10 Best Peloton Seats & Cushions for Maximum Comfort (Review) In 2023

Among the five points of contact between you and your bike, your seat is where most of the body weight rests for the maximum time during cycling.

If you are a long distance cyclist you might already know that it’s the saddle sores which are a much bigger problem than tired legs or cramps. Thus, your overall comfort depends more on the quality of the seat and the cushioning than anything else.

One may think that a seat with thick cushioning will solve the issue, but it’s not as simple as that. Too thick doesn’t mean too good. Few minutes of ride in a thick cushion may feel comfortable but for longer periods, you must carefully choose the seat with right and firm shape, amount of padding and ability to absorb shocks.

Even with the best seat installed, for log duration rides on your Peloton bike you should be wearing gel padded cycling shorts. If you are not used to it, then the other equally comfortable option is installing a good seat cover cushion on the top of your Peloton seat.

The seat cover cushion option is also suitable for those who are not in favour of saddle replacement. Even if your Peloton seat is bearable enough still you can install a good seat cover for added comfort.

Peloton bikes are so popular, but there are not many options available for seats and cushions. It’s important to choose the right one for maximum comfort. To help you in this task, here we have picked the top five seats and cushions for Peloton bikes.

Best Peloton Seat & Cushion Cover

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Best Peloton Seats

Some people need saddle replacement for comfortable rides. A Peloton bike seat needs to have high density foam or gel padding to keep you at ease for a long duration. The bike seat should fit perfectly with the shape of your glutes. This is just one essential feature among many. The Peloton compatible seats listed below are chosen considering all of those.

YLG Oversized Comfortable Replacement Bike Saddle



The YLG’s patented extra wide Peloton seat can add much more comfort to your rides. This easy to install saddle comes with an adapter so that it can be fixed on any bike and goes too well as replacement saddle for your Peloton bike.

The ergonomic, wide arch design of the saddle fits perfectly with the shape of your glutes and offers great support and riding comfort without compromising leg movement. The seat has a dual rubber ball suspension at the bottom to even out the riding jerks and makes your ride more stable.

This waterproof seat is padded with 7cm thick high density memory foam and fused gel for offering maximum comfort. With scratch proof, non-slip leather surface, this seat can last long.



A wide and contoured seating surface

The shape is not suitable for outdoor bikes

Water proof PVC leather surface


Thicker, high density memory foam for added comfort


Comes with adapter to fit different bikes


Saddle replacement is easy to perform, comes with tools and instructions


Shock absorbing dual spring


These are fused gel seats



TONBUX Bike Seat



The Tonbux bike seat is more of traditional shape with a long soft nose which won’t obstruct your movement while keeping you comfortable. The seat has soft cushioning all over the upper part with the thickened part at the rear end where your hips rest on the saddle.

Among all the other features of this seat, the middle airflow vent makes it one of the best replacement saddles for your Peloton bike. It keeps your bum comfortable for longer duration by allowing the heat to dissipate through.

The anti-scratch microfibre leather surface ensures the longevity of the seat. The double ball shock absorbing system under the seat keeps your ride stable, and help you deal with rough terrain comfortably if you are using this seat on an outdoor bike.



No obstruction to thigh movement

Mounting fasteners are a bit weak

Soft memory foam cushioning, thickened at right spots


Dual Shock-absorbing ball design


Scratch and water-proof microfibre artificial leather material


Air-flow vent for heat dissipation



Xmifer Oversized Universal Replacement Bike Seat



This oversized soft saddle can provide relief to your prostate and tailbone while riding your Peloton bike. The seat is extra padded with high density memory foam and has a dual spring suspension at the bottom to make your ride comfortable.

The universal fit Xmifer bike seat comes with installation tools. This seat fulfils all the requirements for being a good replacement seat for your Peloton bike.

The ergonomically designed convex buttock support of the seat is padded with 8cm thick high density punching foam and accommodates a central groove for better heat dissipation.



Smooth and anti-scratch surface

The seat might tilt during high intensity riding

8cm thick punching foam

The plastic mount is weak

Central airflow groove for heat dissipation


Long lasting microfibre artificial leather material


Ergonomic design offer prostate and tailbone relief



Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat Universal Fit for Exercise Bike 



You can keep the vibrations at bay and save yourself from resultant pain by replacing your stock seat with Bikeroo oversized bike seat.

With wide size, think padding and extra shock absorbent elastomer suspension, the Bikeroo seat offers maximum comfort while riding your Peloton bike.

This ergonomically designed, unisex bike seat can be a perfect replacement saddle to improve your biking experience.



Well-padded for more comfort

Not suitable for outdoor biking

Super shock absorber elastomer suspension




Wider surface with mid groove for ventilation


Universal saddle mount fitting


Isolates vibrations



Giddy Up! Bike Seat



With the wing shaped design the Giddy up bike seat provides the perfect platform to rest your buttocks comfortably.

