9 Best Passive Leg Exercisers For Elderly & Seniors To Improve Circulation (Review) In 2023

Every physician, cardiologist, or physiotherapist suggests you to follow an active lifestyle to keep fit and avoid illnesses. Being active involves going to a gym, exercising, walking, or doing any kind of physical activity.

There are a few situations that would make it impossible for you to perform any such activity. When you are injured, under-recovery, or have some chronic illness that prevents you from placing any stress on the joints or muscles, it is not feasible for you to stay physically active.

The elderly have used up joints and have a chance of getting muscle pain even with a minor active workout. For them, passive movement is a great option to get all the muscle movement, blood circulation, and prevention of leg inflammation without the risk of injury or excessive joint pain.

There are many types of equipment in the market that would help the seniors to get some passive exercise for their legs, arms, and core. Here in this buying guide, we are discussing in detail some of the best passive exercise machines for the elderly.

Best Passive Leg Exercisers For Elderly

Best Passive Leg Exercisers For Seniors

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The machines that have made to this list of best leg exercisers are chosen based on many parameters including, safety, convenience, ease of operation, the durability of the equipment, and quality of workout it offers. You can safely choose any of it for you or the seniors at home without worrying about the performance or the quality of the machine.

LegActivator Seated Leg Exerciser & Physiotherapy Machine for Seniors 


This passive leg exerciser for the elderly is designed to move your legs in a continuous motion without any jerks or excessive pressure on joints. It is very convenient to use, you just need to plug it, place your feet on it, select the speed, and done, the machine will do the rest.

The leg exerciser will help you improve your blood circulation and reduce vascular problems. It is also effective in reducing cramps, back pain, and inflammation in the lower body due to inactivity. Just using it for 15 to 30 minutes a day will make you feel relax and energized.

The machine is compact and lightweight. At just 10 pounds of net weight, it is very easy to move and store. The motor is so silent that you can use it without anyone noticing the noise.

Features & Specs

Designed with Ergo-therapy in mind

Electrical dual-speed system

Works on 110w output

Machine weight: 10 pounds

1410 to 1650 steps in 30 minutes

Compact size


  • Easy to move and store
  • Very convenient to use
  • Fits in your schedule as you can use it while working at a desk
  • Grippy surface to place your feet
  • Provides slow-motion passive exercise
  • Helps improve your health without the risk of injury


  • The instruction manual needs some work

You will need the instruction manual only when you are using the machine for the first time, it is so easy to use it. There is no need to look at the manual, you can just look at the machine and figure it out.

Legxercise PRO


The Legxercise PRO does all the work to stimulate blood circulation and gets you about 1.6Kms walk worth of workout in an hour while sitting on the couch. It is a great option for passive exercise for the elderly and those who have limited mobility.

You just plug in the machine, put your feet on it, select your speed, and relax. Let your personal mechanical physiotherapist work its magic. It will move your legs in continuous, non-jerky movement and promote wonderful health benefits.

With this device, you can get some passive exercise done while sitting, resting, working on a desktop, or watching television.

Features & Specs

Remote control for speed control

Step counter

64 steps per minute

Machine weight: 9 pounds

Continuous motion

18.3 x 14.8 x 6.6 (LxWxH) inches in size


  • Great range of motion
  • Remote control for convenience of use
  • Creates continuous motion at knee and ankle joints
  • Soothes pain and discomfort
  • Helps improve blood flow and reduce swelling
  • Easy to move and store


  • The remote control cord is too short

The remote control is just there for letting you change the speed or stop the machine without having to bend down, it is not meant to be operated from a distance.

Exerpeutic 2000M Motorized Electric Leg Exerciser



If you want to upgrade over any passive leg exerciser you have then the Exerpeutic 2000M would be a great choice for you. And it would be even better if you choose this exerciser as your first mini exerciser.

This machine has much better features than many other options. To start with, it utilizes rotational motion instead of forward-reverse motion. This helps you engage more muscles and joints in the exercise.

This is not only a leg exerciser; it can also be used for exercising your arms. It has a remote with 6 feet long cord for your convenience. You can use the remote to adjust the speed or start and stop the machine.

