16 Best Doorway Pull-Up Bars That Don’t Require Screws (Review) In 2023

A pull-up bar can add so much variety to your bodyweight exercise routine. This single piece of equipment combined with other bodyweight workouts can help you work on every muscle group in your body.

The pull-up bars are simple, inexpensive and multi functional equipment. They come in many forms like wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, as an attachment to bigger exercise equipment or doorway pull-up bars.

In this buying guide you will get to know about the best doorway pull-up bars that don’t require screws to install.

The doorway pull up bar no-screws arrangement makes it easy to install and remove from the top of the doorway and that too without leaving any mark behind.

If you are looking to buy a no screws pull up bar, you landed at the right place. In this buying guide, we have listed the best pull up bars that need no drilling to be installed on your doorway.

Best Doorway Pull-Up Bars That Don’t Require Screws

Best Doorway Pull-Up Bars That Don't Require Screws

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The no screws pullup bars listed here are tested on the basis of mounting grip, handle grip, stability, weight capacity, durability and many other factors. Before making the decision to buy, we recommend you read this buying guide till the end so that you can make a well informed decision and buy the right chin up bar for your at home bodyweight workouts.

Ultimate Body Press XL Pull Up Bar


You can utilize any doorway between the width of 24 to 36 inches to install the Ultimate body press pull up bar. With its expandable bar ends it can fit any residential doorway with molding size up to 3.5 inches.

This multifunctional bar can be used as pull up cum chin up bar and it can be installed without screws on your doorway, and it can also work as a rigid platform for your floor exercises like push ups.

The bar is constructed using premium steel tubes, high quality hardware and ABS couplers to offer a safe and stable exercise unit that can easily handle 300 pounds user weight. The grips are made of high density foam to last long.

Features & Specs

Adjustable bar end width

For doorway and floor exercises


Supports attachments like abs straps

Materials: Steel tubes, ABS couplers, high density foam

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Product Weight: 10.2 pounds

Product Dimension: 37.5×11.5×4 inches


  • Easy to install
  • Fits almost all residential doorways
  • Durable construction
  • Expandable bar ends allows it to fit any doorway between 24 to 36 inches width
  • Multifunctional
  • Utilizes bodyweight to lock against the wall
  • Comfortable and durable grips


  • Bar ends may damage the paint

Iron Age Pull Up Bar with Smart Hook Technology 


This high strength no screw chin up bar can handle the users who are taller and heavier than the average guys. Its high strength carbon tube construction allows it to support user weight up to 440 pounds and the 6 inches higher upper handle bar helps accommodate taller users without them having to bend their knees to perform pull ups.

The high strength bar is covered with soft foam handles to provide a soft and comfortable grip. 

The design reduces the downward force and prevents the doorframe from getting overloaded. The bar ends that rest against the uprights of the doorframe are covered with protective pads to prevent damage to the frame.

Features & Specs

Needs no assembly

Smart hook technology

6 inches higher handlebar

Fits 28 to 36 inches wide doorways

Materials: Steel, carbon tubes, plastic, high density foam

Weight Capacity: 440 pounds

Product Weight: 7.5 pounds

Product Dimension: 39.37×10.24×2 inches (folded)


  • Foldable and portable
  • Can be installed and removed quickly
  • Safe and stable
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Causes no damage to doorframe
  • Suitable for tall users
  • Soft foam handles


  • The door needs to have trim to hang this bar

FEIERDUN Doorway Pull Up and Chin Up Bar 


Don’t worry if you don’t have a doorway with trim above it, the FEIERDUN doorway pull up bar can be fixed on your doorway with no screws, no drilling and no trim to hang it on.

To fix the bar between your doorway, you just need to press it against one upright and rotate the pole to extend the bar and press it against the other upright.

The 360 degree anti loosening safety lock, anti-slip PVC mats and force change direction mechanism at the bar end ensures a perfect and secure fit of the bar without the need for screws.

