10 Best Home Pulley Systems for Performing Face Pulls, Lat Pulls, and More (Review) In 2023

You can move your dumbbells, barbells, or other free weights in any direction you wish, but thanks to the way gravity works, the resistance force you would get for the movement would be only in a downward direction. This limits the muscle groups you can target with the free weights.

Adding the pulley system to your home gym setup can improve its capabilities to a large extent. While your free weights are great at targeting the big muscle groups the pulley system gym would help you in targeting the small muscles and work on the weak points of your big lifts.

A home gym pulley system is a must-have for everyone. As there is no chance of dropping the weights on yourself, the cable pulley system is safe to be used by beginners. As it can be used to target the weak points it is useful for even the pro powerlifters.

If you are adding the pulley system for the power rack home setup, then you need to consider the type of pulley machine you can install on your existing setup. If you already have a power rack you can go for a power rack pulley system otherwise you have to look for ceiling mounted or door mounted systems.

To make this task easier, we have shortlisted some top-performing, high-quality pulleys.

Best Home Pulley Systems for Performing Face Pulls, Lat Pulls, and More

Best Home Pulley Systems

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We have considered the material used, durability, weight capacity, etc. while choosing the best out of hundreds of pully system gyms available in the market. You can choose any of these to buy for your garage gym setup, and we are sure that you would love that machine in terms of performance, looks, and sturdiness.

SYL Fitness LAT Cable Pulley System


The simplest form of a home cable pulley system is a single pulley that can be hanged at any hook, bar, or tube with a capacity to carry designated weight, and it comes in a single pulley, and a single cable with weight loading pin at one end, and provision for attachments at the other.

The SYL fitness cable pulley system in one such simple setup. It comes with one hanging strap and one strap handle. The package consists of four hooks, two of which would be attached to the two ends of the cable. With the help of a hanging strap, and two hooks you can hang the pulley to your power rack, ceiling hook, or your pull-up bar.

Setting up this cable pulley at your home gym requires no tools. You can use this amazing pulley with weights up to 340 pounds for building bigger triceps, back, chest, and other muscle groups.

Features & Specs

68-inch cable

1.9-inch diameter, and 13.6-inch long loading pin

3.54-inch pulley

Hanging strap

Materials: Steel, nylon, PVC

Weight Capacity: 340 pounds


  • Easy to install
  • Supports heavy-weights
  • Can use Olympic weights
  • Smooth, and quiet operation
  • Package includes a strap handle
  • Can use attachments like tricep rope, straight bar, etc.


  • The cable length is a little short if you wish to get creative

As the manufacturer promises to customize the length for you if needed, we see there is no reason you can’t choose this cable pulley for your home gym.

ARCHON Fitness Single Pulley System Cable Attachment


On almost every home single pulley system the weight hangs on like a pendulum. If you use it with proper technique, and a little creativity you can have a complete cable gym pulley system that fits in a small space at your home gym.

The Archon fitness pulley package consists of a pair of pulleys, a pair of weight straps, and strap handles, and 2 seventy inch long cables. This enables you to perform two pulley exercises like cable crossover.

Features & Specs

Pair of 70-inch cables

Heavy-duty Olympic plate holder

Commercial grade pulleys

Dual steel loop strap

Materials: Steel, nylon, PVC

Weight Capacity: 400 pounds


  • Can be installed on any bar or hook
  • Olympic plate adaptors can be exchanged for 1-inch post
  • Can hold up to 400 pounds weighs
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Package includes two pulleys, cables, handles, and weight straps
  • 70 inches long cables


  • Cable comes off pulley as tension released while changing weights

This is a sturdy pair of pulleys for your home gym. You can put the smaller weight at the bottom of the stack on the weight post which you won’t have to remove throughout the workout, and done, your cable won’t come off.

Mikolo Fitness LAT, and Lift Pulley System


With the free straight bar, and tricep rope attachments provided with Mikolo Lat, and Lift pulley system you can perform exercises like cable curls or tricep pushdowns without the need to spend an additional penny other than buying this set.

With one 70-inch, and a 90-inch high strength cable included in the package you have an option to choose how high you want to hang your pulley. The upgraded design of the loading pin accommodates both standard and Olympic weight plates. The plates can be secured with the dumbbell clamp provided in the package.

Features & Specs

One 70-inch, and one 90-inch long cable

360-degree silent pulley

High-strength cables

Upgraded loading pin

Materials: Steel, nylon, PE, alloy

Weight Capacity: 280 pounds


  • Includes two detachable handles in the package
  • Heavy-duty alloy buckle on the rope
  • High-strength sheathed cable
  • Easy to assemble, and carry around
  • 360-degree rotating pulley


  • No exercise instructions included

A cable pulley is so versatile, and safe to use that you can experiment working out using it without the need for any specific instruction. This amazing dual-length cable pulley would add much value to your home gym.

YaNovate Fitness LAT, and Lift Pulley System


The cable pulley would serve you great if the length of the cable is right for both your set up and your height. Keeping that in mind the YaNovateweight pulley system comes with tools, and screws needed to adjust the cable length.

The package includes a 90-inches long cable, a fixing ring, two U screws, and a combination wrench to enable easy adjustment of the cable length.

Features & Specs

90 inches long cable

Upgraded loading pin

3.5 inches pulley

20 inches long straight bar

Materials: Steel, nylon, PE, alloy

Weight Capacity: 280 pounds


  • Cable length is adjustable
  • Can be used for pull-down, and lift up movements
  • Accommodates standard, and Olympic weights
  • Can be installed on any hook or bar
  • Includes heavy-duty tricep rope, and straight bar


  • Cable length adjustment is tedious

It is not compulsory to adjust the cable length, this pulley home gym system works great even if used as it is.

