9 Best BMX Cranks (Review) In 2023

To make your ride safer from equipment failure, smooth and improve your control over the bike you need to choose the right crank for your BMX bike. Your cranks take too much abuse while riding and performing the stunts, and thus your bike deserves the best BMX cranks money can get.

To save you from the daunting task of going through hundreds of options to pick the right crankset that are good for your bike, we have created this list of best BMX cranks.

All of these cranks have the potential to last longer than your frame, these are light in weight, strong enough to take the abuse and suitable to the BMX bike. Choose any one of these depending on the variety of features they offer; you will definitely be happy by the performance.

Top 9 Best BMX Cranks

Best BMX Cranks

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We chose these top nine cranks based on parameters like durability, material, weight, interface type, aesthetics and much more. Some are better on one parameter and some on the other, but all of them are more than satisfactorily good on all the parameters. Go through the whole description of the cranks to know more about these before buying.

ODYSSEY Thunderbolt+ Cranks


If there is something that can be called absolutely best BMX crank, then it would Odyssey thunderbolt+. These two-piece design cranks possess the qualities of both the beauty and the beast.

Made with heat-treated 4130 chromoly material, these are strong enough to outlast the bike frame. The thunderbolt+ carnk comes with the new wedge cluster band. The wedge type spindle arm interface ensures that you will never get the wobbly feeling while riding.  Having the 22mm spindle, the assembly includes 22mm spacers and mid-bottom bracket.


22mm hollow spindle

Heat-treated 4130 chromoly material

Open-ended spindle cap for sprocket interface

Wedge cluster band for flexibility

Wedge type crank arm spindle interface

Mid bottom bracket and spacers included in the package

Weight: 788 grams

These are the truly top class, long-lasting, easy to assemble easy to align partners for your BMX bike. Once installed, you will never have to worry about wobbling or replacing the crankset.




Designed and constructed strong to take the abuse these would be subjected to in BMX biking, the Shimano FC-MX71 cranks are one of the most lightweight yet rigid piece of equipment. Shimano is already the top-rated bike parts brand in the market due to their top-notch product quality.

The crankset has Hollowtech II design crank arms with spider arm to fix the chainring on.

This crank set is available in different arm lengths and with variety in the number of teeth on the sprocket. The set has 24mm spindle size and the set comes with matching bottom bracket.


Comes with steel pedal insert

68mm BB set compatible

34/38/41/42/43/44/46 teeth chainring options

165/170/175 and 180mm crank arm options

Lightweight and strong

No T-nut needed for pedal

Single chainring compatible

Weight: 765 grams

These lightweight, exotic looking Shimano cranksets are second to none. While providing flexibility to choose from a variety of chainring and arm length options, these can suit any size of bike and size of rider.

Profile Racing Profile BMX Race Crankset



Profile is manufacturing crank sets for different bikes for decades. The Profile BMX Race crank sets are the standard three-piece sets with splined crank arm spindle interface. This is a 48 splined interface. Thus, compatible both bolt drive and splined type of chainrings.

The assembly consists of ¾” tubular crank arms. The spindle size of the set is 19mm and thus needs matching 19mm bottom bracket for installation.


3 piece type crank set

19mm spindle size

48 spline crank arm spindle interface

145 to 190mm crank arm length

Heat-treated CrMo material

Compatible with 9/16” pedal spindle

Weight: 835 grams

This black, heavy-duty crank set feels strong even by looking at it. The simple tubular structure of the arms provides it with a muscular look.

Sunday Saker v2 Crank



This simple 3 piece crank with single pinch bolt design is a three-piece type crank set. The Sunday saker v2 set come with tubular hollow crank arms painted black or chrome coated.

With 155mm, 165mm and 175mm arm length options these are suitable to all styles of riding. The spindle size of this crankset is 19mm and the package includes matching bottom bracket. The spindle crank arm interface is 8 spline and thus the assembly is easy to install and easy to align.


