10 Best Exercise Bike Seats (Review) In 2023

Your legs naturally have the strongest muscle group in your body. Even if you have done no physical exercise ever, your legs can tolerate endurance workouts.

This is due to the fact that even if you are not doing any specific exercises, your legs are still carrying your body weight. Thus, when you are spinning on your exercise bike, in the initial phase of your training, you would have more issues with your back, shoulders, and most importantly the bum.

On the long-duration spinning sessions, you would get saddle sores much earlier than your leg muscles even feeling tired. That makes it as important as any other feature in the bike to have a comfortable exercise bike seat.

Most of the stock seats that come in default with the bike are not as comfortable as you would like. You need to find the right type of replacement seats for exercise bikes.

To help you in this matter we have put together a list of best seats for stationary bikes in this fitness equipment buying guide. Let go through their detailed description, advantages, and limitations one-by-one.

Best Exercise Bike Seat

Best Exercise Bike Seat

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We have picked these exercise bike replacement seats after trying out and researching hundreds of options. You can be assured about the comfort and durability of these if you choose to buy one of the seats listed here.

YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat Comfortable Replacement Bike Saddle 


Replacing the narrow and hard stock seat of your exercise bike with a YLG oversized comfort exercise bike replacement seat will enable you to go through your spin session much more comfortably.

This YLG’s patented extra comfortable seat comes with an adaptor. This adaptor makes it fixable on any spin bike.

For long-duration spin sessions, you need a seat that has a shape that fits perfectly with the shape of your glutes, offers enough support without affecting leg movement. This wide arched exercise bike replacement seat from YLG is designed to deliver you the same.

To offer you extra comfortable rides, this seat has a dual rubber ball suspension that deals with the jerks and adds stability to your spinning session. This along with the 7cm thick high-density memory foam and fused gel padding offers you the maximum comfort that a bike seat can offer.


  • Can fit almost all spin bikes
  • Shock-absorbing rubber ball suspension
  • Contoured and wide seating surface
  • Easy to install
  • Thick memory foam pad with fused gel
  • Waterproof and scratch proof surface


  • Not suitable for outdoor bikes

Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat 


With elastomer suspension and extra comfortable padding, the Bikeroo seat is a great option as stationary bike seat replacement to protect you from the pain inflicted by the vibrations that you might have subjected to if you weren’t using this seat.

Used by thousands of bikers all over the world, the Bikeroo is one of the best spin bike seat replacement for your spin bike. This ergonomically designed unisex replacement seat comes with some bonuses like a waterproof seat cover, mounting tools, and a universal bicycle seat adaptor.

This wide arch seat is suitable for upright position spinning and even for leisure or commute riding. Replace your old bike seat with this one and enjoy long spin sessions without worrying about any saddle sores.


  • Protects you from the bike vibrations
  • Waterproof cover included in the package
  • Super shock-absorbing suspension
  • Mid groove for ventilation
  • Wider surface
  • Sufficiently padded
  • Universal mounting adaptor and mounting tools included


  • Not suitable for performance posture riding

Xmifer Oversized Bike Seat, Comfortable Bike Seat 


Along with offering much-needed comfort to your bum and the back while spinning, the Xmifer oversized bike seat also enhances the look of your bike. This aesthetic seat with a black and red color combination is a thing of beauty.

This oversized bike seat is designed to provide relief to your prostate and tailbone while riding or spinning. The seat is padded with memory foam and has dual spring suspension for protection from vibrations.

The convex-shaped buttock support of the seat is padded with 8cm thick memory foam. There is a central grove to dissipate heat and keep the air flowing in the crotch area.

The Xmifer bike seat comes with a universal adaptor, installation tools, and instructions.


  • Ergonomic design and aesthetic looks
  • Smooth scratch-proof material
  • Waterproof PU leather
  • Thick punching foam padding
  • Airflow grove to keep crotch area cool
  • Durable microfibre PU leather material


  • The seat mount is a little weak and may cause tilt while spinning at high intensity

Giddy Up Oversize Comfortable Bicycle Saddle 


The dual spring suspension of the Giddy Up exercise bike replacement seat protects you from shocks from vibrations of your exercise bike.

The wide wings of this spinning bike seat are designed to fit the shape of your bum. Unlike the narrow stock seats of an exercise bike, the Giddy Up oversized seat supports a much wider hip area to avoid developing uncomfortable pressure points.

The seat is padded with thick memory foam that would reform itself to make it the most comfortable for the shape of your glutes.

The Giddy Up seat fits almost all bikes even with the ones having double rail clamp. The package includes a universal clamp, mounting tools, service manual, waterproof seat cover along with a wide and comfortable seat.


  • Offers vibration-free spin sessions
  • High-quality material is used
  • Match with the shape of your hips
  • High-density memory foam for a better experience
  • Package includes free service manual and seat cover
  • Comfortable for long-duration spin sessions


  • Side-by-side shaking may be observed at high-intensity

TONBUX Comfortable Bicycle Seat 


Unlike most of the spinning bike seats we have mentioned in this buying guide, the TONBUX is more of a traditionally shaped seat with a narrow and long nose. This padded bike seat for spinning is designed to offer you maximum comfort without coming in the way of pedaling movement.

The seat is heavily cushioned on the overall upper surface. The cushioning thickens further on the backside of the seat. Along with better cushioning for your comfort, the seat has a central vent to keep your crotch area cool. The padding and the heat-dissipating vent together keep you comfortable for long-duration sessions.

