5 Best Cleats For Peloton (Review) In 2023

Your spinning sessions on your Peloton bike needs to be done with the right type of shoes and the best cleats for Peloton to achieve jerk free, safe, and efficient workouts.

To ensure you get maximum power transfer from your legs to the crank of your bike, you should be using the right combination of cycling shoes and cleats that are compatible with your bike pedals.

Any cycling shoes that can accommodate a three-hole cleat can be used for spinning on Peloton. As the three-hole shoes are compatible with look delta cleats and the Peloton pedals are compatible with look delta cleats only.

When it comes to cleats, you have no other option but to choose the Look delta cleats for your stock Peloton bike pedals. In most cases, you need to buy the cleats separately from the shoes.

If you have a Peloton bike at your home or at the gym and you are looking to buy new cleats compatible with Peloton bike pedals, then you landed at the right place.

In this buying guide, we have explained in detail the five best Peloton bike cleats. We have also listed the pros and cons of each cleat for helping you make an informed decision.

Best Look Delta Cleats For Peloton Bike

Best Cleats For Peloton

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You don’t need to worry about compatibility with your Peloton bike pedals for any of the cleats listed below, all of them are compatible with Look delta pedals.

These are the best Look delta cleats for Peloton based on many parameters like durability, comfort, efficiency, etc.

BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta (9 Degree Float) – Indoor Cycling & Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set


The innovative approach towards the creation of sporting goods from BV is what makes the BV Look delta compatible bike cleats one of the best Peloton bike cleats. These are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and convenient to use. These cleats ensure top-level power transfer from your legs to the crank of your bike.

These 100% Look delta compatible cleats are designed to provide you with efficient, stable, and safer workout sessions on your Peloton. With 9-degree float, your spin sessions will be easy on your knees.

The BV bike cleats offer super smooth entry and exit in your clipless Peloton pedals. With improved material and design, these cleats are built to last. The lightweight and durable BV cleats are very easy to install and easy to adjust the position on the shoes.

The cleats come with the needed screws and gaskets. The adjustable three-hole arrangement makes them compatible with almost any three-hole cycling shoes.

These cleats can be the solution for anyone who is looking to buy the cleat for the first time or dealing with squeaky old cleats on their Peloton.



Completely compatible with the Peloton bike pedals

Too slippery to walk even inside the gym

Can be installed on most of the three-hole shoes


Offers great stability with an adjustable three-hole arrangement






Offers comfortable and efficient spinning experience


Easy to install and adjust the position


Easy clip-in and out


MARQUE Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta Pedals (9 Degree Float) – Cleat Set for Peloton Indoor Cycling and Outdoor Road Cycling 


Marque developed one of the best cycling cleats for Peloton by continuing their efforts to make reliable cycling gear suitable for everyone.

With the adjustable three-hole cleat design, the Marque cleats fit almost all the road biking shoes and can be used for outdoor cycling or for spinning on the Peloton bike.

The nylon fiber construction of the cleats makes them lighter and durable. The washers that are included in the package distribute the screw tightening force over a larger area of the cleats for protecting them from breaking even if you tighten them a little harder than needed.

The perfect fitting size and shape of the cleats with your Peloton pedals make your spin session more efficient and the 9-degree float on the cleats gives you some room to move your feet horizontally to avoid pressurizing your knees.

Marque bike peloton cleats are so convenient for everyone. These are easy to position, easy to adjust, easy to install, and easy to clip on and off your Peloton bike pedals.

These cleats offer a snug fit on your pedals so that there are no accidental releases which makes your ride much safer.



Perfect fit on the Peloton bike stock pedals

There is no instruction manual for installation

Compatible with road bikes

Clipping on and off can be tricky for newbies

Can be used with any road bike shoes


Made of durable nylon fiber material


Weighs less than 50 grams


Very easy to position and tighten at the right place at the bottom of your cycling shoes


Offers a tight fit for greater efficiency and safety


Maximum riding comfort with 9-degree float


CyclingDeal Compatible with Peloton Look Delta (9 Degree) Bike Cleats – Indoor Cycling & Road Bike Bicycle Cleat Set


The 9-degree side movement allowed by the floating CyclingDeal Look delta compatible cleats permits you to position your shoe on the pedals very easily.

Being fully compatible with the Look delta spin bike system, these cleats are a perfect fit for your stock pedals on Peloton bike. You do not need to adjust pedal tension or anything while replacing your original peloton cleats with this one; the CyclingDeal Peloton cleats are the same size and shape as the original Peloton cleats.

The correct size, shape, and smooth surface of the cleats ensure that you can clip in and out easily.

The package includes cleats, screws, and washers needed to install them on your cycling shoes. The cleats are made with high-quality engineering thermoplastic and all the parts are machined to perfection. That makes them strong and durable.

The adjustable three-hole resistant arrangement offers you a stable and safe ride whether you are out on your road bike or spinning on your Peloton.



