10 Best Pedal Exercisers (Review) In 2023

Corporate life has its own set of benefits. For a regular and steady income, office jobs are one of the best options. However, if you are also a corporate individual, you may know the level of tiredness you need to deal with.

Numerous ailments, such as cervical pain, come hand in hand with a desk job. After all, you are sitting for more than eight hours a day on the same spot. Therefore, issues such as back pain are dominant in this case.

Moreover, the majority of people have an extremely hectic schedule. They can’t even cope with their personal lives. Therefore, getting time for hitting the gym and working out can be impossible for a desk job or corporate individuals.

Not only because of time, some people can’t just hit the gym because the equipment is way too intense for them. Their main purpose is to stay healthy and not build up a shape that people love to see. Therefore, a regular workout in the gym is not their cup of tea.

In that case, a good alternative is pedal exercisers. As the name suggests, pedal exercisers are equipment that provoke you to pedal as a workout. It is a great form of cardio workout and involves the engagement of the lower body.

The exercise is pretty straightforward to do and the equipment is small and rests on your floor. To do the exercise, you just need to place the equipment on a stable surface and start pedaling your way to a healthier lifestyle.

With that said, let us take a look at some of the best pedal exercisers to help you get a better and healthier lifestyle. In this article, we will look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of 10 best pedal exercisers in the market.

Top 10 Pedal Exercisers

Best Pedal Exerciser

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DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Cycle and Pedal Exerciser



Your health, productivity, and energy can increase gradually with the help of DeskCycle 2 exerciser. This machine is a high-quality equipment that lets you burn your calories in the workplace. It can work seamlessly with low desks of up to 27 inches.

Moreover, it has an LED interface equipped with 6 different functions for easier usability. The operation of this machine is smoother and provides varying resistance. You get to choose from 8 different resistance settings. The intensity of your workout can range from easy to extremely hard which is a lot more than the slew of variants.


  • Smoother operation: The pedal movement of this machine is very smooth and enables you to focus more on your work.
  • Monitoring display: This equipment provides an LED display to keep a track of 16 hours of activity.
  • 8 levels of resistance: With this machine, you can intensify your workout as much as you want with 8 different levels of resistance.
  • Ergonomic pedals: This machine has comfortable pedals and straps that can fit any shoe size easily.
  • Display stand: You get a free display stand to place your tracker anywhere on your table.

Pros and Cons



This machine is extremely quiet

It is not good for people with tall height

This machine provides a separate console

The grip could have been improved

It lets you adjust the stability


DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle, Pedal Exerciser



Now say goodbye to back pain and stay healthy in the office with this prominent pedal exerciser from DeskCycle. This machine has a high-quality design that helps you burn calories while responsibly focusing on your work.

This machine is powered by a magnetic resistance mechanism that works extremely smooth and quiet. It is designed in such a way that you don’t drive your focus away from your work and still get a great exercise for your joints.

Moreover, it provides 8 different levels of resistance that range from very easy to very intense. Therefore, it can fit the purpose for people of different ages and health factors.


  • Smoother motion and quiet operation: The operation of this machine is entirely unconscious and lets you focus on your work.
  • Kensington slot: This foot pedal exerciser provides you a security mechanism known as the Kensington slot. This feature lets your attach your machine to your desk.
  • Adjustable straps: This machine provides wide and comfortable straps to fit all shoe sizes and provide easier pedaling.
  • 24 Hour display: This machine provides a 24-hour display to let you track your activities all day long.
  • 8 resistance levels: With this machine, you can make your workout as intense and as much as easy as you want.

Pros and Cons



It is highly portable and mobile

The pedaling angle is somewhat unusual

It provides varying resistances

The display gets reset

It has a quiet operation



MagneTrainer-ER Arm and Leg Exerciser



When it comes to portable and adjustable pedal trainers, nothing can beat the competency of MagneTrainer-ER. Maintaining the quality streak, this foot pedal exerciser has a 15-inch-wide base for greater stability and a durable frame made of steel.