Features & Specs

Low-impact circular motion

Large pedals

Large LCD screen

Extended chord controller

On-board handle to carry the machine

Machine weight: 20 pounds

21 x 18.2 x 14.5(LxWxH) inches in size


  • Pedals have adjustable straps to secure your feet
  • Can be used for upper and lower body
  • Offers low impact motion
  • Multi-function display that shows time, calories, and repetitions
  • Easy to carry with built-in handle
  • Quiet electric motor
  • 9 levels of speed


  • Your foot may slips from the petal

This seated leg exerciser is designed for the elderly to get some lightweight passive workout, the pedals can handle enough pressure.

Exerpeutic Motorized Leg and Arm Pedal Exerciser


This cute little motorized exerciser can be used to move your legs or arms in a smooth rotational motion. It helps regulate the blood flow, improve your balance, and reduces the risk of clotting.

This handy, compact, and lightweight machine is very easy to move around. It operates on standard 120V power and can be plugged into any electric socket at your home. The machine consumes only 6.5W power.

This multifunction sitting leg exerciser for seniors offers low impact upper body and lower body workout at multiple speeds. The speed can be adjusted using the extended hand-held controller.

Features & Specs

Motor assisted cycle motion

Foldable pedals

Multifunction LCD screen

Extended chord controller

Carry handle

Machine weight: 12.5 pounds

16 x 16 x 13 (LxWxH) inches in size


  • Offers an option to exercise anywhere
  • Pedals with adjustable straps
  • Operates on the standard power supply
  • Easy speed adjustment with remote controller
  • Adjustable speed


  • Display is too low to read while pedaling

This foot exerciser is so lightweight that you can grab the handle and lift it up even if it is just to read the workout metrics on the LCD screen.

ANCHEER Electric Under Desk Pedal Exerciser


This 2-in-1 electric exerciser from ANCHEER can be used with or without power. You can get power-assisted, low-impact elliptical motion passive workout or active leg workout without using electric power.

ANCHEER pedal exerciser is one of the most aesthetic machines in its class.

The machine has auto and manual mode. There are 5 settings of the speed in the manual mode and three levels in auto mode. For added versatility, the pedals of this machine can move in forward and reverse direction as well.

Features & Specs

Assisted and non-assisted motion

Elliptical motion

LCD screen

Anti-slip pedals

Auto and manual speed control

Machine weight: 16.7 pounds

18x 14 x 10 (LxWxH) inches in size


  • Easily portable with a built-in handle
  • No impact elliptical motion
  • Large anti-slip pedals
  • Multi-functional display
  • Sturdy build
  • No assembly needed
  • Easy to operate


  • Can’t use while standing

The elliptical motion in this leg exerciser for circulation will provide a low-impact, power-assisted passive exercise to the elderly, that has to be done while seating to avoid stress on the joints.

Fast88 Electric Desk Elliptical Machine Trainer


The elliptical motion electric leg exerciser from Fast88 comes with a built-in multifunctional LED display. It offers three auto speed levels and 5 choices of speed in manual mode. The machine is designed to run in a smooth motion without making any noise.

The large, anti-slip, textured pedals provide a stable platform to put your feet on. You can even use the machine barefoot to enjoy an acupressure kind of massage.

Features & Specs

Auto and manual speed control

Elliptical with sensitive rollers

Built-in LED display

Textured pedals

Forward and reverse motion

Machine weight: 17 pounds

17.7 x 14.6 x 9.8 (LxWxH) inches in size


  • Fitness monitor displays many useful metrics
  • Space saver design
  • Can fit under your desk
  • Easily portable
  • Adjustable speed


  • Can’t use it for upper body

You can use this machine for passively exercising your legs while sitting and keeping your hands free for other activities like reading, writing, or working on a computer.

Physiotherapy Seated Electric Leg Exerciser


Physiotherapy leg exerciser for seniors creates constant forward and backward leg movement to stimulate the effect of walking without actually going out for a walk.

The machine has ergonomic footpads lined with a grip that massages your feet. The precision motor used in this machine ensures the smooth and noiseless operation. It stimulates slow and continuous movement of the legs.

This compact and lightweight leg oscillator is easily portable.

Features & Specs

Anti-slip foot pads

5-speed options

Folding legs

Wireless remote control

One-touch speed control on the machine

Machine weight: 10.3 pounds

15.75x 18.11 x 5.12 (LxWxH) inches in size


  • Easy to operate
  • No assembly needed
  • Can use it flat on the floor or in a little inclined position
  • Stimulates better blood circulation
  • Easy to carry


  • Not so durable
  • Very short range of motion

This machine is best suited for those who have very limited mobility and trying the passive leg workout for the first time.

