9 Best Mats for Peloton Bike to Protect Your Carpet & Floor (Review 2023)

While you are working on your Peloton bike you should be assured of it being stable, in place, and producing the least or no vibrations to have a pleasant ride experience.

All this can be achieved by putting a floor protection mat under your Peloton bike.

The Peloton compatible bike mats for carpet or floor protection come in different sizes, patterns, and construction material. Here in this buying guide, to help you find the best mat for the Peloton bike, we have shortlisted the best suitable combinations for you.

Top 9 Best Peloton Bike Mats To Protect Your Carpet & Floor

Best Mats for Peloton Bike

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Let’s get into the details of the best Peloton mats available in the market.

CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer Hardwood Floor Carpet Protection Workout Mat for Indoor Cycle



This all-new heavy-duty thick carpet protection mat is made take the abuse of your intense workouts on your Peloton bike or any other stationary bike and protects your floor from possible damage.

The CyclingDeal mat comes with an anti-slip pattern at the bottom, which keeps it in place without causing any marks on the floor underneath. The strengthened top layer of this Peloton bike mat for carpet or hardwood makes it possible to walk on it even with cleats on.

This mat has a perfect size, it is arguably the best mat for Peloton bike and many other exercise equipment. It is also very easy to store and carry as you can fold it comfortably into a small-sized roll.


30-inch x 60-inches in size and 6mm thick (76.2 cm x 152.4 cm)

Made of virgin PVC material

Suitable for Peloton and other spin bikes

Strengthened upper layer

Anti-slip bottom pattern

Pros & Cons:



Extra soft feel

Not suitable for heavy treadmills

Thick and durable

Too soft to use over a carpet

Protects the floor well


Keeps the equipment in place


Easy to carry


If you are looking for a mat to protect your hard flooring from the scratches and vibrations while using your Peloton bike, then this is a better option for you.

BalanceFrom GoFit High-Density Treadmill Exercise Bike Equipment Mat



The BalanceForm GoFit mat can accommodate most of the stationary cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and of course your Peloton bike. Made from high-density material, this mat is made to protect both your equipment and the floor from damaging each other.

The rigid anti-slip patterns on both sides of the mat help it to hold its place and keep your equipment from moving. The moisture-resistant material of the mat is easy to wash and dries quickly. You can sweat all you want, it won’t bleed down to the floor.

This good looking heavy-duty mat would only enhance the look of the floor. The two-year-long warranty speaks about the quality of the mat.


30inch x 60inches in size

High-density PVC material

Suitable for treadmills, spin bikes, and ellipticals

Anti-slip patterns on both sides


Pros & Cons:



Heavy-duty material

May smell like chemicals

Can handle heavy equipment

Material may come to lose over use

Very easy to clean


Aesthetic look


No unnecessary prints to take care of


This is a high density, thin, and one of the best Peloton mats. It can take the load of your heavy exercise equipment and protect your floor for a long time. The smell, even if it is there, will go away in one or two sessions.

Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat



From recumbent to upright, all types of spin bikes, treadmills, or even steppers can be put on the top of Supermats’ equipment mat. It does the job to protect your floor or carpet from getting damaged due to the movement of the equipment during intense workouts.

It also protects the floor from the debris or lubricant dropping from the equipment, or the sweat dripping out of your body during long and hard cardio workouts.

This mat helps protect the equipment from excessive wear and tear that it might otherwise have faced by coming directly in contact with the floor. It also helps to extend the equipment life by dampening the vibrations.


Measures 30inch x 60inches

Made of PVC

Suitable for all types of spin bikes and other stationary equipment

Non-slip surface


Pros & Cons:



Can clean it easily with a damp cloth

Can leave mark on the floor if kept in the same position for long

Made of odor-free material

Not suitable for roller trainers

Dampens the vibrations and muffles noises


Fits most of the home exercise equipment


Can be used as an exercise mat


If you pick up and roll the mat once in a while, this mat will protect your Peloton bike and the floor from damages for a long period of time.

BalanceFrom GoFit High-Density Folding Exercise Bike Equipment Mat



This is a wider size floor protection mat from BalanceFrom. The GoFit Peloton bike mat utilizes the folding design instead of rolling on account of the mat being a bit stiffer and that the folded mat can be stored in a small flat space.

The mat BalanceForm GoFit is made with high-density PVC material. It has different ribbed patterns on either side giving it a different look on each side and also serving the purpose of keeping the machine and the mat in position firm on the floor.

The moisture-resistant material makes it easy to clean with a wet cloth and also prevents the sweat from dripping to the carpet or hardwood floor.


Size: 36inches x 72 inches

High-density PVC material

Suitable for spinning bikes and treadmills

Different grip patterns on each side

Foldable design

Measures 13 x 36 inches when folded

Pros & Cons:



High-quality material

Cannot roll the mat

Can hold heavy equipment

The folding indentations don’t look good

Can be used on both sides


Easy to clean the top surface using soap water


Comes with a two-year warranty


Stays secured on the floor


If you are looking for a real heavy-duty mat that can be stored in a small space under a cabinet after the use then you must choose this one.

Saris CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bike Trainers



You can stop worrying about spilling your sports drinks or dampening your hardwood floor while riding your Peloton bike on a carpet with sweat with Saris CycleOps mat under your bicycle. This thin but durable mat will keep your trainer or your Peloton spin bike from moving around.