Moreover, this foot pedal exerciser also provides vector straps that you can adjust as per your comfort.  Therefore, this machine is ideal for all foot sizes and can be used for both hands and feet. Furthermore, the availability of the monitor display makes it easier for you to track your workout metrics without much brainstorming. Lastly, its resistance is twice as that of other exercisers.


  • Smoother motion: It has a flywheel that weighs 29lb and works at a smoother pace. Therefore, it is easy, convenient, and healthy for you.
  • Multi-directional pedal: With this machine, you can pedal in both backward and forward directions. Therefore, you can easily maintain the muscle balance with the help of this machine.
  • Comfortable pedals: This exercise peddler provides ergonomically designed pedals that let you adjust them to get a firm grip and fitting.
  • Quiet resistance: This magnetic trainer doesn’t make any noise while being operated. Therefore, it is ideal for a crowded neighborhood and residential spaces such as apartments and flats.

Pros and Cons



It has a sturdy and durable construction

It loses its stability on uneven surfaces

The balance and stability is great

Workout intensity could be improved

The pedals are ergonomically designed



Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Pedal Exerciser



Now you can burn those calories easily while working, binge-watching, or doing anything that requires you to sit. This foot pedal exerciser has a plethora of features that give you an effortless cardio workout right at your couch or desk.

Firstly, it has highly comfortable straps that are adjustable to fit in foot or hands of all sizes.  Moreover, the machine is entirely stable and provides the best level of safety to you. It also provides 8 different levels of resistance to provide you an extremely versatile workout. Lastly, it has an LCD display that provides you information such as speed, time, and distance. 


  • LED Monitor: You can track all your progress easily with the help of this machine. It provides a digital display that lets you monitor your speed, time, distance, and much more.
  • Extremely portable: Storing this machine is a cakewalk due to its highly compact and adjustable design. Moreover, you can carry the machine anywhere due to its great portability.
  • Adjustable resistance: With just the rotation of a knob, you can intensify your workout with eight different levels of resistance.
  • Adjustable handles: This machine lets you adjust the size of handles or pedals to get a better fit and comfortability for workout.

Pros and Cons



It provides 8 tension levels

Instructions are unclear

The design is highly durable and bulky


It provides a big size LED interface



ANCHEER Pedal Exerciser, Under Desk Cycle



The technology is getting smarter and so is this under desk pedal exerciser. This pedal exerciser provides you a smart app connection to make your workout exciting with personalized training and realistic riding scenes.

Moreover, with its app connection, you can track your workout properties such as distance and time easily from anywhere. Furthermore, the tension of the machine is adjustable through 8 levels of resistance.

Therefore, you can use this machine for any purpose including building muscles, rehabilitation, or physical therapy. Moreover, the machine works very quietly and the operation is really smooth and easy.


  • Compact design: You can store this equipment easily because of its mini and compact design.
  • Fixing rope: This foot pedal exerciser comes with a buckle that you can fix to your chair to prevent slipping while doing your workout.
  • Antiskid pedals: The pedals of this machine are designed in a triangular frame to provide a better grip. Moreover, the base is also guarded with a rubber pad to prevent slipping.
  • Smart app connection: This equipment provides you access to an interactive application for an interesting workout. You can also track various details with the help of the app provided.

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Pros and Cons



It has a non-slip base to prevent accidents

It is a comparatively new variant in the market

It provides a 90 days warranty


It works silently without making noise


YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser -Desk Pedal Bike for Home/Office Workout



YOSUDA works restlessly to provide you a better health and a longer life. Their exercise bike lets you do your workout while doing your work under the desk. YOSUDA provides countless advantages in their exercise bikes.

With this machine, you won’t face friction because it is a magnetic-based machine that provides a smoother and quiet workout. Moreover, it has eight different levels of resistance to let you choose your level of intensity.

Furthermore, this machine has an extremely portable design to let you use it easily and conveniently under the desk. Also, its compact design makes it easier to store and move this machine from one place to another.


Completely quiet:  This machine is powered by quiet magnetic operation and that’s why doesn’t make a loud noise while being operated. 

Easy to assemble: You can assemble this machine within 10 minutes of unpacking. All you need to do is fit four screws and start working out.

Great fitting: This exercise peddler is ideal for all sizes of feet and hands. Therefore, it can be used by anyone willing to get a healthier lifestyle.