Features & Specs

Removable hand grips

Anti-slip PVC mat

360-degree anti-loosen safety lock

Fixed by extended and changed pressure

Materials: Stainless steel, PVC, plastic

Weight Capacity: 440 pounds

Product Weight: 5.75 pounds

Product Dimension: available in, 28.3-36.2 and 36.6-45 inches 


  • High quality construction material
  • No need of trim or casing on the doors to install this
  • Leaves no marks on the door frame
  • Removable and washable hand grips
  • Available in two different length options
  • Sturdy fixing mechanism
  • Stainless steel construct


  • A little narrow hand grips

IRON AGE Pull Up Bar with Shortened Upper Bar 


This ergonomic, foldable pull up bar with no screws and shortened upper bar from IRON AGE comes with a soft foam grip with a multi-grip option on the upper bar and separate grips on angled ends providing you options to do close grip, shoulder width and wide grip pull ups or chin ups.

The multi fold design of the bar takes very little storage space. The bar is easy to install and remove and owing to its premium silicone protectors, it leaves no marks on the door uprights.

Features & Specs


Multiple hand grips

Silicone door pads

Shortened upper bar

Materials: Steel, silicone, foam

Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

Product Weight: 9.3 pounds

Product Dimension: 38.6 x 11.2 x 2.3 inches 


  • Takes up very little storage space
  • Doesn’t damage the doorway
  • Power ropes are included in the package
  • Many grip options for targeting different muscle groups
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Ergonomic


  • Low density foam on hand grips

Ikonfitness Pull Up Bar 


The no-screws ready to use Ikon fitness pull up bar can fit on the doors of width up to 36 inches. The heavy duty design and robust construction of the bar can support user weight up to 440 pounds.

Soft and durable foam grip provides a non-slip surface to grip on while exercising. The larger hooks ensure a safe and stable fix on the doorframe.

Features & Specs


Larger hooks

Heavy-duty design

Extra thick rod

Materials: Steel, foam, rubber

Weight Capacity: 440 pounds

Product Weight: 7.9 pounds

Product Dimension: 39.4 x 9.9 x 1.4 inches (folded)


  • High quality construction
  • Rubber pads to protect doorframe surface
  • Ergonomic hand grips
  • Can be used to train on the floor
  • Offers optimum stability
  • Higher weight limit


  • Instructions not clear about the extra hand grips

ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar 


The multifunctional and portable pull up cum chin bar from ProsourceFit can be easily assembled and installed on the doorways measuring 24 to 36 inches in width.

Made out of durable steel, the bar can hold user weight up to 300 pounds safely. The multiple foam grips installed on the bar provides you with options to perform different exercises with comfort like wide, close or hammer grip pull ups. 

Features & Specs

12 comfortable grips

For doorway and floor exercises

Slip-in design

High grade steel

Materials: Steel, foam

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Product Weight: 11 pounds

Product Dimension: 41.25 x 16x 9 inches 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of premium grade steel
  • Various handles for different exercises
  • Foam covers for outer handles
  • Exercise guide included in the package
  • Portable 


  • May stain the doorframes
  • Assembly instructions are a bit vague

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar 


You can turn any doorway in your home into your personal pull up station with Iron gym pull up bar. It can be installed on any doorway with 24-32 inches in width without any drilling.

This chin up bar can support user weight up to 300 pounds safely and offers three grip positions for performing chin ups or pull ups. It can also be used to improve your push ups.

Features & Specs

Fits doorways up to 35.4 inches in width


Foam grips

Materials: Steel, foam

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Product Weight: 5.4 pounds

Product Dimension: 36.61x13x11 inches 


  • Simple design
  • Can be used for floor exercises too
  • Easy to assemble install
  • Soft hand grips
  • Offers three grip positions
  • Portable 


  • Doesn’t have wide angled handles
  • Grips may come off after a few sessions

Sagler Pull up bar 


The heavy duty multi-function pull up bar from Sagler can be used to perform pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, crunches and more. Three grip positions allow you to perform narrow, wide and neutral grip exercises.

This lightweight but sturdy pull up bar can be easily assembled and installed without the need for any drilling. It can be easily dismantled and carried around while traveling.