Filled with high density memory foam to take the shape of your hips over use, and covered with PU leather material the Giddy up is the closest you can get to a customised bike seat.

The seat also features shock absorbing springs for a comfortable and smooth ride.



Fits perfectly with your hips

The rider may experience side to side shaking over use

Offers great comfort while riding


Shock absorbing springs for vibration free ride


High quality PU leather is used


Memory foam padded for a better experience



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Best Peloton Seat Cushion Cover

Those who do not prefer to change the bike seat or wish to add extra comfortable cushioning on their bike seat may choose to install seat cover cushion. Here are the five best Peloton compatible seat cover cushions.

Bikeroo Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat Cushion Cover



With thick and strong adjustable strings, lateral support straps and anti-slip inner texture, the Bikeroo seat cushion cover for Peloton will stick firmly on the top of your bike seat.

The seat cushion has thick gels pads with perfectly balanced softness to aid you pedal without soreness for hours. These lightweight padded seat covers will improve riding comfort and also enhance the looks of your Bike.



Fits tightly on your bike seat

Not suitable for wide saddles

Converts your hard bike saddle into a comfortable one


Soft foam with supporting gel pads for better feel


Can be fixed on the seats up to 7 inches wide


Stays stable while riding


Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover  



These are thick gel padded seat covers, that can make your long duration rides much more comfortable and enjoyable. The mid groove on the cushion keeps your crotch area ventilated.

This easy to install seat cushion cover for Peloton measures 11 x 7 inches and fits perfectly in narrow spin bike saddles. Make your Peloton ride more comfortable by installing Zacro gel bike seat cover on its stock saddle. 



Made using high quality material

The seat cover may slide off while riding with intensity

Makes your stock saddle much more comfortable


Comes with free water and dust cover


Soft gel padding lasts long


Easy to install straps


Domain Cycling Premium Bike Gel Seat Cushion Cover for Spin Class



The durable and comfortable Domain gel seat cushion is padded with soft silicone gel and covered with stretchy lycra fabric.

This simple looking premium quality seat cushion has anti-slip interior material. It can fit on most of the narrow saddle adult bikes. Say good bye to saddle sores with this seat cushion filled with silicone gel.



Made using silicone gel cushioning

The shape is too basic, looks like a flat gel slab

Comes in six vibrant colours


Fits almost all narrow saddles


Stretchy lycra fabric makes it easier to install


Improves your ride comfort like never before


Comes with a lifetime guarantee


Cevapro Bike Saddle Cover for Spin Bike



This is a good seat cover with one of the most advanced design. The Cevapro saddle cover for spin bike is padded with multilayer memory foam and gel pads. The stretchy lycra fabric and elastic on the sides makes it very easy to install on the saddle. With two Velcro straps to fix, you can install these on the top of your Peloton bike saddle within seconds.

The mid groove and breathable mesh fabric together keep your private parts airy and comfortable.

These padded seat covers are built with 7 layer fabric for durability. To protect it from dampening it is covered with water proof coating.



Strong built with 7 layer fabric

Fits only on the saddles with size 7 inches or less.

Very easy to install with velcro straps


Breathable mesh fabric on the top mid-section


Comfortable for long distance riding


Multi-layer memory foam and gel pads


Moisture wicking material


Fitivate Saddle Pad for Indoor Cycling Class and Stationary Bikes



Specially designed for Peloton bike seats the Fitivate saddle pad won’t let the pain and saddle sores get in your way. This cool looking gel seat cushion can make your brutally hard narrow saddles comfortable even for the long duration rides.

This shock absorbing non-slip seat cover will fit on your bike seat perfectly. After installing this seat cushion cover having two soft gel pads in the rear end and breathable mid groove for ventilation, you can keep riding for hours without discomfort.



High quality liquid silicone gel pads

Does not fit on the wider saddles

Better shock absorption


Strong sticky straps for easy installation and positioning


Breathable and hollow mid groove


Non-slip underside to keep the cover intact on the seat while riding


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How Do I Make My Peloton Seat More Comfortable?

There are 3 options available. Replace it with more comfortable, wider, padded saddle. Or you can cover it with gel padded seat cushion to improve the ride comfort. Another option is to use padded cycling shorts if you are comfortable riding in those.

Can You Change The Seat On A Peloton?

Yes, you can change the seat on Peloton bike. The stock seat that comes with Peloton is a narrow and hard saddle, you can change it with a wider, padded seat as you will most probably be riding your indoor bike in the upright position. The wider and padded seat will be much more comfortable to ride on.

What Is The Most Comfortable Peloton Bike Seat Cover?

Peloton bike has the hard narrow seat. Most of the Peloton compatible silicone gel padded or multi-layer foam padded covers are comfortable and good.

How Do I Stop My Bum Hurting When Cycling?

There are three things you can do to make your ride more comfortable and prevent hurting your bum. Change your seat with more comfortable one, add seat cover cushion on an existing seat or start using better padded cycling shorts.