Four rubber pads: This machine has great anti-slip features that ensure that the machine doesn’t shake while it is being used.

Pros and Cons



It provides a built-in LED interface

It has a small platform.

It is extremely easy to assemble


The resistance does not involve wear and tear



Vive Pedal Exerciser – Stationary Exercise Leg Peddler – Low Impact, Portable Mini Cycle Bike for Under Your Office Desk



Whether you want to get a better focus on your work, gain higher strength, or improve your stamina, the leg peddler by Vive has got your cover for everything. With the smooth and quiet operation of this machine, you can get those calories burning without compromising your work. 

This machine comes up with non-slip pedals that you can adjust as per your needs. Hence, you can be assured that your workout is secured by the firm grip of Vive. Moreover, you can use this machine to tone both your hands and feet.


  • One-touch display: This machine features a large LED display that lets you track your distance, time, speed, and the amounts of calories you burned with ease.
  • Versatile resistance: With this exercise peddler, you can adjust the resistance as per your needs. Therefore, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you can work out with this machine easily.
  • Compact design: The best thing about this machine is that you can fit it under any desk because of its highly compact size. Moreover, it has a non-slip base to keep it in place.
  • Easy installation: The machine can be installed easily without any extra efforts.

Pros and Cons



It is easier to assemble and move

Warranty is not involved

Good display

New users may face problems in pedals

It is ideal for in-office cardio


ATIVAFIT Pedal Exerciser Office Home Under Desk Bike with LCD Display for Leg/Arm



Next up on this list is a highly affordable and cost-effective solution to burn some calories. This is a mini exercise bike by ATIVAFIT. Therefore, with the help of this machine, you can get a better and healthier lifestyle without spending much on costly fitness equipment.

The machine is pretty straightforward to assemble and start using. All you need to do is follow a four-step manual and get ready to see your fat burn. Moreover, this machine also provides an LCD display to help you track all your workout-related analytics such as speed, distance, and time.


  • Simple usage: most of the assembly for this machine is done beforehand. Therefore, you can start work on it in just a couple of minutes without the need of any tool.
  • Digital monitor: This machine comes along with a digital monitor to help you track everything from calories burnt to time spend on the machine.
  • Anti-slip pedal: The pedals of this machine are highly stable and provide a firm grip. Moreover, you can adjust it accordingly with your hand or foot size.
  • Adjustable resistance: In this machine, you are the one who decides the intensity of your workout. This machine lets you modify the resistance with just a knob.

Pros and Cons



It can be used anywhere and anytime

Some instructions are unclear

It is highly convenient


The operation is very quiet


Sunny Health & Fitness Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser SF-B0891



There’s always some time for self-development and personal health with a sunny magnetic pedal exerciser. This machine is an ideal equipment for a low-impact lower body workout. Therefore, you can stay fit without putting much pressure on your joints.

Moreover, you can also use this machine for an upper-body workout. That’s made possible because of its adjustable pedals. You can adjust the pedals to fit your hands and feet easily. The machine provides 8 varying levels of resistance to help you choose the desired intensity of the workout.


  • User-friendly display: This machine provides an easy to read display that provides you details of your workout such as calories burned and speed.
  • Multipurpose design: This exerciser is designed in such a way that you can use it for both upper and lower body workout. To do this, just move the machine from under the desk to above the desk.
  • Carry handle: This machine is highly portable and even weighs less. It also has a handle to help you carry it easily anywhere.
  • Adjustable pedals: The straps of its pedals can be adjusted according to the size of your hands or feet to get a better and firm grip.

Pros and Cons



It provides a magnetic system of resistance

Monitor tracing is difficult

The design is very attractive and simple


It is extremely portable and easy to move


BOOKCYCLE Pedal Exerciser



Doing workout is no more an exhaustive thing and you can do while even reading a book. Bookcycle’s bike pedal exerciser lets you do a great workout putting any pressure on your joints through its low-intensity workout.

The machine is designed to provide you a great cardio workout along with moderate tension. Moreover, it is a great way to tone the muscles of your legs as well as arms. By working out on this exercise peddler, you can stimulate your blood flow as well.