PELLOR Cable Pulley System


This is a simple, lightweight, and portable cable pulley weight system that can be used to work on your wrists and forearm. This can be used by beginners to train other muscles too.

With help of a 10-inch strap, this pulley can be hanged to any overhead hook or bar. All the handles are EVA foam covered for added comfort.

Features & Specs

EVA foam hand grips

15-inch straight bar

Includes Flying handles

Nylon rope

Materials: Iron, nylon, foam, alloy

Weight Capacity:40 pounds


  • Needs very little storage space
  • Flying handles, and straight bar included
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Lower weight capacity
  • Weights may wobble while using as the weight post diameter is small

This is a good piece of equipment for beginners or can be used as a traveling spare pulley set.

Taeku Pulley Machine


With the features like 360-degree rotating 3.55 inches silent pulley, tricep rope, straight bar, and 220 pounds weight capacity, the Taeku pulley machine is a worthy piece of equipment to add to your home gym.

The reinforced nylon pulley and deep grooves on it make this exercise machine very safe to use.

Features & Specs

3.55-inch pulley

100-inch nylon cable

PVC sweat sleeve on handles

Materials: Stainless steel, nylon, steel, PVC

Weight Capacity: 220 pounds


  • Silent, and smooth operation
  • Handles up to 220 pounds weight
  • Deep, and safe grooves on the pulley
  • Includes tricep rope, and straight bar


  • Weight post-bar is thin
  • Hoist buckles are weak

This pulley can work satisfactorily if you are using standard weight plates. Not recommended to be used with Olympic plates.

BZK 3 in 1 Upgraded 11 Packs LAT, and Cable Pulley System


The heavy-duty BZK cable pulley has a straight bar, tricep rope, and one cable handle included in the package. It has one fixed length, and one adjustable length cable to provide you with more options to work out.

Features & Specs

1 fixed length, and 1 adjustable length cable

Sheathed cable rope

Sports bracers

Materials: Steel, nylon, PU

Weight Capacity: 280 pounds


  • Stable setup
  • Adjustable cable, and three attachments for added versatility
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Silent, and smooth pulley


  • Loading pin not too secure for Olympic weights

The loading pin with a diameter little less than 1 inch can be safely used with standard weight. The overall performance of this pulley is better than many others in the range.

Elikliv Cable Pulley Attachments System for Gym


The high strength alloy cable rope of the Elikliv pulley is sheathed with PU material. In this pulley system, the weights are loaded on the weight strap and have the capacity to hold up to 220 pounds.

Features & Specs

Heavy-duty steel cable

360-degree rotating pulley

Heavy-duty loading strap

Materials: Steel, nylon, PU

Weight Capacity: 220 pounds


  • Easy to assemble, and carry
  • High-quality stainless steel snap hooks
  • High weight capacity
  • Premium quality construction material


  • No straight bar
  • Loading weight on strap can be tedious

This is easy to operate pulley system, you just need to keep the weight plates attached to the cable strap so it is ready to perform when you need it.

Yes4All Pulley Cable Attachment Sets


With a hanging strap already attached to the pulley, you have one less task to do while setting the Yes4All pulley cable system for a workout. The simple four-piece package of this pulley consists of a handle strap, one weight loading strap, pulley, and a 75-inch cable.

Features & Specs

75-inch long cable

18.5-inch weight strap

360-degree rotating pulley

Materials: Steel, nylon, PU

Weight Capacity:400 pounds


  • Durable, and heavy-duty weight strap
  • Compatible with Olympic weights
  • Versatile
  • High-quality steel pulley


  • Pulley won’t rotate when the strap is loaded
  • Plates will be slanted while using

The rotation of the pulley around the vertical axis can be used only at lighter loads, the pulley works great at all other functions.

Riiai Cable Gym Pulley


Capable of supporting up to 220 pounds of weight this home gym pulley from Riiai can be used to work at seriously high loads. This high load capacity and gourd buckle design gives you a variety of options to work out.

Features & Specs

Wear-resistant alloy cable rope

Steel pulley

Materials: Steel, nylon, rubber

Weight Capacity:220 pounds


  • High-quality material
  • Safe, and reliable pulley
  • High weight capacity
  • Rubber grip to cable handle


  • Not so durable
  • Small pulley, makes a little noise

This is a space-saving pulley system, can be your travel buddy if you like to work out on the go.

Home Pulley Systems Buyer’s Guide

The cable pulley machine might be one of the simplest mechanisms but it still takes skill to choose the right one for your home gym setup. You need to consider all of the following factors in order to choose a durable, reliable, versatile, and well-performing cable pulley station.

  1. Weight capacity: Higher the weight capacity better the pulley system, keep that in mind while buying one.
  2. Attachments: The attachments add versatility to your system, it is better if the package comes with more attachment handles.
  3. Ease to install: You don’t want to waste too much time in installing, and dismantling the equipment, it should be easy, and less time consuming to install.
  4. Space needed to store: As it goes with any home gym equipment, it should require smaller storage space
  5. Durability: Goes without saying the pulley system should be constructed using high-quality material so that it lasts longer.


What Muscles Does The Pulley Machine Work?

The pulley machine can be used to work on triceps, biceps, back, chest, shoulder, and ab muscles.

How Do I Make A Pulley At Home Gym?

You can make a functioning DIY pulley at home. Get the components namely pulley, cable, connectors, straps, loading pin, etc., and assemble at home.


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