Features & Specs

Three grip positions

Fits up to 36 inches wide doorways

Materials: Steel, foam

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Product Weight: 3.79 pounds

Product Dimension: 38x15x14 inches 


  • Offers three different grip positions
  • Suitable for doorway and floor exercises
  • Easy to dismantle and carry
  • Multi-functional
  • Non-slip and comfortable grips
  • Ultra lightweight


  • Not so durable
  • Bolts are a little short in length

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar 


The Perfect fitness no screws pull up bar securely attaches to doors with frame width between 27 to 35 inches. It can support up to 300 pounds of user weight.

This easily portable chin-up bar can be turned over to perform sit-ups, push-ups and dips.

The foam grips on the handles are padded enough to provide good comfort while exercising and the bar ends have a rubberized frame guard to protect the door frame.   

Features & Specs

Adjustable width

Safety clip

Materials: Steel, foam

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Product Weight: 3.79 pounds

Product Dimension: 38x15x14 inches 


  • On-board tool storage for quick assembly
  • Compact design
  • Foam padded handle grips
  • Sturdy built
  • Soft texture, sweat absorbent grip pads
  • Easy to assemble


  • Unhelpful instruction manual
  • Door frame support may leave some marks

ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Lite Pull Up Bar 


Built to last with heavy-duty high grade steel, the Prosourcefit Lite is a multi-functional and portable doorway pull up bar that doesn’t need any screws or drilling for installation.

This easy to assemble and install pull up bar can fit comfortably on doors with an inner width of 24 to 32 inches. For additional safety, you can install an optional Z bracket with it.

Features & Specs

Space saving


Materials: Steel, foam

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Product Weight: 5.5 pounds

Product Dimension: 36.5x12x9 inches 


  • An optional mounting tool is included in the package
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Can be used for multiple exercises
  • Durable 
  • Foam padding to protect the door frame
  • Convenient to carry


  • Bolts are short
  • Assembly tool provided in the package is not usable

HANDSONIC Pull Up Bar for Doorway


The HANDSONIC doorway pull up bar with retractable bar and adjustable length mechanism to fix the bar between the door frame uprights is a compact, secure, heavy-duty and reliable pull up bar.

After rotating the middle tube to adjust the length of the bar to fix between the doorway, you can use the anti-rotation sleeve to lock it in position.

With high-density thread and 360 degree two way locked horn; this bar fits the doorway much more securely than many other counterparts.

Features & Specs

High-density threads on the retractable rod

Stainless steel horn buckle

Materials: Stainless steel, foam, PVC

Weight Capacity: 440 pounds

Product Weight: 2.65 pounds

Product Dimension: 28.7-36.2 inches in length


  • Effortless and quick installation
  • No assembly required
  • High quality material used
  • Easy to store
  • Anti-skid PVC mats leave no marks on the door
  • Sturdy locking mechanism


  • The installation manual isn’t given with the package

Komsurf Pull Up Bar 


The easy to install and portable design of the Komsurf pull up bar makes it easy to carry it while you travel and squeeze in your favourite exercises in your schedule wherever you are.

Constructed using heavy duty steel the pull up bar is durable and provides a stable platform for performing pull up for users up to 300 pounds bodyweight.

Features & Specs

Option to fix using screws if needed

Fits to 24 to  36 inch wide doors

Materials: Steel, foam

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Product Weight: 9.9 pounds

Product Dimension: 41.7×15.7×8.7 inches


  • Multiple grip options
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Exercise guide included in the package
  • Option to fix it using screws for extra safety


  • Washers and fasteners need to be improved

HAKENO Pull Up Bar 


The thick grip of the Hakeno pull up bar would be helpful to accelerate the muscle size growth of your arms. 

The length adjustable fixing technology coupled with the anti-skid device on both sides of the bar and the locking mechanism together secure the bar in place safe enough to support user weight as high as 660 pounds.