Happylegs – Passive Gymnastics Exerciser


The Happylegs seated walking machine is a safe passive leg exerciser. You can place your foot on the platform and strap it secure in place with an adjustable strap-on.

This aesthetic aqua blue exerciser stays in position on the floor and moves your legs in continuous reciprocating motion without inflicting any jerks. It is effective in improving your cardiovascular health.

Features & Specs

Patented design

Three-speed options to stimulate 3120 to 5040 steps per hour

Adjustable straps to secure your feet

Grips the floor well

Reciprocating motion machine

Machine weight: 11.02 pounds

17.32 x 12.99 x 3.54 (LxWxH) inches in size


  • Supported by many medical studies
  • 3 levels of speed
  • Provides no-effort exercise option to elderly
  • Fast and quiet in operation
  • Offers gentle exercise to keep the joints mobile


  • No instruction manual
  • No remote control

The machine offers low impact seated workout to stimulate similar benefits as walking. There is a dial on the machine itself to change the speed instead of a remote control.

Lutingstore Seated Leg Exerciser



Along with being a seated walking machine, the Lutingstore exerciser also provides magnetic massage by stimulating acupressure points on the foot. This would help to improve the quality of your sleep.

The machine comes with wireless remote control and two types of adaptors. One adaptor for powering the machine uses a standard domestic power supply and another one that can be used in your car. This provides you an option to workout while at home or while traveling in a car.

The machine has 30 different speed levels that can either be adjusted using the remote control or on-board controls. Even with all these advanced features, the machine is compact and lightweight.

Features & Specs

30 speed levels to choose from

Compact design

Adaptors for vehicle and home power supply

Wireless remote control

Same remote can be used to play music

Machine weight: 11.45 pounds

15.7 x 12.9 x 5.5 (LxWxH) inches in size


  • Relieves leg muscles and improves blood flow
  • Can be conveniently operated by wireless remote
  • Has multiple speed options
  • Offers magnetic feet massage
  • Small in size


  • No straps to secure the feet in place

You need to put a little pressure with your feet on the pedals for any leg exerciser machine to move your legs, if you do it you won’t feel the need for straps to keep your feet secure on the pedals.

Passive Leg Exerciser Buyer’s Guide

The passive leg exercising machines are great at providing a stimulus needed for proper blood circulation in the lower body for those with limited mobility. There are hundreds of such foot exerciser machines available in the market, not all of them are good or suitable for your requirement.

To choose the right one you need to check the machine on various parameters. Here we are describing some important factors that you must test the foot exercise machine you wish to buy in order to confirm its usefulness.

  • Weight of the machine: The machine should be lightweight and easy to carry as you would be using it in your home and you would need to shift it often.
  • Speed and adjustability: You might not be looking for an intense workout on these passive exercisers, but still, it is better to have some options for the speed of the movement.
  • The motion: The movement of the feet or legs should be continuous and smooth; it should not involve any jerks that would impact badly on your joints. As the machine will be used by seniors or people with limited mobility the leg motion must be low-impact.
  • Control and display: It should be convenient for the user to start, stop, and adjust the speed of the machine. The on-board and remote control of the machine should be easy to operate and access.
  • Noise: You will be using this exercise equipment for legs while sitting, watching television, or reading. Thus, it is preferable that the motor and all other moving parts of the machine, move without making any noise.

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Do Passive Leg Exercisers Work?

The passive leg exercisers are meant to maintain the mobility of the joints and improve the blood flow in the lower body. The motorized leg exercisers perform this function effectively by moving your feet and legs in a continuous and smooth motion.

How Effective is the Passive Leg Exerciser Machines?

As the name suggests, these are passive foot exercise machines, these won’t help you build muscles or strengthen them. But these are effective in improving blood circulation, reduce cramps, reduce back pain, and improving cardiovascular health.

We have included the buying guide for those interested in buying a leg exerciser for circulation. If you find it difficult to understand or don’t want to spend too much time researching about the machines, then we have also given you the list of the best choices available in the market, just choose any of them and you would be happy with the purchase.