7 Best Gyms That Allow Kids Under 18

More than ever before, the fitness of children is a serious issue nowadays. In this modern world of changing lifestyles, more and more kids are becoming obese. And the best way to make your kid physically active is perhaps a kids gym membership.

Besides that, taking your kids to the gym is also a great way to help them start their fitness journey. Indeed, in these busy days, gyms are perhaps the best places to have some engaging, effective, interactive time between family members. 

But the problem is, not all gyms allow kids under 18 to exercise there. And those who allow, have different criteria to admit them, including minimum age requirements.

Moreover, as you know, safety and quality also matter while searching for a gym for your teen child. And that’s when you search for ‘gym for teenagers near me’ or ‘best gyms near me that allow kids under 18’. 

And if you are looking to learn about the best gyms that allow kids under 18, you have perhaps come to the best place.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best gyms for teenagers and pre-teen kids. And the gyms discussed here have branches in different locations around the country and the world, and most likely, you can find one near you as well. 

So read along, and find out the best Kid-Friendly Gyms.  

7 Best Kid-Friendly Gyms

Gyms That Allow Teens

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Given below are some best gyms that allow kids under 18. The minimum age requirement varies from gym to gym and location to location.

Therefore, contact the gym nearest to you to learn more about minimum age requirements and other details like fee structure and facilities available.

So if you ask ‘ what are the best gyms near me that allow teenagers’, here’s the answer.


Equinox is a premium gym network that has thousands of branches at different locations around the world. So, unless you live in a remote area, you can find one near you as well.  

Besides basic weight training facilities, almost every Equinox club includes several other facilities like pools, yoga centers, and many more.

Now, speaking of age requirements, most equinox clubs allow kids above 14 to workout. In such cases, you can definitely consider Equinox while looking for a gym for 15 year olds. But in some branches, your kid has to be 16 or 17 years old in order to workout there. 

In both cases, a parent should be present whenever their kid is visiting an Equinox gym. 

Also, you ought to learn about their pricing as well. As a premium gym network, an Equinox fitness membership is comparatively costly. 

The general membership pricing in Equinox ranges around $200.

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Gold’s Gym

Now, here is a comparatively affordable gym to take your kids to. The monthly membership fee in Gold’s Gym ranges around $30. In addition, there are family plans that you can customize accordingly. 

Almost every branch of Gold’s Gym comes with sophisticated weight training facilities, along with cardio facilities. Also, some of their clubs even have pools and boxing rings. 

Normally, kids above 13 are allowed to workout in most Gold’s Gym clubs. And as expected, parents have to accompany their kids while they exercise. Overall, Gold’s Gym is one of the best choices among Gyms for 14 year olds. 

Planet Fitness

And here is perhaps the most affordable gym for teens. 

One of the cheapest gym memberships, a Planet fitness membership generally costs you around $10. And that can be a perfect package for your teenage kid to get started on fitness journey. 

Talking about starting working out, kids aged from 13 to 17 are allowed in almost every Planet Fitness gym. 

Like other gyms, Planet fitness also requires parents to supervise their kids while they workout. However, at some Planet Fitness gyms, older teenagers can work out on their own without their parents. This comes as a blessing if your kid is mature enough to take care of himself/ herself. 

In addition to offering weight training facilities, Planet Fitness also conducts special programs for kids on regular occasions. So, that comes as an extra benefit. 

So, if you are looking for a cheap teens gym near you, you should consider planet fitness.

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Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness is a medium level gym. The membership fee at Crunch Fitness ranges from $20 to $30. They offer basic as well as high level memberships. 

The basic plan is sufficient to start out as a teenager. But if you are a parent planning to bring your kids to the nearest Crunch fitness, we advise you to go for the high level membership. This is because they offer a family plan using which you can bring your kids to the gym by paying an additional charge. 

Another benefit of a Crunch Fitness membership is, you can visit any of their gyms at more than 300 locations around the US using a single membership. 

Speaking of the age limit, kids aged 13-17 are welcome in Crunch Fitness, as long as there is a 21 year old adult accompanying them. That comes as a relief as parents themselves don’t have to be present when their kids workout. 

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24 Hour Fitness

Considering both cost and facilities available, 24 Hour Fitness can be an ideal choice for you. Most of their gyms come with a pool, cardio areas, and other amenities making it one of the best gyms for teenagers.

And due to these extra facilities, the membership fee at 24 Hour Fitness starts from $50 onwards. Once you have a 24 Hour Fitness membership, you can bring your kids.

But what makes 24 Hours Fitness unique is, kids as young as 12 years old are allowed at most of their gyms. And needless to say, parental supervision is mandatory while kids workout. 

Overall, 24 fitness is an ideal place for family together workout sessions. Contact the 24 hour fitness club nearest to you to learn more details including exact membership fees and facilities available. 

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Anytime Fitness

With more than 4000 gym locations around the globe and many across the USA, Anytime Fitness is famous among fitness enthusiasts. Almost all their gyms come with sophisticated machines and several other facilities.  

Membership prices at Anytime Fitness range around $40 per month.

Coming to the minimum age requirement, it depends on individual clubs.

Contact the Anytime fitness club nearest to you to learn more about their minimum age requirements and other details. 

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YMCA is a name that requires no introduction among fitness enthusiasts. 

Founded more than 100 years ago, the YMCA is well-known for its fitness facilities. And obviously, YMCA has always been a primary choice for families while looking for gyms that allow 16 year olds. 

Besides weight training, most YMCAs have pools, cardio facilities, and other amenities.

However, the most notable feature of the YMCA is that you don’t have to be around your kid when they work out. 

For kids aged 14 to 17, they conduct an orientation program and after attending that, kids can exercise on their own. 

So, if you are also an elder teenager looking for gyms for 16 year olds, then YMCA is perhaps the perfect choice for you. 

Coming to the price point, the YMCA membership fee actually varies according to gym locations. Mostly, it ranges from 30 to 70 dollars, with up to $20 off for teens. 

In addition to giving training, they also conduct youth leagues, enhancing your teen kid’s fitness journey even further. 

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Final Words

Most of these gym networks have thousands of branches in the United States as well as all around the world. So, contact the one near you for more details. 

And regarding which gym to choose, that is entirely up to you- choose the one that matches your / your child’s needs. 

If you are a teen looking to kick-start your fitness journey, and don’t want your parents having to look after you while you workout, then you have YMCA and Planet Fitness, as both don’t need constant parental supervision.

However, if you are looking for a budget gym for teenagers, then perhaps you should opt for Planet Fitness, as the membership charges there averages around $10 a month.

On the other hand, for those looking for a deluxe gym with high level facilities, there is Equinox. 

Finally, considering all the factors, we would suggest YMCA for your kid to start their gym training. In addition to not demanding constant parental supervision, they are a trusted organization. Also, regular youth leagues which they conduct will be greatly helpful to your child. 

In the end, no matter what gym you choose for your kid, remember to first consult a doctor before taking them to the gym. By doing so, you can make sure that your kid is medically fit to engage in workouts.