11 Best Heart Rate Monitor for Peloton (Review 2023)

Your heart rate is a true indicator of the intensity of your workout, speed, resistance, or the duration of the session. It shows you exactly how far you are pushing yourself in real-time.

While getting some cardio done on your Peloton bike, you need to have a heart rate monitor that can provide real-time heart rate data continuously to let you know if you are pushing too hard or being lazy. This will help you achieve the optimum results from your spin session.

In this buying guide, we discuss different types of heart rate monitors that work with Peloton bike.

Based on many parameters like accuracy, compatibility, build quality, and connectivity, we have shortlisted the best heart rate monitors for the Peloton bike. We have picked the good HR monitors from all the popular types.

Top Heart Rate Monitor For Peloton

Best Heart Rate Monitor For Peloton

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The Peloton compatible heart rate monitors are available in armband, chest strap, and wristwatch forms. Any of these can be used to track your heart rate, you can choose any type depending on how comfortable you feel working out wearing one.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Armbands For Peloton 

Scosche Rhythm24



The Scosche Rhythm24 armband heart rate monitor can stream your real-time heart rate data to many fitness tracking phone apps, fitness watches, or your Peloton bike computer screen.  

While spinning on your bike, you can switch between heart rate only and heart rate and cadence monitoring mode on this armband.

The band can be placed on top of your forearm, bicep, or triceps.  With an adjustable strap, you can make sure the armband HR monitor is snug enough not to slip and not restricting your movement in any way.

The green and yellow optical sensors provide better accuracy than single color sensors. The armband heart rate zone indicator makes it easy to view the heart rate zone at a glance.


Very accurate on all skin tones

Works with any device that supports ANT+ or BLE

35-hour battery life

HR zone and modes can be changed

Quick-lock interconnected armband design

On-board recording

LED indicators for heart rate zone

Waterproof construction

Pros & Cons:



Performs well with all skin tones

Connection issues while performing vigorous workouts involving jerky movements

Connectivity with many devices and apps


Can broadcast heart rate over ANT+ and BLE which makes it compatible with Peloton bike


Long battery life


Can use for multiple activities


No need to carry your mobile device to record the data


A versatile top quality armband heart rate monitor that can be used with almost all the apps and for tracking your cardio activities, can be an apt description for the Scosche Rhythm24. It is a perfect mate for your Peloton bike.

Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband



You can stream your heart rate data to your Peloton bike display or any other device that can support BLE or ANT+ connectivity. This HRM gives you the freedom to use any of the hundreds of fitness tracker apps and devices.

The Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate comes with a breathable neoprene armband that is comfortable to use. The bands are available in many colors.

With 8-hour battery life, waterproof construction, and compatibility to connect with many fitness tracking apps make this armband one of the best HRM suitable for long workouts in many setups and combinations.


Green and yellow optical sensors

IP67 waterproof construction

Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ connectivity

Performtek biometric sensor technology

Breathable armbands, available in different colors

Pros & Cons:



Compatible with many fitness apps

Feels little clunky

Connects with your Peloton bike for real-time HR data display

The band takes time to dry

Fully waterproof construction


Breathable armband


Very comfortable to wear


Pairs easily with other fitness devices


With the compatibility and ease of use, this armband heart rate monitor is suitable for different types of workouts. You won’t feel any discomfort using Scosche Rhythm+ HR monitor while spinning on your Peloton bike, as your hands will mostly be in one position.

Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor Armband



Track and capture your heart rate in real-time with the aesthetic Wahoo TICKR FIT heart rate monitor armband. It can also capture the calories burned and the training zones during the workout.

With integrated ANT+ and Bluetooth, this heart rate monitor connects with your Peloton bike computer and many other fitness tracking devices. You can record and upload the data to many fitness apps.

With a long-lasting rechargeable battery, you can get accurate heart rate data for long workouts with Wahoo TICKR FIT heart rate monitor wrapped around your forearm or biceps.


Integrated Bluetooth and ANT+

Works with 50 plus fitness apps

Can capture calories burned

LED lights for HR zones

Can integrate with Apple watch

Pros & Cons:



Can monitor workout efficiency effectively

Pairing takes time

IPX7 waterproof construction


Comfortable armband


Long battery life


If you can keep the HR monitor paired with your Peloton bike, the Wahoo TICKR FIT heart rate monitor would be a great choice for you.

Polar OH1+ Optical Heart Rate Sensor



The versatile Polar OH+ optical heart rate monitor can be used while performing countless exercises or sports activities. It comes with an adjustable armband and you can alternatively mount it on your swimming goggles too. It is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth devices. You can broadcast or upload your heart rate data to many devices and fitness tracker apps including your peloton bike display and smartphone.


Connects through OH1+, Bluetooth and ANT+

6-LED optical heart rate solution

On-board memory


Rechargeable battery

Pros & Cons:



Compact and versatile. One of the best HRM

The charging clip is too small to handle

Comes with a goggle strap clip

Not waterproof, only water resistance

You can train without a phone


Connects with many devices and fitness tracker apps


Comfortable and convenient to wear


If you are looking for a small, convenient to wear and reliable heart rate monitor, Polar OH1+ is the one for you.

Best Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Chest Straps

Garmin HRM-Dual



The chest strap type heart rate monitors are the most accurate and reliable ones and the Garmin HRM-dual is the best among them. It comes with a soft, comfortable, adjustable, and washable chest strap.