You can use it both as a leg exerciser and a hand exerciser. It is extremely portable and you can carry it with ease.


  • LCD Display: This machine provides an easy to read LCD display to help you track your calorie, time, much more.
  • Easy to store: The machine is highly compact in size and you can store it anywhere with ease. Moreover, the weight of this machine is less so carrying it is easy as well.
  • Adjustable resistance: This machine provides you the liberty to modify the intensity of your workout. Therefore, you can decide the pace of your workout as per your needs.
  • Flywheel based: Instead of using rubber, this machine makes use of a flywheel. Therefore, you can expect a highly quite and smoother action from this machine. Moreover, you’ll never have to deal with the annoying smell of burning rubber.

Pros and Cons



The body of this machine is very durable and sturdy

The tension of this machine is not very moderate

The assembly of this machine is easy


It provides great stability


Features to look for when buying a pedal exerciser

  1. Stability and safety

Always ensure your safety first no matter what. Whether it is a piece of fitness equipment or a toy for your kid, you must ensure it is safe to use. In the case of a pedal exerciser, you must consider the durability and stability to ensure it is safe.

Therefore, if you are purchasing a stationary peddler, you must ensure that it rests firmly on the floor. Moreover, make sure that it does not vibrate or wobbles when you use it. In that way, you will never face a single injury with your pedal exercisers.

  1. Storage and mobility

Size also plays a dominant role in choosing a good pedal exerciser. A smaller and compact size means easy mobility of your fitness equipment. Therefore, make sure that your equipment is lightweight and easier to move anywhere in your home or outdoors.

Moreover, also make sure that your equipment can be assembled easily. For that, you must be able to install it without putting any extra efforts. Therefore, you’ll be able to take it apart and store it anywhere in a smaller space.

  1. Resistance

Resistance settings differ for each pedal exerciser. Moreover, the majority of the machines allow their user to shift between varying resistances. That’s because people of different ages have different workout requirements.

Hence, make sure that the equipment you purchase provides you the ability to shift between various resistances. In this way, your equipment will be able to cater to the needs of different users. Also, you can intensify your workout as much as you want.

  1. Noise levels

If you live in an apartment or a neighborhood surrounded by a lot of people, then you must consider the noise levels of your machine. The finest foot pedal exercisers will always maintain a pin drop silence. However, some machines can make a lot of squeaky sound when operated.

Moreover, some exercise peddlers make sound as you progress with the resistance of your workout. Therefore, make sure that the machine that you are choosing does not make any sound even on the top-most levels of resistance.

  1. Usability

The amount of workout you can do on a pedal exerciser depends on its usability. The term usability refers to the ease of use for the machine i.e., how easy it is for you to operate the machine. To figure this out, make sure that you can pedal easily in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

Moreover, you must also make sure that your machine is smooth and the pedal doesn’t feel to be rough or jerked. To get the most out of your workout, make sure that your machine has a firm grip, smoother action, and steady placement.

  1. Additional features

Foot pedal exercisers differ in terms of their features. Some exercise peddlers will provide you a lot of features while others will serve only the basic capabilities. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your workout, consider your requirements.

On the basis of your requirements, you should make a list of features you are looking for. After that, you can look for a specific machine that provides you the features you need. In this way, you can get the best machine for your requirements.

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Bottom Line

A 9-5 job may bring you a lot of money but takes away your health. Therefore, your well-being and fitness is your own responsibility. Make sure you invest your time and money in a good exercise peddler.


Do pedal exercisers really work?

Yes, pedal exercisers work very well in keeping you fit. They provoke the movement of your body and help you tone your muscles, improve blood circulation, and lose weight.

Does a pedal exerciser help lose weight?

Yes, a pedal exercise can help you lose a significant amount of weight. However, you need to be strict with your diet and eating habits. You will be able to lose weight. But a pedal exerciser is useful for losing weight only if you preplan your diet towards losing weight

Are pedal exercisers good for cardio?

Yes, a pedal exerciser is a great cardio workout. Since, it involves various lower body muscles like hamstrings, glutes, and quads, you can consider it as a great cardio exercise.