9 Benefits of Planet Fitness HydroMassage: What Does It Do?

Planet Fitness is known for its affordable prices and premium services. Stacked with a multitude of exercise machines and training equipment, it is marketed as a ‘judgment-free zone’ for newbies looking to embark on their fitness journey.

At just $10 a month, you can get access to many of the premium facilities available in PF gyms. But if you can afford to spend some extra cash, you can purchase their Black Card Membership for just $24.99 per month.

The premium membership will unlock some exclusive benefits for you, including free usage of any PF facility worldwide, free access to their massage and tanning sections, freedom to bring along a guest, and other premium perks, including discounts and rewards.

Sounds exciting?

But that’s nothing compared to their HydroMassage services. It is a technique wherein water pressure is used to massage targeted areas of the body to help reduce muscle pain and soreness.

Getting the HydroMassage at Planet Fitness is the perfect alternative for folks who like the idea of getting massages but are not comfortable with the idea of physical contact with a complete stranger.

Since HydroMassage relies solely on water pressure, the PF member can simply sit, lounge back, relax, and enjoy a therapeutic session.

9 Benefits of Planet Fitness HydroMassage

Benefits of Planet Fitness HydroMassage

From muscle tightness to back pain and more, massage can be a viable treatment for many common woes. Planet Fitness offers a contact-free way of experiencing these therapeutic sessions with their HydroMassage services, available exclusively to Black Card members.

But relaxation is not the only perk you would enjoy with this technique. Here are the different benefits you’ll enjoy at Planet Fitness’s popular HydroMassage lounges:

Maximum Ease and Comfort

With the HydroMassage technique, you can enjoy total seclusion during your massage session. The no-contact benefit is something that many people would prioritize because of its high convenience and comfort.

Some people would also like the idea of not having to change their clothes, which is a strict requirement in the case of dry massages.

Improves Blood Circulation

HydroMassage makes effective use of jet sprays to increase blood flow in your body. Multiple studies suggest that hydrotherapy can increase blood circulation by a significant margin.

Improved blood flow results in an efficient supply of oxygen to your muscles, which can further improve your workouts and athletic performance.

Moreover, muscle knots actually break down and disappear when fresh blood flows onto them. Thus, any injuries or muscle damage that you might have sustained during weightlifting will also eventually heal with improved blood circulation.

Facilitates Detoxification

The gentle but firm pressure used in Planet Fitness’ HydroMassage service can effectively push toxins out of affected muscles and soft tissues caused by injuries.

This is also possible because HydroMassage breaks down muscle knots, which hold a lot of harmful toxins inside them. So, once the muscle knots are broken down, these toxins can be filtered out of the system if you drink sufficient amounts of water regularly.

Moreover, HydroMassage also improves circulation in the lymphatic system. This helps the body get rid of waste. Thus, HydroMassage is an effective technique for people who might be struggling with increased levels of cortisol or harmful chemicals in their bodies.

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Boosts Immunity

A clinical test was previously conducted on 3-6 years to see the effect of cold-water hydrotherapy on their immunity against lower respiratory tract infections. The study concluded that such treatments resulted in reduced infections.

Moreover, another study published on BBC Two tried to verify the correlation between massage and immunity. The test results showed a 70% increase in the number of white blood cells in individuals who were subjected to general massage techniques.

Applying the same results to the Planet Fitness’ HydroMassage, we could say that cold-water hydrotherapy can work wonderfully for your immune system.

Pain Relief

Most of the body pains that we experience in our daily lives come from affected muscles and stiff tissues. Even stubborn minor headaches can be caused by the muscles located in our upper back or the cervical region.

Other contributing factors like heavy lifting and training can also cause a lot of muscle pain.

HydroMassage can effectively promote endorphin levels in your body through massage. Endorphins act as your body’s natural painkillers, blocking the nerve cells that receive the pain signals and effectively giving a sense of relief.

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Improves Mobility

Having good mobility can make a lot of difference, especially if you’re into fitness and train/exercise regularly.

But because of increased stiffness and tightness in muscles, you might find it difficult to get into a specific position easily.

Fortunately, HydroMassage can unlock these muscles by working on the affected tissues, allowing you to be more flexible with your movements.

Promotes Muscle Protein Synthesis

Muscle Protein Synthesis is key for controlling muscle adaptations and growth. As per research, increased blood flow can also promote muscle protein synthesis.

HydroMassage is a good, natural, and relaxing technique to get blood flow improved and enhance MPS processes efficiently.

Aid in Muscle Recovery

You can get rid of muscle soreness following a strenuous workout by using pressurized jets of water to gently massage the affected muscle fibers. This will increase blood circulation, further promoting the supply of oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich blood to various parts of the body.

This can prevent delayed onset muscle soreness in some cases. It will also help in post-workout muscle recovery.

Promotes Healthy Sleep and Manages Stress

Any kind of massage (hydrotherapy, dry massage, etc.) can help your body release the necessary neurotransmitters for a sound sleep.

The effect is even more prominent when we factor in the fact that HydroMassage can manage stress and anxiety, two of the primary reasons behind the lack of proper sleep patterns.

Gentle pressure from hydro jets can reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) in our bodies while boosting serotonin and dopamine (the feel-good hormones).

Apart from enjoying the effect of loose and relaxed muscles, you’ll also get a mental lift.

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Final Words

Around 60% of Planet Fitness members have purchased the Black Card membership to enjoy the added perks.

One of the most popular perks of this premium membership program is open access to the HydroMassage chairs and lounges. From providing an invigorating massage to providing mental upliftment, you can get a lot from a single HydroMassage session.