3 piece crank set

Spindle size is 19mm

8 spline crank arm spindle interface

155mm, 165mm and 175mm crank arm length

CrMo material

RHD/LHD compatible

Includes mid-BB set

Weight: 1360 grams

Specifically designed for BMX the Sunday Saker v2 crankset might be a little heavier but it is equally stronger.

Animal Akimbo Cranks Black



Made up with 100% chromoly material, this beautiful crank set from Animal bikes has a three-piece design. The spindle crank arm interface is 48 spline.

The heat-treated chromly body of the set features a laser etched Animal bikes logo. The set has 175mm crank arm length and 22mm hollow spindle.

The assembly can work with both RHD or LHD. Having a sprocket boss on one crank arm and 48 spline spindle, this crank set can house both bolted drive or splined sprocket.


3 piece crank set

Spindle size is 22mm

48 spline crank arm spindle interface

175mm crank arm length

Heat-treated 4130 chromoly material

RHD/LHD compatible

Weight: 938 grams

The Animal Akimbo crank set with smoothly finished crank arms deliver the performance you need, it will also add to the aesthetic look of your BMX bike.

Eclat Maverick 3-piece Alloy Crankset 22mm 175mm RHD/LHD No Bottom


Made up of cold-forged 7075-T6 alloy, the Eclat Maverick crank set possesses ultimate strength. Compatible with both bolt drive and splined sprockets, this versatile assembly has 48 spline,22mm dia hollow spindle.

The heat-treated chromoly insert at both pedal and spindle bosses improves the overall strength of the crankset. The RHD and LHD compatibility adds to more versatility to the set.


3 piece crank set

Non-conventional aesthetic crank arm shape

Hollow spindle size is 22mm

48 spline crank arm spindle interface

175mm crank arm length

Cold forged 7000 series alloy material

RHD/LHD compatible

Heat-treated chromoly inserts at pedal and spindle bosses

Weight: 981 grams

The ankle friendly design of Eclat Maverick crankset would save you from injuring yourself while riding.

BSD Substance Cranks



This super strong 2.5 piece, single bolt design crank set comes with rough finish flat tubed crank arms. Made up with heat-treated 4130 chromoly material, the arms utilise the square tube cross-section for increased stiffness.

The spindle is precision machined, 22mm diameter, hollow, splined structure. The pedal boss is made extra beefy for added strength.


2.5 piece crank set

Flat crank arm cross-section

Hollow spindle size is 22mm

48 spline crank arm spindle interface

175mm crank arm length

Made of heat-treated 4130 chromoly material

RHD/LHD compatible

Weight: 884 grams

This comparatively lightweight, flat arm, rough-looking crankset adds a good deal of masculinity to your BMX.

Primo Superbite



The classic Powerbite cranksets are redesigned to Primo Superbite. Made using heat-treated chromoly material this crankset has three-piece design. The spindle is 48 spline and 22mm in diameter.

These are easy to install and compatible with most of the BMX bikes.

With 165mm crank arm length, these are most suitable for performing spin tricks.


3 piece design

Aesthetic, shiny finish crank arm

Hollow spindle size is 22mm

48 spline crank arm spindle interface

165mm crank arm length

Made of heat treated CrMo

Weight: 944 grams

This easy to install specially designed for spin tricks is a classic re-engineered to make use of modern technology.

Redline Monster II Crank Arm Set 



The Redline Monster II is a basic crank set made up of 100% heat-treated chromoly material. The set has an easy to align 19mm, 8 spline spindle.

The crank arm has split spindle boss with a single pinch bolt.


3 piece design

Single pinch bolt spindle boss

Aesthetic, shiny finish crank arm

19mm spindle 

8 spline crank arm spindle interface

Heat-treated chromoly

Weight: 891 grams

If you are looking for a basic crank set that can last longer then this is the one for you.

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Choosing the right crank set for your BMX bike would have been difficult if you had to start from scratch. Now since you have this list of best BMX crank sets, all you have to do is choose one of the nine choices that suit your bike, physique and riding style.