Fully compatible with all Look delta spin bikes

Screws may come lose after use

Shape and size matches to the original Peloton cleats

Installation instructions are unavailable

Made with heavy-duty material


Durable and lightweight


Offers a stable and safer ride


Adjustable three-hole arrangement


Precisely machined smooth surface


Comes with a 2-year warranty


Inkesky Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta 9 Degree Float – for Peloton & Spin & Road 


The right kind of cleats would make your ride or spin session more comfortable, enjoyable, efficient, and safe. The Inkesky Look delta compatible cleats are one of the best Peloton cleats that are made to deliver the same for your road bike rides and spin sessions on your Peloton bike.

These easy to install look delta cleats can fit all the 3 hole cycling shoes.  These are easy to install and adjust and the package includes a 4mm Allen wrench required to install these on your shoes.

The design of these cleats features a large platform that provides stability to your pedaling and reduces the risk of pressure points and hot spots on long-duration spin sessions.

These cleats can be used on your Peloton bike, road bike, or any other spin bike that has look delta pedals installed on it. The three-hole adjustable design makes them compatible with Shimano, Peloton, or any other three-hole road biking shoes.

The 9-degree float allows you to move your feet up to 9-degree angle and still be clipped in. This feature makes them suitable for bikers with any level of experience.



Very easy to install on any three-hole shoes

A little thicker in shape

Works perfectly with Peloton bikes and road bikes with Look delta pedals


Large and stable platform


The package includes the installation tool


Reduces the possibility of hot spots and pressure points


9-degree float


Lightweight and durable


Easy to clip in and out


Thinvik Road Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta (9 Degree Float)-Indoor Cycling Peloton Pedals & Spinning Class Cycle Cleat


Made with long-lasting heavy-duty nylon fiber the Thinvik road bike cleats are one of the best Peloton bike cleats. These offer top-level power transfer while letting you do some lateral movement with 9-degree float to allow you to take the most comfortable pedaling position for feet, ankle, and knees.

All parts of the cleat assembly are precisely machined to meet your expectation of a smooth surface and ensuring easy clipping in and out experience.

The Allen wrench required for fixing these cleats on your cycling shoes is provided in the package so that you don’t have to take the effort to look for the appropriate fixing tool anywhere else.

Compatible with any three-hole road bike shoes, spinning shoes, or Peloton shoes, the Thinvik cleats can be used to ride the road bike or indoor spin bikes. These are great replacement cleats for your Peloton bike.

The Thinvik cleats are designed and built to last even if used for daily rides. With is lightweight and perfectly fitting in the Peloton pedals, their presence will only add value to the quality of your ride or spinning session.



Compatible with all look delta system pedals

Screws don’t have toughened head

Can be fixed on most of the road biking shoes


Allows lateral movement for comfort


Allen wrench included in the package for installation


Offers great efficiency in power transfer


Precise design and construct


Easy to install and adjust


Fits right into the Peloton pedals


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What Cleats Are Compatible With Peloton?

You need to use the Look delta or Look delta compatible cleats for your Peloton bikes. Because the stock pedals on Peloton are compatible with Look delta cleats only.

Can You Use SPD Cleats On Peloton?

No. The SPD cleats cannot be clipped on to Peloton bike pedals

Can You Use SPD SL Cleats On Peloton?

The SPD-SL cleats may look similar as they have the same three hole structure, but they are not compatible with Peloton bike’s stock pedals.

How Tight Should Peloton Cleats Be?

The Peloton cleats should be positioned right and be thoroughly tight on the shoes. It should be kind of press-fit with some degree of float with the pedals.

Do Look Keo Cleats Work With Peloton?

No. you cannot use Look Keo cleats with the stock pedals on your Peloton bike. If you have changed the pedals to Look Keo compatible ones, then you can use Look Keo cleats.

Will Shimano Cleats Work With Peloton?

No. Shimano doesn’t have Look Delta compatible cleats. If you have changed your Peloton bike pedals to SPD or SPD-SL pedals then you can use Shimano cleats with Peloton.

Where Do You Put Cleats On Peloton Shoes?

The three screw holes have a fixed position on your Peloton shoes, however, the cleats are adjustable in position to some extent. You should put the cleat with face forward and its middle part under the ball of your foot.

Are Peloton Shoes SPD?

The Peloton shoes are three-hole shoes and SPD cleats are two-hole cleats, thus Peloton shoes can be used with SPD-SL cleats but not SPD.

Are Peloton Shoes Delta Compatible?

Yes. Peloton shoes are compatible with Look Delta cleats.

What Are The Best Bike Cleats For Peloton?

The cleats that are Look delta compatible and offer an efficient, comfortable, safe spinning experience and lasts long are the best cycling cleats for Peloton. The examples are; BV Bike Look Delta Cleats, MARQUE Bike Cleats, CyclingDeal Look Delta Cleats, Inkesky Bike Cleats, Thinvik Road Bike Cleats


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