Featuring a long-lasting, three and half years long – easily replaceable battery and connectivity through BLE and ANT+. You can stay worry-free about battery life and connectivity with this HR monitor chest strap.


Adjustable strap length from 25 to 54 inches

User-replaceable, long-lasting battery

Wireless connectivity through ANT+, BLE


Washable strap

Pros & Cons:



Long battery life

Pairing and syncing can be difficult

Reliable and real-time heart rate data


Compatible with many apps and devices


More than 10 feet range


Comfortable to wear


If you are comfortable with wearing an HR monitor on the chest, the Garmin HRM-dual is the most reliable one to have for your Peloton bike workouts.

Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap



Track and capture your workout intensity and motion with Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap. It can be paired with many devices and 50 plus workout apps.

You can use this HR monitor to capture and store the heart rate, calories burnt, workout duration in the internal memory, and sync the data with your phone and other apps later.


Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ connectivity

23 to 48 inches adjustable strap

Works with all the popular fitness apps

Internal storage

Coin cell; easily replaceable battery

Pros & Cons:



Captures both motion and intensity

Cadence meter is unreliable

Can sync data with 50+ apps

Can’t export the data directly on a spreadsheet

No need to carry a mobile as it has on-board storage


Suitable to use for vigorous training


IPX7 waterproof


You already have a reliable cadence meter on your Peloton bike, so you can use this chest strap to get real-time HR data and use it to pace your workout accordingly.

POLAR H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap



With GoPro compatibility of POLAR H10 heart rate monitor chest strap, you can overlay your heart rate data on the video you captured.

The comfortable strap, connectivity, enhanced battery life, and built-in memory make this HR monitor the perfect mate for all your fitness activities.


GoPro compatible

Built-in memory for a full session

Updateable firmware

400 hours of operation time for battery

Compatible with many devices and apps

Pros & Cons:



More than one connection can be active at a time

Connects via Bluetooth only

Suitable for swimming


Machine washable strap


Highly accurate heart rate sensor


Soft and comfortable strap


This is a robust heart rate monitor that tracks and broadcasts your heart rate data accurately through Bluetooth to a variety of apps.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches For Peloton

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro



This solar-powered multisport GPS watch can use solar energy to enhance battery life and provide the best-estimated heart rate.

This watch has many advanced training features along with connectivity with many fitness apps.


Enhance battery life with solar power using capabilities

Best estimated wrist heart rate and Pulse Ox

1.4-inch display

Built-in navigation maps

Grade adjusted guidance with Pacepro technology

Pros & Cons:



Good quality design and built

Little bulky

Advanced performance metrics


Pre-loaded maps


The display can be read in the sunlight


Long-lasting battery


If you are looking for a durable, high quality multifunctional, multisport watch which can be used as a heart rate monitor too on your Peloton bike, then this is the one for you.

Apple Watch Series 5



The series 5 apple watch is much more than a fitness tracker. It has many advanced features like an always-on retina display and environment decibel monitor.

You can always get the read on your heart rate with the ECG app or continuously monitor it while working out.

With seamless connectivity with your iPhone, you can perform almost all the functions like call, text, or listening to music through the watch.


In-built GPS

Electrical and optical heart rate sensors

Seamless connectivity with your iPhone

ECG app

Advanced workout metrics

Pros & Cons:



Helps you track fitness goals

Connectivity to non-Apple devices might be an issue, for which you need other third-party apps.

Built-in GPS


Can be used for swimming


18 hours of battery life


Improved accelerometer and gyroscope


If you own any Apple device, this watch will top it with much more value than just a fitness tracker.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 



You can get better insights about your fitness activities with the Samsung galaxy active2 watch.

This multifunctional sports watch goes beyond tracking just your heart rate and gives you actionable insights about number steps, distance, etc.


Memory expandable up to 4 GB

Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Samsung health app

Pairs with Android devices

Bixby voice functionality

Pros & Cons:



Light and sleek design

Need other third-party apps to pair it with Peloton.

Auto alert on low or high heart rate


Built-in sleep tracker


Can track many activities


60-hour battery life


This is a fitness watch with a good estimated heart rate monitor with seamless connectivity to android devices.

Fitbit Versa 2



This watch can be used to track your heart rate not only to understand your workout performance but also to understand your sleep quality based on heart rate, restlessness and sleep time, etc.

Fitbit Versa2 is a versatile health and fitness smartwatch that has in-built Amazon Alexa that opens the door to many advanced functionalities.


Built-in Amazon Alexa

Connectivity to Bluetooth, iOS, and Android devices

Syncs with many apps

Always-on display mode

Optical heart rate sensor

Pros & Cons:



Can analyze sleep quality


6-day battery life

Need other third-party apps to pair it with Peloton.

Built-in memory


Track heart rate 24/7


Large display


This is a fitness watch for you if most of your fitness activities are indoor or you are comfortable carrying your phone while working out.

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What Heart Rate Monitors Work With Peloton?

The heart rate monitors that can broadcast the data over ANT+ or BLE do work with Peloton.

My Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Won’t Connect, What Should I Do?

Check your heart rate monitor’s connectivity. If it is already connected with some other device, turn it off and reboot the device.

My Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Turning On, What Should I Do?

Check on the battery connection, if it found ok, try to reboot. Next, charge it fully. If the problem is still persisting, replace the battery.