Features & Specs

Anti-skid device on both ends

Locking mechanism

Materials: Stainless steel, foam, silicone

Weight Capacity: 660 pounds

Product Weight: 4.05 pounds

Product Dimension: 36-47 inches in length


  • No assembly required
  • The anti-skid device to lock the bar in place
  • Lock mechanism prevents the bar from loosening 
  • 2 large and thick silicone pad
  • Thickened stainless steel pipe 
  • High density thread retractable rod
  • Durable 


  • Doesn’t work well on rough surfaces

AmazeFan Pull Up Bar 


The simple rotate to fix AmazeFan pull up bar can be fixed between any two parallel walls, frames or firm surfaces having 26-39 inches of gap in between.

The comfortable grip of the bar has a soft and sweat absorbent outer layer to keep your palms at ease throughout the workout.

Features & Specs

Three layer comfort grip

Fits 26 to 39 inch wide door frame

Materials: Iron, foam, rubber

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Product Weight: 4.6 pounds

Product Dimension: 26-39 inches in length


  • Comfortable and extra-long foam grips
  • Thick rubber feet for maximum stability
  • Made out of heavy-duty iron
  • Package include 2 wrist straps
  • Super easy to install
  • Takes little storage space


  • No locking mechanism
  • Have to rely on the friction grip of rubber feet only

DISUPPO Pull Up Bar 


The adjustable length DISUPPO pull up bar with rotate to fix mechanism can be adjusted to fit in 28 to 38 inch wide doorways. It utilizes anti-skid lock mechanism installed on both sides, anti-lock rotation lock and the anti-skid silicone mat for ensuring safe positioning of the bar.

The removable and washable hand grips of the bar can be positioned anywhere on the length of the bar according to your need.

Features & Specs

Anti-skid silicone mat

Locking mechanism on both sides

Materials: Steel, foam, silicone

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Product Weight: 4.25 pounds

Product Dimension: 29-36 inches in length


  • Adjustable bar length 
  • Non-slip bar ends
  • Removable and washable grips
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Available in two lengths
  • Stable and durable


  • Hand grips are slippery

KMM Pull Up Bar 


With unique built-in bubble level meter you can never be wrong about installing the KMM pull up bar exactly parallel to the ground and make your workout safer.

This sturdy no screw pull up bar can handle the users up to 440 pounds weight. The wide,  grippy bar ends rest on the sides of the doorway and the bar length telescope mechanism can be adjusted using a hex wrench to extend the bar to be fixed and locked in position.

Features & Specs

Hex wrench to extend the bar

Built-in bubble level meter

Materials: Steel, foam, rubber

Weight Capacity: 440 pounds

Product Weight: 4.5 pounds

Product Dimension: 26-35.43 inches in length


  • With the anti-skid device the bar firmly sticks to the wall
  • High security lock mechanism
  • Adjustable bar length 
  • Can be fixed at any height for different uses
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Can be installed perfectly parallel to ground using built in level meter


  • Needs larger space on the sides of the doorway to rest the bar ends

No-Screw Doorway Pull Up Bar Buyer’s Guide 

The doorway pull up bar without screws can add great value to your home workouts, but if you don’t buy the right bar it can be disastrous too. To avoid getting disappointed with your purchase you should check the tension pull up bar under consideration on the parameters listed below.

  • Mounting grip and strength
  • Weight capacity
  • Clamping/tension mechanism
  • Ease of installation and removal
  • Handle grip
  • The material used in construction of the screwless pull up bar
  • Dimensions compared to your doorway 
  • Product weight


Do Pull Up Bars Need Screws?

Pull up bars come in many types and forms. Some bars need screws to install some can be installed on doorways without screws or drilling.

Does Doorway Pull Up Bars Damage The Door?

The pull up bars that require to be screwed to the doorway will definitely damage the door frame. The pullup bars that don’t need screws won’t damage any part of the door.

Are No-screw Doorway Pull-up Bars Safe?

Yes, these are safe. To make sure they are safe to be used, while choosing the doorway pull up bar without screws, consider choosing one that has significantly higher weight capacity than your actual weight.

Adding any of the pull up bars mentioned in this buying guide to your home gym won’t need you to make any changes in your existing setup. It will add value to your workouts without causing any damage to your doorways, these bars won’t even occupy the space permanently. Consider the type and size of the doorways in your home where it is feasible to install a pull up bar without screws before buying one.


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