issue

Suitable for riders with wide feet

Can’t tighten the screws as you may like

Highly breathable mesh


Quick-drying synthetic uppers


Lightweight and fast fit


Removable sock liner


Cleats are included


This is a nice pair of shoes for someone who needs Peloton compatible shoes that are a good fit for wide feet for doing short duration spin sessions.

Santic Cycling Shoes Road Bike Shoes Spin Shoes with Buckle


The Santic road bike and spin shoes got very exotic looks. It has printed and ventilated uppers made out of PU material. For secure precision ergonomic fit, the shoes have an adjustable buckle top and two Velcro straps for the closure system.

The heel cup of the shoes is thickened to support the heel. The inside of the shoes is lined with anti-slip textiles.

These are three-hole system shoes and are compatible with Look delta cleats thus can be used to do a spin session on your Peloton bike or to ride road bikes.



Moulded PU top

Not SPD compatible

Aesthetic looks

Uppers may tear after a few months of use

Ventilated upper

Not too comfortable for long spin sessions

Thickened heel cup for protection


Anti-slip inner lining


Quick adjustment buckle


These are great shoes for those who want their cycling shoes look beautiful and who mostly be using them for short duration sessions.


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