The seat features double ball shock absorbing to keep you stable and protect you from vibrations. The seat is made using scratch-proof microfibre for durability.


  • Air vent for heat dissipation
  • No obstruction on thigh movement
  • Shock absorbing balls
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch-proof artificial leather
  • Soft cushioning


  • The fasteners provided with the seat are a little weak

SGODDE Comfortable Replacement Wide Bicycle Saddle 


This 8.2-inch wide comfortable seat for stationary bike from SGODGE provides you a relaxed base to seat on while allowing unrestricted thigh movement.

The soft and wear-resistant top surface of the seat is textured to keep you from slipping off the seat. The seat has a mid vent to keep you cool while cycling.

Stainless CrMo sails, polypropylene bottom shell, and wear-resistant PU leather make the seat more durable than many. As a bonus, the seat has an integrated, water-proof tail light.


  • Stainless sails
  • Dual elastomer suspension
  • Wear-resistant PU leather
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Integrated waterproof tail light
  • Ergonomic, breathable, and comfortable


  • Not wide enough for people with wider hips

DAWAY C30 Oversized Extra Wide Exercise Bicycle Saddle 


The DAWAY C30 seat offers a textured anti-slip surface. The seat is made of waterproof outdoor leather.

The hollow grove at the center of this stationary bike seat reduces pressure in the crotch area and keeps it ventilated.

This wide and comfortable seat with a dual telescopic spring for shock absorption is suitable as a replacement seat for all exercise bikes that allow you to ride in an upright or comfort position.


  • Thickened high-density foam
  • Wide design
  • Metal spring suspension
  • Soft and waterproof surface
  • Ventilation grove for extra comfort
  • Package includes mounting tools, adaptor, instructions, and dust cover


  • The suspension spring may strip out
  • Saddle sometimes moves sideways

Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic Black Bike Seat 


If you are looking for a comfortable seat for stationary bike that can be used for spinning in an inclined or athletic position, then look no further than Planet Bike A.R.S seat.

This lightweight narrow stationary bike seat is heavily cushioned on the top and doesn’t obstruct the leg movement at all. This saddle is suitable to be used as a spin bike replacement seat or outdoor bike seat.


  • Designed for anatomic relief
  • Supports short and long duration sessions
  • Reduces pressure on the sit bones
  • Narrow design
  • Soft top cover
  • Can use on indoor bikes as well as road bikes


  • The mounting adaptor isn’t included in the package

Wittkop Bike Seat 5-Zone-Concept Exercise Bicycle Saddle 


Designed using the innovative 5-zone concept the Wittkop bike seat is partitioned into five conceptualized zones. The cushion thickness, density, and ventilation are different in each of these areas.

This waterproof seat with an enhanced airflow system can be used for hours without any pain or possibility of saddle sores.


  • Different models for a different style of riding
  • The shape is optimized to fit your glutes
  • Innovative air vent system
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Completely waterproof


  • Not suitable for road bikes
  • Too bulky

IPOW Comfort Bike Seat 


With anti-vibration rubber balls, elastic suspension stell bow, breathable hollow, soft leather, and thick memory foam padding the IPOW bike seat is one of the most comfortable replacement seat for your stationary bike.

The surface of the seat is made using waterproof, wear-resistant PVC material. The package includes a universal fit clamp and installation tools.


  • Narrow front for no obstruction movement
  • Wide and comfortable
  • Thick and dense padding
  • Wear and tear-resistant surface
  • Can fit on most of the bikes


  • The surface is a little slippery
  • May wobble at high-intensity

Exercise Bike Seat Buyers Guide 

Your bike seat is the largest contact between you and your bike. If it is not comfortable then no matter how strong you are, you won’t be able to exercise on your bike for long durations.

That makes it critical for you to choose the right comfortable exercise bike seat and replace the stock seat with it. Here are few things you can use as guiding principles while buying a spin bike seat.

  • Padding: It defines how comfortable is the seat on the first use and how comfortable it will remain after you have already spent some hours on the saddle. High-density differential foam padding with gel inserts has proven to be most effective.
  • Shape: Wider back provides more support to the bum. But at the same time, it restricts leg movement. So, depending on your bike and preferred style of riding you need to choose the width of the back of the seat and the nose.
  • Suspension: The seat with anti-vibration rubber balls and/or suspension springs underneath provides you protection from the vibrations of the bike. It also protects you from bumps and potholes if you are using the seat on an outdoor bike.
  • Surface: The material used for the surface should be wear and tear-resistant for durability. It helps to clean the seat easily if the surface is waterproof. Along with that, the seat surface should have an anti-slip texture.

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Can you change seat on exercise bike?

Yes, you can, and you should. The stock seats that come with the exercise bikes are mostly narrow, hard, and uncomfortable.

Why are exercise bike seats so uncomfortable?

Mostly the stock seats on the exercise bikes are uncomfortable, narrow, and hard, they are designed to provide unrestricted leg movement and are to be used wearing gel padded cycling shorts.

Will my bum get used to cycling

Yes. Prolonged exposure will make your bum used to outdoor and indoor cycling and cycling seats. More experienced riders can ride comfortably for hours even with the narrow and hard seats.

How do I stop my bike seat from hurting?

The best way to stop your exercise bike seat from hurting you is to replace it with a cushioned, wide, and more comfortable replacement seat.