The mat being thin, strong, and grippy, it can be placed on carpet or the floor. Unlike many mats, this can work with the indoor cycle roller trainer well.

This sweatproof black colored mat with a bright yellow logo on the corner would look beautiful in your home gym.


36inches x 65inches in size

Made out of black PVC foam material

Suitable for spin bikes, roller trainers

Durable construction

Resistant to moisture

Pros & Cons:



Can be easily cleaned with soap water

Size not enough for 29er bicycle trainer

Dries quickly

The print doesn’t last long

Dampens vibrations and squeaking noise


Can be rolled up in small size for storage


Ideal for roller trainers


Durable and sweatproof


No unpleasant odor


If you are the one who likes to switch between an indoor cycle trainer and your Peloton spin bike then this is the perfect mat for you.

Marcy Fitness Equipment Mat and Floor Protector for Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, and Accessories



Made from high-impact EVA foam material, the Marcy fitness equipment mat can even take the impact of dropped weights on it without making much of a noise and protects the floor beneath from direct impact.

The mat can work as an all-in-one floor protection surface for all your fitness equipment, may it be stationary cardio equipment like your Peloton bike or the dumbbells and barbells. It will protect the floor from scratches, impact damage, and the sweat dripping from your body while you workout.


Measures 36inches x 78inches in size

High-impact EVA foam material

Suitable for free weights, spin bikes, treadmills

Impact absorbent


High-density material with a protective layer on top

Pros & Cons:



Absorbs impact force effectively

Not so durable

Heavy-duty yet lightweight

Not good with equipment having edges at the bottom

Matte layer keeps the equipment in place




Easy to clean


Efficient in pressure and weight distribution


This is a multi-functional mat that serves many purposes. If you are someone who enjoys different types of exercises and wants a single mat to support all the activities, then this is the one you should go for.

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Wahoo KICKR Multi-Purpose Floor Mat for Indoor Cycling, Cross-Training



The water-resistant Wahoo KICKR mat is made to make your workouts less noisy by absorbing the vibrations and impact sounds of your exercise equipment.

The anti-slip texture of the mat helps you keep your roller trainers or your spin bike in one place during the intense workouts.


36inches x 78inches in size

High-impact memory foam material

Suitable for spin bikes, indoor trainer, cross-training

Anti-slip texture

Beveled edge


Pros & Cons:



Resistant to sweat and spilled water

Not so durable

Helps to absorb the sound

Too soft to handle heavy equipment

The safety edge keeps the mat inline


Lightweight and soft


Can be used to do floor exercises


If you are looking for a light and soft mat that can protect your floor while using the Peloton bike and can also be used for floor exercises Wahoo KICKR mat is a perfect fit for the job. 

ProSource Fit Folding Treadmill & Exercise Equipment Mats 



This folding mat is dense enough to take the abuse of your intense workouts. The ProSource mat will keep your Peloton spin bike from slipping or causing damage to the floor or the carpet.

The mat covers a wide area which enough for the base of any large equipment.

The dense material used to make this mat absorbs the impact, vibrations, and noise effectively.


Available in 36inches x 78inches

Slip-resistant PVC material

Suitable for spin bikes, treadmills, benches, etc

Foldable design

Low maintenance

Pros & Cons:



Can handle heavy exercise equipment

Can bunch up under the equipment

High-density mat, absorbs vibrations effectively

Can’t walk over it with cleats on

Wide enough to cover most of the equipment


Easy to clean and maintain


Durable material


It can be described in a line as a wide mat to protect your floor from the sweat and scratches under moderately intense use of exercise equipment.

ProsourceFit Excercise Puzzle Mat



This is pretty different from your regular floor protection or yoga mats. It comes in six puzzle pieces that can be connected together to form 24 square feet about half an inch thick exercise mat.

Thicker mats are better at absorbing impact, vibrations, and noise but can’t be folded or rolled for storage purposes, so ProsourceFit came up with this puzzle mat which can be split into six puzzle pieces measuring 24×24 inches each.

These pieces can be easily and quickly assembled to form one 4 feet by 6 feet protection mat for Peloton bike.


Forms a 48inches x 72inches mat

High-density EVA foam material

Suitable for spin bikes, high impact equipment

6 puzzle pieces measuring 24×24 inches each


Pros & Cons:



About half-inch thick mat

Water can seep through joints

Provides excellent cushioning and support

Pieces may come lose during intense workouts



Easy to assemble


Provide non-skid surface


If you want a better impact resistant mat, buy this one and tape the backside together with duct tape.

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Do I Need A Mat For My Peloton?

Yes, to protect your floor or the carpet from getting damaged due to vibrations, water and sweat dropping and scratches, you need a mat placed below your Peloton.

What Do I Put Under My Peloton Bike?

You should put one of the best Peloton mats made of high-density foam which can absorb impacts, noise, and vibrations under your Peloton bike.

Can You Use A Yoga Mat Under Peloton?

No, yoga mats are too soft to handle the weight and vibrations

Can I Put A Peloton Bike On Carpet?

You can put a Peloton bike on a carpet, but your carpet will get damaged, and also the bike may move around due to lack of grip on the carpet.

What Size Mat Do I Need For Peloton?

For a Peloton bike, you need a mat that is at least 2 feet wide and 4.5 feet long.

Do I Need Plywood Under My Peloton?

It is recommended to put plywood underneath your Peloton bike along with a mat to ensure thick support and a stable ride.