7 Benefits Of Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement: What Does It Do?

If you haven’t purchased the Planet Fitness Black Card Membership yet, you might want to do that soon.

That’s because you might be missing out on one of their most impressive fitness-related equipment.

That’s right – the introduction of the Total Body Enhancement machine at all PF gyms has sent the fitness world into a frenzy. Many people are wondering about the functionality and benefits of the Total Body Enhancement machine.

So, what is the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement booth? It’s basically an enclosed booth that combines the benefits of Red Light Therapy and total vibration technology to provide a holistic experience to users.

Exposure to safe, near-infrared light, coupled with the healing properties of gentle vibrations, can do a lot for your body and mind, especially as a post-workout routine.

That being said, what exactly are the benefits of the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine?

Let’s find out.

7 Benefits of Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement

Benefits Of Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement

There is a lot that PF members don’t know about the franchise’s Total Body Enhancement booths. Even some of the staff won’t be able to guide you on how to work the machine and the health benefits/risk associated with such procedures.

Operating the machine is simple enough. You can read about it in our comprehensive Planet Fitness total body enhancement beginner’s guide.

Now, we’ll discuss the science-backed health benefits of taking regular TBE sessions at Planet Fitness.

Accelerated Muscle Recovery

One of the major benefits of the Total Body Enhancement machine at Planet Fitness is that it can enhance an individual’s recovery process when treated as a post-workout therapy.

Both aspects of the machine – exposing the skin to near-infrared light and using the whole-body vibration technology – contribute to this benefit.

As per one research, whole-body vibration, as used by the TBE machines at Planet Fitness, is an emerging and effective technology to increase the muscle recovery process.

The vibration process causes involuntary muscle stretch reflex contractions, which further bring about an increase in motor unit recruitment. The entire process brings about a permanent change in the body, enabling greater training adaptations over time.

As such, many experts recommend using Total Body Enhancement as a post-workout therapy to aid your body’s muscle recovery process.

Similarly, many clinical trials also show that there is a direct positive influence of Red Light Therapy on an individual’s muscle recovery process after workouts.

Improved ATP Production

Ultimately, health and fitness are all about being at your absolute best. For that, your body must be in peak condition, energy-wise.

With Planet Fitness’ Total Body Enhancement session, you could achieve that in just over twelve minutes.

Mitochondria, also known as the powerhouse of our cells, are photosensitive to Red Light. When the near-infrared rays penetrate deep into our skin cells, the mitochondria eat up the light as well as the associated heat.

This allows our cells to produce ATP more efficiently and effectively because now they are fuelled by the presence of Red Light.

So, with more energy to spare, our bodies experience some enhancements in terms of athletic performance, endurance, and so on. All of these factors can positively influence your workouts and ultimately aid muscle growth.

There are multiple studies and clinical trials that back the positive influence of Red Light Therapy on an individual’s athletic performance and endurance.

Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is a bodybuilder’s nightmare. It is a common affliction that causes pinching and tingling sensations in the arm caused by a pinched nerve in the carpal tunnel region (located in the wrist).

Because of this, many lifters find it hard to perform any exercises that involve contractions and relaxations in the tricep muscles.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Studies have shown that Low-Level Laser Therapy (Red Light Therapy) can provide significant relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms, bringing the pain down several notches, improving wrist grip, and eliminating tingling sensations all together.

Aids Recovery from Muscle Injury or Trauma

If you have just got back from any kind of muscle damage you might want to sign up for the Total Body Enhancement program at Planet Fitness.

The machine has shown several positive effects on an individual’s recovery trajectory with regard to muscle damage.

The combined efforts of Red Light Therapy and whole-body vibration cause the healing site to become more active than usual, accelerating the recovery process significantly.

Reduces Muscle Pain and Inflammation

Following strenuous workouts, there might be residual inflammation in your muscles, causing nasty bouts of pain.

To alleviate such problems, you can use Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness. Direct exposure to near-infrared rays can heal the skin by bringing down inflammation, giving you significant pain relief.

But for this, you will have to ensure that you are not wearing any clothing that covers the area where you are experiencing pain or inflammation.

Reduced Stress Levels

It’s well-known that massage therapy can induce positive effects for battling high stress levels. The vibrating footplate in TBE machines at Planet Fitness can imitate a vigorous massage session.

For better effect, it’s recommended to use Planet Fitness’ Total Body Enhancement for 2-3 times a week for a duration of ninety-day period. Doing so will reduce your stress levels permanently. As per a study Red Light Therapy can also improve an individual’s sleep quality index.

Weight Loss and Fat Reduction

A 12-minute session of Total Body Enhancement can achieve wonders for your fitness goals.

It is enough to help you reduce weight and bring down your overall body fat percentage. Sounds gimmicky? Don’t worry; the facts are backed by clinical studies.

Both whole-body vibrations and Low-Level Laser therapy have a part to play in this phenomenon.

According to one research, whole-body vibration, such as the one used at Planet Fitness in their Total Body Enhancement programs, can mimic the metabolic effects of strenuous activity and exercises like running on a treadmill, minus the cardiovascular benefits.

Thus, the study showed a direct positive influence of whole-body vibration on an individual’s weight loss/weight gain trajectory.

Similarly, another study indicated that frequent exposure to various Red Light Therapy sessions could lead to significant girth loss and spot fat reduction, something that was earlier believed to be unachievable.

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Final Words

After a hard day at your gym, the Total Body Enhancement program offered by Planet Fitness can be a worthy reward.

It’s hard to believe that a simple, 12-minute session where you stand, enjoy music, and experience a soothing massage while near-infrared rays wash over your body can elicit so many health benefits.

But that is exactly what the Total Body Enhancement machine at PF gyms can do for you. It’s one of the best features of their Black Card Membership exclusive perks.